Let Patrick Mahomes Help To Actively Promote Your Book Online In Wealthy Affiliate University.

No, I am not associated with Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is a great blessing to us in Kansas City. Aside from finally bringing home the Lombardi Trophy and helping Andy Reid finally win a Superbowl Ring, Patrick is here in Kansas City helping to build houses for those in need and his wife is doing philanthropy also.

Here, I am actually experimenting with new neuroscience headline writing to engage readers. The folds of time have

stretched into fifty years between Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl wins. Patrick is staying and we rejoice in his settling here in KC. He is a welcome figure here in Kansas City as George Brett still today.

Hopefully he can continue the streak with such a great coach and the rest of the awesome team he leads on the field on Sundays. How cool would it be if he bested the Patriots streak?

Now, let’s get down to business like this great quarterback and his dedicated team members and completely involved coach.

Our subject:

Let Patrick Mahomes help to actively promote your book online in Wealthy Affiliate University, sellingyourbookonline.com.

How Do We Promote Our Book Or Other Creative Pursuit Online?

It is not as hard as winning the Superbowl. By next Superbowl, though you can have an ongoing job replacing income here. Like Andy Reid and the rest of the Kansas City Coaching Staff we must perceive and layout our game plan. And execute that game plan one play at a time. As with the game of football we must know the strategies and skills and execute.

You too will need a team and be humble enough to become a part of the team leaving all showboating behind. Our coach here at Wealthy Affiliate is Kyle, the Andy Reid of online business. Also the other players in the game are endowed with talent and wisdom from experience. We should listen learn and execute, play by play.

Knowledge in a succinct place and time span. Wealthy Affiliate has an Online Certification Program. We, members, call it Wealthy Affiliate University. Kyle and Carson began about 20 years ago while in college and learned the ropes. For a pittance, they show us the ropes.

Success Hundreds Of Thousands Of Times

No one except the Lord above knows how many thousand passes Patrick Mahomes has thrown over the course of his life and career to arrive at record setting performances. Kyle and Carson have shown 1.4 Million people the ropes in about 20 years. Obviously they know more now than at the beginning.

It is called a University because we learn to easily build the framework of our website, then the strategy of keyword targeted content. We follow through fifty easy to follow and execute training videos averaging about fifteen minutes each. For this we are awarded badges, as the Chiefs, win games for proper learning, humility and execution of each play.

The training always starts at exactly the place you left off. This means if your mother calls and you accidentally hit the X you are taken immediately back to your continuing lesson. You can replay the lesson as many times as you like to get the complete feel of the play. Perfect execution is there for you on every snap. Its easy and anyone can excel here.

Keywords Define The Plays

Here in the Huddle we learn to call the right plays being informed by the great keyword tool, Kyle teaches us to effectively use. JAXXY is a tool that tells you how a keyword phrase rates from what people type into their browsers to search for. As an example typing in Patrick Mahomes yields:

237987                     40458                         117                                      Normal                        79

Average/wk              Traffic         Pages/Competition           Rating the keyword      SEO Rating

Left to right:

Avg/ Week = Average # of searches key word receives Per week.

237, 987

Traffic = Number of searches you can expect on the keyword if you are ranked number one on that page


QSR = Number of competing pages ranked for this keyword.

117   (that’s about the sixth page … not going to showup)

Quality Indicator: Red is poor, yellow is normal, green is great. This one is only Normal.

SEO = A score based on traffic and competition the higher the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale 1-100 higher = better)


Now let’s look a little deeper:

Patrick Mahomes Jr (full name): 120          21            100         Great         94

This is a better keyword. Kyle tells us under 100 is best for QSR.

Now look at this one:

Patrick Mahomes married              857      146             45          Great         92

So a niche about Patrick Mahomes’ marriage, perhaps their philanthropy, might draw more women, would be a better niche for competition (45) SEO (92) and traffic (857), than the first because there are only 45 websites ranked on the keyword and you are 92 percent likely to be ranked on page one with this keyword.

Kyle, like Andy Reid teaches us here how to call and execute the plays as Andy does for the Chiefs, because Kyle knows the internet like Andy Reid knows football.

