Aquaponics For Beginners – Chris Queen Book Review

Chris Queen Book Review. Aquaponics For Beginners by Kevin Justine, was chosen here for review because the subject is pertinent for the world situation under the pandemic protocol. More episodes like this may be repeated. The subject therefore lends itself to survival in the event something even more serious arises.

I am personally interested in the subject of aquaponic growing for myself and my family. It is my intention, therefore to review more literature on the subject toward building my own system and offering know how to help others build their own system for aquaponic growing and farming.

So let’s get to it. I ordered this book, on Books A Million and highly recommend it. The book reveals the information necessary to properly size, stock, chemically balance and maintain a healthy abundant aquaponic growing system. This would put us in good shape if, God Forbid, food availability is severely diminished. Whatever the reason.

One hundred and fifty years ago most people lived on or were still connected to farmland. In our day the percentage of farmers and those connected is minuscule by comparison. We mostly work for large companies with most new employment provided by small business, here in the United States.

Aquaponic gardening is, in basic sticking fish in a tank and using that water for a hydroponic set up. Hydroponics produces food without very much taste and less nutritional value than tradition soil farming. The maximum in tasty organic farming is produced through aquaponic growing.

The book here explains all of this in detail, including the various grow media, essentially rock. The book goes into detail about the best plants to grow, the best fish to stock, how to provide the rich oxygen and the necessary Ph of the water for the health of the fish and the plants.

As a mechanical engineer I was surprised at the detail and the explanation of the various system, setups the mechanisms required such as home made filters and waste removal systems this author recommends.


The book provides the carrying capacity for number of fish based on volume of your tank and species of fish used. Detailed information about the optimum temperature ranges for these various species.

The author, highly recommends Rainbow Trout with the caveat about temperature also for Crappie, BlueGill, Koi, Tilapia, Catfish, Pacu, Goldfish and even Guppies and Angelfish which he suggests are hard to kill and very good for indoor systems.

Carefully explaining the need to remove the waste solid from the water for the health of the entire system and exactly how to do this in the least expansive way. He explains how to design a swirl separator as a means to remove solid waste.


The system needs to be monitored for chemical levels, however, it is much less labor intensive than ordinary soil farming. The different fish and the various food bearing plants require water in ranges the author has researched and provides.

The last few chapters of the book provides design [parameters and some specific recommendations as well charts and flow diagrams showing his readers exactly how to build their own system.


I looked at websites and there the various pumps for water and air and most of the rest of the materials needed to build your own aquaponic gardening setup.  Food tanks are good for larger volume systems.

This is a very good book on the subject giving you a detailed look at every aspect of successful aquaponic growing. The information can be scaled up for commercial sized systems for those who might want to provide produce for market at supermarkets of the local farmer’s market.

It can be scaled down for a fish tank growing system in home for personal consumption.


I again heartilly recommend this book as a great place to start educating yourself on the pursuit of an aquaponic garden setup. Judging from this vantage, as an engineer it looks like this author has left nothing out in regard to the necessary ingredients and ingenuity for a great growing set up.

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