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I’m Chris. Not so much a trainer, as a business counselor, here we go. They ask how are you? Reply: Tough as nails, Fast on my feet and At Home in the jungle. Until I wrote a book and tried to sell it.  I have discovered an amazing source of knowedge, presented in a simple form by seasoned professionals, who truly care, to those of us who struggle in the mire of the technology. This will benefit you. I want to share success with you in selling the things you create.



I have, quite by accident, discovered a university doctoral program’s worth of knowledge in a simple form spoon-fed, by seasoned professionals, to those of us who struggle in the mire of the technology. All the knowedge of online marketing are there. It’s really that simple.



I struggled on my own for a couple years, until I found the greatest helpers on earth. Easily, we can learn more than all those tech sharpies out there who push a few buttons “whiz bang there ya go” which amounts, actually to nothing, as you will see. My favorite people, [Nancy] Grandmothers (you’ll meet many successful Grandmothers/Grandfathers, the young, beginners and seasoned pros (desiring to assist you) here) anyone can easily do this




Helping others to sell the products of their creativity or general merchandise is my goal. The internet has 3.75 plus Billion people as the potential market. So no matter your passion or niche there is ample opportunity for us all. Doilies, Soap, Bobby Pins, Inventions, Books, Records, Movies Scripts, Quilts, Embroidery or whatever you enjoy, can fulfill your needs or desires. I am here to show you the way to the caring expertise, so come along. Zero cost to jump in and test drive it all.



As a counselor, I am also a student in this simple yet magnificent system.  And like I said, this is easy to learn and the marketing and technical expertise is set up in an easy to learn speed.  All in video with start/stop, pause/continue, rewind and watch again. Grade school children could easily learn this.  So please be our guest and take a look.  My word is my bond.  Check my claims.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best, Chris


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