So this University at Wealthy Affiliate is Major League caliber.

The Sacrifice Required

No we do not have to go to training camp and struggle the rigors of Two-A-Days as the twin practices to get football players in shape and hardened up for the contact and injury avoidance. Nor get hit by Justin Houston.  The cost here for the University is less than the cost of JAXXY (premium) by itself and includes unlimited use of JAXXY plus Kyle’s instruction on how to use it effectively is included.

Best of all you get to turnout for this team FREE to decide the value for yourself. Then WHEN, not if, you decide to stay for the entire fifty lessons in the University and beyond, you will have had a world-class tour of the entire site and know exactly what you are getting before you spend a dime.

Requires no payment information at all to try it out for FREE. Just enter an E mail address and hit the Blue Sign Up at the top of the page.

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If you are convinced you should

look this over For FREE.

But wait there’s much more:

Old Pros and Beginners Alike

The knowledge is put to shame by the hosting value here. My own experience to start was WordPress.com for $ 99.00 for a year and then $ 26.00 for my domain name. Pretty cheap. They do have sight support help there. They have helped greatly.

I have a sight over there on which, with no clue, I have managed more than 500 faithful followers who receive my posts in their E mail. Over 300 posts I have written since 2017 and I get 200 or so views per week. Ranked on the page where it appears. genuinearticlex7.com is my domain there.

Here I have 25 free website addresses I can build at no additional cost. Plus I can have another 25 websites with my own domain names. This one is sellingyoubookonline.com. I own that real estate on the internet. Were I to decide to go to WordPress.org (5.00/mo for hosting) where there is no involved help, only documents, I could take the domain name with me and export all the content, contacts, stats etc.

But I’m Not Going Anywhere.

Two days ago, I goofed trying to insert a copied HTML code from Google Adsense into the text (HTML portion) of the back office of my site. I missed and destructoed the front page of this website. No banner image, or nice appearance, just text of the menus, comments, posts etc. It was ugly.

I was in a tizzifying quandary as to what to do. I went to the Live Chat section in the same page on a menu at the left. I asked What do I do? One of the more experienced people there, told me to get a free plugin called WP Clone. Then he said, create a backup of your site. I did it, very easily with two clicks. Anywhere else besides Wealthy Affiliate, I would have been on my own, and lost.  This is so intelligenty set up for us.

Then he said, delete your theme. Two clicks. Theme gone. Site safely backed up in WP Clone. Then he said, now reinstall your theme. The reinstall restored the site code and restored my front page to normal, when I repopulated the saved content of my site. Truthfully we all help each other like this. You’ll find we are waiting to help you too. I am three fifths of the way through the training for Online Certification i.e. Wealthy Affiliate University and help the new people along too. Reap what you sow.

The University Is Inexpensive

Free to give it a look and turn the knobs, push and pull all the levers and blow the whistle. See if you can find any weakness. The value is unmatched anywhere in web learning and hosting value. I have not been able too to find any weakness. Bring a skeptical attitude and you’ll be pleasantly amazed as your skepticism evaporates.

Bring a positive attitude and you will win the big game here like Andy Reid and the Chiefs. If you want to be a success beyond your wildest dreams, I tell you truthfully, it is here waiting for you to accomplish. That with a coach, Kyle, every bit as accomplished as Andy Reid.  Andy is the winning est coach in all of Professional Football and now with a great team, the Chiefs, who have set the bar.

You are welcomed to become a player on our team, and you and I, will become and remain friends for life, because I tell you the truth. You’ll thank me you were convinced. Then you will know there is one place on the earth where you can depend on the truth. All the incredible world of Wealthy Affiliate University and the best hosting value on the internet, anywhere, after the free trial is yours for less than two lunches per week and I promise you no huckster will appear with a video demanding a thousand or even hundreds of dollars to continue to pursue your dreams here. This is not a scam.

If You Are Ready For This Great Adventure

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Enter an E Mail Address Hit Sign Up And I Will Greet You Inside!

Please if you have questions or comments leave them below. I will answer you as soon as I can. I will be writing more soon. Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading. You will become a champion!  If you have questions Please Leave them below. Chris. 5/10/2020.

