Affiliate Marketing and the Internet-Online Work At Home Jobs

Affiliate Marketing and the Internet-Online Work At Home Jobs



Want To Lose The Boss?


For anyone, and those who create works of art, record music for sale, write books, make documentaries, podcasting, this internet is powerful. Many have, based on my intimate knowledge of the traffic, browsed, “online work at home jobs.” Forget that. Instead, form your own business to reap the windfall through affiliate marketing and the internet.

Anyone can learn to do this. You do not have to be a creator, just willing to spend a little time. Grandmothers who need additional income, Granddads too, single mothers, married with children or those looking for something to do. Those wanting to engage with others actively also. Read along and find your niche in this gigantic opportunity. work at home job

We are approaching FOUR BILLION people on the internet in 2020. Those who sell products, even groceries are online now, and merchants need help advertising. They pay “online publishers”, like me, commissions to advertise and place links to their establishments to sell their wares. It can be anything, with Four Billion people that equals Eight Billion Socks or Gloves.

How many pairs of socks are in the drawers in your house? Amazon is now the world’s largest retailer, surpassing Wal Mart. Amazon, however, has recently made a move that will diminish their share in this due to affiliate marketing and the internet.  More about this coming soon in a future post.

affiliate marketing and the internet


Affiliate Marketing and the internet, is easily the biggest opportunity most of us have ever seen, though we might have been unaware. Unawareness, is a lack of wisdom, and the Lord tells us, his people die for lack of wisdom. Ignorance I define as: The willful failure to adequately consider the facts. I have written about it, as you can see there.

online work at home job

We are discussing your interest in work from home and you do not have to be a writer. My publisher liked this one well enough to make me a traditionally published writer for Abuzz Press. So I guess I’m a good writer. Do not forget socks, dog food, auto fluids, driving gloves, potpourri, diamonds, deodorant, tennis or hiking shoes, tents and camping gear, fishing poles, reels and tackle, gardening supplies, even hydroponic or aquaponic ideas, plans and equipment. Make your passion, your life and new career.  Enrich yourself and no longer others, who do not appreciate your effort meaningfully anyway.

Arranging your passions sensibly, in a page with a few paragraphs of plain talk, and a picture or two is not hard to do. We are not here to place pop ups or obnoxious video ads. Video done tastefully, will allow you to hire yourself, also, and in less than a year if you listen to a friend of mine, either way, and you’ll have no further use for a boss, or that fixed income.  What’s fixed about it?  More about my friend below.

My Friend Wrote The Promo Bible.

affiliate marketing and the internet

A subtle promo Bible, to help people like you and I. This is not about me, I’m already in my own office with no boss, right now. I answer to the Lord and my wife. This is totally about you and your willingness to make the changes my friend will teach you to make.

The changes he made 18 years ago. The changes I attempted make four years ago. Now being actually realized, thanks to my friend.  You’ll become marketing wizards, here, more like Han Solo [savvy], than Luke Skywalker [bumpkin] and eventually have more control of your world, like Obi-Wan Kenobe.  My friend has 1.4 million people who are registered and learning to be Jedi Knights of the internet.

Fire the Emperor [your boss] this time next year, maybe sooner, and donate you goverment check like the presidet, COVID-19 and all, people are buying books electronic games, cameras, art, recipes,cards, board games. You name it, social distancing has not hurt those working, intelligently, online. OK, I’ll introduce you to my friend now, but first:  The warnings.

FREE:  It will cost you nothing to enter his operation, which has served 1.8 million people in the last 18 years. I worked at Boeing

and they had only 200,000 employees worldwide. This is bigger than that., but without the boss.

Anyway it’s utterly free to examine his magnificent virtual castle full of many soldiers on this same march. You do not even have to provide payment information. Just read more there if you like, plug in your email (no you will not receive urgent pleas to join now and all that rubbish so many engage in, My Word!) even a new one. Then look up top and hit Sign Up, there in blue.  Explore, as you want, and then get to work changing your life for the better.  Remember this is a free trial so kick the tires, press the buttons, talk to the others, listen to the training, decide on your niche, build a trial website and decide next week.

By next week your knowledge will have dramatically increase, and you’ll thank me.  Most people stay because it’s cheap yet valuable.

Creators, as well as people with passions and interests in life they like, all succeed here. if they just keep going. My friend is all about sharing his own story and success with those of us looking for a way. Again, you do not have to be a great writer. Just speak the truth from the authority you’ll gain there.

More Plain Talk

My reputation is important to me. So when you act on your own behalf, and in your best interest to give it a serious look, you’ll know my word is good. The story I am telling you is 100% non-fiction.  Affiliate Marketing and the internet is a huge opportunity and perhaps the best way forward.

Not ready to look? Then get some more information now or at your pleasure. Make my pleasure complete by allowing us to serve you in your life’s struggle and show you the way to change your own situation.

If you are convinced to take a look now, please accept our invitation to be transformed. Become independent and much happier, as a result. Become a believer, leaving frustrations that may plague you, now, far behind. Do it for you. Look Now. I will see you on the other side. Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading. Please come back again. Chris. 04/23/2020.

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