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The question for anyone new to recording was the same for me, how
much does it cost to record a song? I will tell you below several
ways and how to do it for nearly free. In the days’ day before
Digital Audio Workstation software the requirement was to rent a
block of hours in a recording studio. Depending on the status,
prestige and quality the price could be as much as $ 100.00 per hour
for a high quality unknown studio.

Then some studios required a minimum number of hours to be prescheduled.
Some 30-60 hours. If you went to Electric Ladyland or Abbey Road the
price was probably higher. Count it up. The reason being there was
expensive room treatment requiring acoustic design, construction and
then hundreds of thousands to a million invested in mixing, recording
and mastering equipment.

Then there was the outboard effects like Equalizers, compressors, noise
gates, reverb, delays etc. These were bulky tube units in the
beginning. See the picture below.  My personal preference would
be to have a 16 track 2″ Reel To Reel multi track tape deck with
an associated mixing console and sixteen tracks of all those luscious
tube effects. Now the price for such a studio would be outrageous. In
the millions.


The Prices of Recording Software

Studio One

With the current COVID-19 Restrictions I decided, in addition to renewing
my online business efforts, I bought an up grade to Studio One
Professional 4.6 DAW Recording software. The software will allow me
to record music and edit audio and video to create Mp4 uploads.

Total price for the upgrade was $104.97. I had Studio One Professional 2
which I’d bought in 3013 to upgrade from the Artist version. In 2011
I’d bought a PreSonus AudioBox computer recording interface with a
free download of Studio One Artist for $149.99. I recall getting the
upgrade for 149.00 So I had everything PreSonus had at that time in
2011 for about $300.00.

Right now online you can buy Studio One Professional 4.6 on sale for
279.97. That’s the software only, you still need an interface. Get
Interface Here or one of the other interfaces there. I started with the two channel
unit here, which is good for an individual solo recording artist. The
interfaces all include Studio One Artist. Two mics and you can record
guitar or live piano with this. Then do vocals.

I pulled my 19 Year old Audiobox out of the closet the other day and it
still works like a champ. Have to upgrade the drivers. The thing is
bulletproof. Personally, I think this is the most recording
capability for the money, anywhere in creation, once you upgrade

Artist to Studio One Professional 4.6. The next step up, I might suggest, the upgraded USB C because it has led metering so you’ll be able to see whether you are clipping at the input, ahead of the

PresonusStudio 24C USB-C Audio Interface If you need a compact, portable audio interface sporting USB-C
connectivity, high-quality mic preamps and converters, and
world-class recording software, you won’t find a better value than
the Studio 24C Audio Interface from Presonus. Look at it HERE

Get the bundle if you need an interface, microphone, The bundle is Studio
One Artist with Presonus Studio 24C USB Audio Interface, a Large
Diaphram Condenser Microphone and Powered Monitor Speakers. Get the
bundle. Here.  Suggestion: Might need headphones to wear while you record.

Yes there are affiliate links to purchase the above or other recording
products from Sam Ash, my favorite online music store, because they
support ASCAP  Artists.

Pro Tools

Friends of mine, professionals (means you don’t have to paint houses to
support you music habit, too often), in the industry have used Pro
Tools which touts themselves as the paramount in industry standard
recording software. A nephew of ours, took a recording class at the
local JUCO and they used Pro Tools in the recording classes. He’s
sold on Pro Tools.

He thinks Studio One is OK. And though Pro Tools has been the industry
standard for 25 years there are many top pros and reviewers making
the switch from Pro Tools to Stusio One. The single window workflow
in Studio One is often mentioned. As I have written in a different
place back in the early 21st I noted, Many people owned Pro Tools but
not many of them knew how to use it.

I am unaware if this is still the case. Used to be that most thought
the software was not intuitive. Harder to follow, learn and produce
result in Pro Tools over other packages, I assume from observation
over the years, never having turned the knobs in Pro Tools.

Pricing might be a reason also. Pro tools has gone in a new direction with
Subscription Downloaded software with renewable licenses annually.
The Download is one year and then the annual renewal of your
subscription. The Ultimate has replaced the HD version. The Pro Tools
Ultimate is a download subscription now, like Windows 365. The new
trend in software.

I still own Studio One Pro, Studio One Professional 2.6 and now Studio
One Professional 4.6. Any of those can be downloaded and used anytime
I want, as long as the four remaning download licenses have not been used up.

Pro Tools is the same, however, if you fail to renew before 30 days’ from the
anniversary date you own an unsupported version of Pro Tools
Ultimate. It is however, considered the best and used by the world’s
biggest studios and many artists. Learn about it HERE.  Some of
the videos on youtube dispute this.

You’ll see it’s a lot more expensive than Studio One and from the reading it
really offers no more functionality that Studio One Professional
except prestige. I assume this version, HERE, is closer to what is actually
used by the worlds’ high powered studios.

Tascam Invented The Portastudio In The 1970’s

Their most recent iterations are the Tascam DP-24 and the Tascam DP-32.
These record very well and are every bit as high quality in that
regard to the DAW offering 16/44 or 24/96 bit/sample. If you are
old-school as they say, like me, this might be more familiar.

The single controls track moves from track to track as you push the
buttons. You have control of channel one, then move to channel two
and so on.

I have experience with the DP-24. I liked it. I have gone back to
Studio One and the computer because there are unlimited effects on
the channels. For instance I can have a compressor (or more than one)
on all channels, also a noise gate, De-Esser and reverb assigned as I

The DP-24 and DP-32 limit you to one type of dynamic effect. All
Compressors or all Noise Gate and so on. One type of effect across
the channels. Once you complete recording and mix the tracks it has
mastering and more effects there. One of the inputs has a Hi Z in put
for guitar and guitar effects there.  I got some good recording
with it.

It records to an HD Card. It has an effects loop so you can use outboard
effects as well if you have them and this will eliminate the effects
limitations native to these digital portastudios. Check it out HERE
and buy one if you like. I believe these are a great alternative and
it is very easy to learn especially if you are an old Potastudio fan.


Best Of Both Worlds

I had planned, before the CoVID-19 experience to upgrade the PreSonus
Studio One to Professional 4.6 which I did. Then it was my plan to
purchase the PreSonus iOStation 24C. This is an interface like the
Audiobox I have owned for 19 years and it still works.

It is also a single control channel for Studio One and can be used with
any of the other DAWs such as Pro Tools and with Makie Control
virtually any DAW. Studio One offering unlimited tracks the iOStation
24C can be assign to all of them one at a time, like the Portastudios

Manufactured by PreSonus the iOStation automatically deeply integrates with
PreSonus Studio One and controls all recording parameters of the
software. Same with others through the required control protocols. So
my plan before COVID-19 unemployment, and realization of the need to
conserve, was to get one of these and use it with my Studio One.
Check it Out HERE on

Finally, Free If You Must

Reaper offers a Free Download of their software. It is a 60-day trial
version with full access to all Reaper can do. What reaper can do is
substantial. Substantial enough to inspire one guy who is a video
producer to have a video called 11 Reasons I Moved From Pro Tools.

I watched his video and plan to give reaper a try, so I can more
intelligently compare it. You know what your budget is. It’s your budget. If you like it and want to own it, it is very inexpensive and found at  Many videos on youtube about Reaper.  See for yourself.

For now this is my price review via affiliate links in my page. I hope
this helps you in you desire to record you music at whatever budget
level you face. I thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for
reading. I will be posting more content for you edification soon.
Chris Queen. Please leave you comments below and I will answer them


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