Affordable Recording-Make A Home Recording Studio

The question for anyone new to recording was the same for me, how
much does it cost to record a song? I will tell you below several
ways and how to do it for nearly free. In the days’ day before
Digital Audio Workstation software the requirement was to rent a
block of hours in a recording studio. Depending on the status,
prestige and quality the price could be as much as $ 100.00 per hour
for a high quality unknown studio.

Then some studios required a minimum number of hours to be prescheduled.
Some 30-60 hours. If you went to Electric Ladyland or Abbey Road the
price was probably higher. Count it up. The reason being there was
expensive room treatment requiring acoustic design, construction and
then hundreds of thousands to a million invested in mixing, recording
and mastering equipment.

Then there was the outboard effects like Equalizers, compressors, noise
gates, reverb, delays etc. These were bulky tube units in the
beginning. See the picture below.  My personal preference would
be to have a 16 track 2″ Reel To Reel multi track tape deck with
an associated mixing console and sixteen tracks of all those luscious
tube effects. Now the price for such a studio would be outrageous. In
the millions.


The Prices of Recording Software

Studio One

With the current COVID-19 Restrictions I decided, in addition to renewing
my online business efforts, I bought an up grade to Studio One
Professional 4.6 DAW Recording software. The software will allow me
to record music and edit audio and video to create Mp4 uploads.

Total price for the upgrade was $104.97. I had Studio One Professional 2
which I’d bought in 3013 to upgrade from the Artist version. In 2011
I’d bought a PreSonus AudioBox computer recording interface with a
free download of Studio One Artist for $149.99. I recall getting the
upgrade for 149.00 So I had everything PreSonus had at that time in
2011 for about $300.00.

Right now online you can buy Studio One Professional 4.6 on sale for
279.97. That’s the software only, you still need an interface. Get
Interface Here or one of the other interfaces there. I started with the two channel
unit here, which is good for an individual solo recording artist. The
interfaces all include Studio One Artist. Two mics and you can record
guitar or live piano with this. Then do vocals.

I pulled my 19 Year old Audiobox out of the closet the other day and it
still works like a champ. Have to upgrade the drivers. The thing is
bulletproof. Personally, I think this is the most recording
capability for the money, anywhere in creation, once you upgrade

Artist to Studio One Professional 4.6. The next step up, I might suggest, the upgraded USB C because it has led metering so you’ll be able to see whether you are clipping at the input, ahead of the

PresonusStudio 24C USB-C Audio Interface If you need a compact, portable audio interface sporting USB-C
connectivity, high-quality mic preamps and converters, and
world-class recording software, you won’t find a better value than
the Studio 24C Audio Interface from Presonus. Look at it HERE

Get the bundle if you need an interface, microphone, The bundle is Studio
One Artist with Presonus Studio 24C USB Audio Interface, a Large
Diaphram Condenser Microphone and Powered Monitor Speakers. Get the
bundle. Here.  Suggestion: Might need headphones to wear while you record.

Yes there are affiliate links to purchase the above or other recording
products from Sam Ash, my favorite online music store, because they
support ASCAP  Artists.

Pro Tools

Friends of mine, professionals (means you don’t have to paint houses to
support you music habit, too often), in the industry have used Pro
Tools which touts themselves as the paramount in industry standard
recording software. A nephew of ours, took a recording class at the
local JUCO and they used Pro Tools in the recording classes. He’s
sold on Pro Tools.

He thinks Studio One is OK. And though Pro Tools has been the industry
standard for 25 years there are many top pros and reviewers making
the switch from Pro Tools to Stusio One. The single window workflow
in Studio One is often mentioned. As I have written in a different
place back in the early 21st I noted, Many people owned Pro Tools but
not many of them knew how to use it.

I am unaware if this is still the case. Used to be that most thought
the software was not intuitive. Harder to follow, learn and produce
result in Pro Tools over other packages, I assume from observation
over the years, never having turned the knobs in Pro Tools.

Pricing might be a reason also. Pro tools has gone in a new direction with
Subscription Downloaded software with renewable licenses annually.
The Download is one year and then the annual renewal of your
subscription. The Ultimate has replaced the HD version. The Pro Tools
Ultimate is a download subscription now, like Windows 365. The new
trend in software.

