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The posts to date, here on this site, have dealt with selling our books, if we write them.  My actual start online was releasing a CD and song downloads.  That area of creativity, with respect to format has changed tremendously in the last two decades and Youtube Music and Videos is dramtically transforming again.

Decades ago, I picked up the guitar and persevered to learn the physical and psychological muscle/brain memory skills to change from one chord to the other.  The dream was books and music publishing.

In those days, you managed to write a few good songs, got a group together, played cover tunes in the bars and clubs.  This while prepping for a demo recording of your original material, then sending it off to Capitol, MoTown, Epic, MCA or one of the huge recording and distribution companies.

They put up thousands of dollars, in advances against future sales, actually tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, to give those they deemed promising the chance to produce and promote a record.

My First Attempt 

I recorded a song I had written, called “Don’t Let Em Tell You” in the basement hallway of Toon Shop, outside the learning studios on a cassette recorder, playing it on a borrowed Guitar (did not own an acoutic) from the music store upstairs.  This was sent off to some song contest, or the other, I’d seen in Guitar Player Magazine, with the $ 20.00 entry fee.

I got a dear John letter, later that year, with the usual encouragement to keep writing and sharing your songs.  But no record deal.  Later I had become a pretty good lead guitar player known for lots of feeling, and volume, in what I played, my knowledge of this, based on what others have since told me.

Still no record deal.  No invitation to come down to municipal auditorium and sit in with Lynerd Skynerd like Steve Gaines, that night here in KC.  I was there in the crowd.  My sister was not their background singer nor was she Ronnie Van Zant’s girlfriend.  Connections never hurt.

Vinyl, 8 Track, Casette, CD, Mp3 and Vinyl

We completed recording Look Up Now, in the CD Era but did not get the production finished until 2014, by which time we were into the downloads Mp3, or whatever that original format was, though CD’s were still popular.

Now the format is MP3 (without video) or MP4 (with video) and vinly records also making a comeback.  Gone for the most part are the huge stereo systems we had in the seventies and eighties.

Most play their music from their computer, or phone, my first computer from Dell in 1999 had Altec Lancing Speakers in the package I bought while working as an engineer at Boeing.

My Humble Record

My record, actually, a CD was release through CD Baby in 2014.  It is a sort of a humble, (though Rocking at points) Christian Project of my own compositions.  A friend, Paul Clark (Word Records Artist in the 1970s thru 1980s, still a player) produced and recorded me in his very good basement recording studio.  There is a million dollars worth of seriously vintage guitars (20s through fifties) in the soundscape.  That makes it interesting. All of the musicians on my record are listed right after Phil Keaggy (yes I do know Phil … Go HERE: Awesome Guitar Player!) in the Paul Clark store.

We had recorded the acoustic guitars and I had sung the lead vocals.  A great bass player named Don Harris happened to be at Paul’s recording bass guitar on his record.  What Phil Keaggy is on the guitar, Don is on the bass (He’s a real deal classcal muscan).  Don and I had known each other several years and had gone to the same church.  I told Paul, here’s a couple hundred dollars, ask Don to play on one or two of my songs.  That was Friday.

Monday, I arrived and Paul explained Don had been wating at his house while Paul had gone to chase down an ADAT cable, required for his project.  Paul told me on Monday, “You got blessed.”  Don played bass on every one of your songs (14 Tracks).  I was blown away.  Later Don told me he started playing one song and decided “my guitar playing was solid” he was enjoying himself and “just kept going.”  Here is a youtube video that includes Don as Bass Player.

There was a freeform Christian band around in the 90s called Waterdeep and Jay Pfeifer was their keyboard player.  He went the extra mile on my recordings, not sure he ever got paid, and his playing rivals that Ray guy, yeah the Doors guy, on Look Up Now the Album title track, he s awesome and he blows smoke throughout the rest of the songs.  Just listen, I am not exaggerating.

In the mean time, years, the click track was misplaced, not on the ADAT recordings and Rod Lincoln drummer from Shooting Star (pretty good band) and he played on many Christian projects, as well.  Rod struggled through playing drums on the tracks in 2014, with no reference clic track. Rod (did a great job).  Rod mixed and mastered it also.  The duration of the recording, Mixing and Mastering took 18 years.

Wake Up Call 2020

Shortly after “Look Up Now” was finally finished, though, it is without electric guitar or any backing vocals as originally conceived, I took someone’s advice, threw it up on CD Baby and waited for sales.  I did make a fan page on Facebook and  have about 500 followers and likes.  Massive sales never materialized.

The wake up call was when CD Baby retired their CD store, recently.  The current format is downloads for individual tracks and streaming on the numerous services.  Forbes Magazine has an article “Its Time To Say Goodbye To CD Players In New American Cars.”   My Facebook fan page was linked to the CD Baby sample player with download and buy.  It went away. Now, I have discovered CD Baby offers a one page website, for artists and I went ahead and placed my order.  Cheap.  Less than lunch for annual license.

The site offers sample listening.  It links listeners to Spotify, Apple Music, I Tunes and Deezer.   My website  is HERE

Go to Amazon and buy them HERE  Scroll down the page and the samples are there too.  

We will be doing some sharing of information for creators in the music genre on this site as well, more for writers, and videographers pod casters etc.  I have four years of experience and know the way to the most efficient and inexspensive solutions, here on my site.  Please leave your comments or questions below.  Than you for reading.  Chris 4/17/2020.


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  1. YouTube has and will rain the number one media known for it’s intriguing potential for passing information through video to the general public. Its always congested cos of the traffic on it .

    YouTube is a nice place to also meet chat and get to know people very one it has over the years been a great platform

    • Yes, I recently bought a video camera and just last night a video editing program.  I also have a CD and song downloads published through CD Baby.  I have a one page website with CD Baby who recently retired their online store to focus on support for promotion.  I have applied for a Special Artist Channel on Youtube.  I’m right there with you, Evans.  Thank you for your comments and let me know if I can be of any further service to you in your quest.  Thank you again.  CQ 04/21/2020.  


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