I still own Studio One Pro, Studio One Professional 2.6 and now Studio
One Professional 4.6. Any of those can be downloaded and used anytime
I want, as long as the four remaning download licenses have not been used up.

Pro Tools is the same, however, if you fail to renew before 30 days’ from the
anniversary date you own an unsupported version of Pro Tools
Ultimate. It is however, considered the best and used by the world’s
biggest studios and many artists. Learn about it HERE.  Some of
the videos on youtube dispute this.

You’ll see it’s a lot more expensive than Studio One and from the reading it
really offers no more functionality that Studio One Professional
except prestige. I assume this version, HERE, is closer to what is actually
used by the worlds’ high powered studios.

Tascam Invented The Portastudio In The 1970’s

Their most recent iterations are the Tascam DP-24 and the Tascam DP-32.
These record very well and are every bit as high quality in that
regard to the DAW offering 16/44 or 24/96 bit/sample. If you are
old-school as they say, like me, this might be more familiar.

The single controls track moves from track to track as you push the
buttons. You have control of channel one, then move to channel two
and so on.

I have experience with the DP-24. I liked it. I have gone back to
Studio One and the computer because there are unlimited effects on
the channels. For instance I can have a compressor (or more than one)
on all channels, also a noise gate, De-Esser and reverb assigned as I

The DP-24 and DP-32 limit you to one type of dynamic effect. All
Compressors or all Noise Gate and so on. One type of effect across
the channels. Once you complete recording and mix the tracks it has
mastering and more effects there. One of the inputs has a Hi Z in put
for guitar and guitar effects there.  I got some good recording
with it.

It records to an HD Card. It has an effects loop so you can use outboard
effects as well if you have them and this will eliminate the effects
limitations native to these digital portastudios. Check it out HERE
and buy one if you like. I believe these are a great alternative and
it is very easy to learn especially if you are an old Potastudio fan.


Best Of Both Worlds

I had planned, before the CoVID-19 experience to upgrade the PreSonus
Studio One to Professional 4.6 which I did. Then it was my plan to
purchase the PreSonus iOStation 24C. This is an interface like the
Audiobox I have owned for 19 years and it still works.

It is also a single control channel for Studio One and can be used with
any of the other DAWs such as Pro Tools and with Makie Control
virtually any DAW. Studio One offering unlimited tracks the iOStation
24C can be assign to all of them one at a time, like the Portastudios

Manufactured by PreSonus the iOStation automatically deeply integrates with
PreSonus Studio One and controls all recording parameters of the
software. Same with others through the required control protocols. So
my plan before COVID-19 unemployment, and realization of the need to
conserve, was to get one of these and use it with my Studio One.
Check it Out HERE on genuinearticlex7.com

Finally, Free If You Must

Reaper offers a Free Download of their software. It is a 60-day trial
version with full access to all Reaper can do. What reaper can do is
substantial. Substantial enough to inspire one guy who is a video
producer to have a video called 11 Reasons I Moved From Pro Tools.

I watched his video and plan to give reaper a try, so I can more
intelligently compare it. You know what your budget is. It’s your budget. If you like it and want to own it, it is very inexpensive and found at www.reaper.fm.  Many videos on youtube about Reaper.  See for yourself.

For now this is my price review via affiliate links in my page. I hope
this helps you in you desire to record you music at whatever budget
level you face. I thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for
reading. I will be posting more content for you edification soon.
Chris Queen. Please leave you comments below and I will answer them


Best Way To Sell Your Books Online







You’ve made it this far, so, we (you and I) are interested selling our book(s) online. The best way to sell books online is through a prior established name. For instance Steven King writes fiction, usually in the Horror Genre. His publisher knows when they are to release his next book. They tell the world and bingo, another NY Times Best Seller.

Established celebrities in other fields write books such as politicians, businessmen or women, baseball players, football players, basketball players, movie stars. These celebrities get large advances from publishing companies when they do. Unless you are a celebrity, you’re on the skids with the rest of us, so to speak. Going to have to figure out how to get your book in front of people who will want to buy it.

I was sure before my book was released that millions would want to read it. I am certain there still are millions who want to read it. Never forget there are 3.75 Billion people, on the internet. A book about gnats should let you retire if you can get it to the millions of gnat book readers out there. Facebook is not an adequate way to promote your book.   Yes I have a website and many hundreds of followers who read my blog posts. Some of them bought my book.


In my case, I have had an interest in Bible Scripture Prophecies and their fulfillment. I wrote one book on that subject and self published it, after a lot of research, through a reputable self-publishing, Print on Demand (POD) company. I submitted a second manuscript to their traditional publishing wing and am, as a result, a traditionally published author. Not many people are, by comparison.  Go HERE to view the book, close that window to return.

This did not bring me lots of traffic and the hoped for recognition. Setting up a website on the internet is easy enough with hosting that helps you set it up. But knowing how to fill that site with keyword driven content is a science.

Here, in the information age most with knowledge, want money to share their information. Some want gobs of money up front because they don’t really have any information, useful toward bringing traffic to your website, and that is what you need to sell your book.

You are most likely uninterested in hucksters trying to extract a pound of flesh before the pigeon (you and I) figure out they (we) are merely being strung along until the victim figures out the huckster truly knows nothing about, traffic, selling books or whatever your interest happens to be?


It turned out my publisher, Angela, directed me to the place where all the answers were to be had. Her husband, Richard was one of the pioneers of marketing on the internet back in the early nineties. They are in the publishing business.

Not only that, as I discovered, the answers were easy to gather from the well organized easy to use, platform, as internet networks are called, but it was free to begin and get well into the process. Free answers, at the start, that never become expensive. You won’t find some in your face, loud rooster trying to get a huge hunk of money out of you here.

This changes lives. It gives hope and a plan that works every time it is done according to the easy to follow system set out before you. People in their seventies and eighties are doing the program and some of them are now wealthy. Independently wealthy. And it is not hard or beyond your reach.


First, are you willing to work a little? Can you do what is simply set out in the program, at your own speed? I am certain that

you can. Do you want to succeed? Will you commit to do this once? Then you’ll be able to repeat it as many times as you’d like with different ideas.

Best of all there is no cost or risk to give it a try and find you love it like one and a half million other people, once in your shoes.

Do you like the idea of being your own boss? Are you nearing retirement and need to set yourself up? Are you retired and living in need of more income? Would you like to travel and visit relatives, children or grandchildren? If your answer to these or similar questions is yes, as mine was, then come along and read further because I know where your answers are to be found.


We will learn to sell more books than we ever dreamed. The system is set up for learning at your own pace with back and forth ease so you learn each step.

Opportunity to master the technical side of internet business. You also will learn to market anything you can think of online. Success will be yours.

You will also become a part of a network of thousands of respectful, like-minded people willing to help you. There, are many who will help you here in continuously moving forward.  Access to the encouragement never allowing you to become discouraged, and soon you will be helping others too.

Seasoned pros, you will not be able to find a better hosting value anywhere. This is set up for everyone, beginner to enterprise level superstars.

So please follow along and learn more. Go Here!.


Book Publishing Companies – Online Book Publishing Review


Online Book Publishers

Since we are selling books, we should look before we leap, carefully, at Book Publishing Companies. This is an online book publishing review. This is a labor of love for me in this instance. It is likely going to be longer than my usual post. I want the story adequately told.

I met a couple of friends a few years back. One of them wrote a highly acclaimed book on self publishing. That book was among three books my dad bought me in around 2005, trying to encourage me to finish writing my first book. The title of Mark Levine’s book, “The Fine Print of Self-Publishing” by Mark Levine. The book, as far I am concerned is a must read for anyone who wants to self-publish a book or publish a book period.

book publishing

The “Fine Print” Revealed

In that book, Mark spells out the good and the bad of the self publishers in an industry that has many good people. But there are the “characteristically challenged” (my creation) among them as well. Mark, has published the sixth edition, now of this most beneficial volume. Mark, is the former owner of Mill Street Press, a successful self-publishing company. He has moved on now, to be President of “Hillcrest Media Group.”

In the book, Mark, disclosed his high regard for booklocker.com and the owners Angela and Richard Hoy. Two people I have come to regard very highly myself, through personal experience. Mark relays the facts, of reasonably priced self publishing packages offered by booklocker. Further that there is no attempt to sell you ball caps, koozies, napkins with your picture on it, to enrich your publisher, when you become a member of the “family of booklocker authors.”

online publishing review

Angela and Richard are in this for more than money, enjoying higher ideals. The cost was less than half of what the other “slick” publishers wanted, with the publicists, expensive template (not custom) assembly line, inferior cover designs, beach umbrellas (exaggeration) but I did hear about koosies and ball caps. Not at booklocker.  Just what I need another closet full of junk, from some publisher, that no one wants. Every author receives Angela and Richard’s free PDF book:

Free Copy of 90 DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan by Angela and Richard Hoy (PDF). (can’t share this link, family only, by the contract)  But it IS for sale here.

More From Mark in “The Fine Print …”

Further Mr. Levine reveals that while others will take people’s money, publish and print books no one will ever read, at booklocker.com, not every manuscript that arrives with a check attached is chosen for publishing. The publishing experience I enjoy still, was foretold to me by Mark Levine.

The big attraction was the quote, after speaking highly of the cost issues, the lower price of the high quality printing and industry standard 9 x 11 paperbacks, he said this about the packages and royalties paid by booklocker.com:

“As close to perfection as you’re going to find in the world of e book and POD publishing. The e book royalties are the highest I’ve ever seen, and the print royalties are better than average. BookLocker understands what new authors experience, and has put together a package that is the best in the business. You can’t go wrong here.”  Mark Levine.  


publsher review

The Phone Conversations

I called Mill Street Press, after I read The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, to investigate his claims. It was very apparent, I was not talking to a carnival barker, offering me a 30 cent stuffed seal. I explained my position and what I wanted to publish. A book called :  “The Winner’s Corner” about predicting, to a thousand people, and subsequently, winning twice in federal court, without an attorney (2003). True story. My life IS an open book.

I was looking at a $ 2400.00 package he offered with a publicist, and all the bells and whistles available, in the fight to promote a book. No koozies or umbrellas. He spoke to me that day of “wisdom being the better part of valor.”  He suggested an approach more in line with my entire situation. I was refreshed and surprised he had not gone for the big bucks trying to reel me in like the as yet uneducated upstart author with a strong story to tell.


I mentioned booklocker, to him, and my hesitance to be tested in rejection so early in my attempts to write. He said the quality had to be there in my writing or it was not going to fly, in essence. Ten years later after studying the Bible and the mathematics precisely falling on the timeline of history, I wrote a book laying it all out. I picked up the phone and called booklocker.com.

I was blown away, in that first conversation with Angela, realizing I was speaking to the boss. Angela was very nice to me when I explained my maniuscipt, “Misquoting Logic.” I told her, “I’m Tough as nails, Fast on my Feet, And at home in the jungle.” She encouraged me to submit the manuscript. I told her it isn’t quite finished. She said, send it and we will read it and then we’ll go from there.


The Submitted Manuscript

I could tell Angela liked me. I like her too. We hit it off, famously. I sent my near completed manuscript over the secure internet connection. An hour or so later, I was accepted for publication. She explained to me when I called her back, they did not have time to read every submission completely, but if they started reading and wanted to keep reading it’s a winner.

When I got off the phone, I told my wife and my brother, hey, I can write. The contract was very good and easily met what Mark Levine told me to look for, so I signed it and do not regret it. All the files and the work, including the cover is mine, without giving up the rights to my work. All the electronic files for the E book as well.

Once it was approved, the E book was published, a couple weeks later after formatting. Then the paperback was published. I went and saw it on booklocker’s website. Then amazon. Right there with Bart Ehrman’s book, Misquoting Jesus.

I had gotten permission from Dr. Mark D. Roberts (Harvard Educated, Fuller Seminary Professor) to quote him from his book, “Can We Trust The Gospels?” (GO HERE TO GET HIS BOOK) to refute the textual critic, Dr. Ehrman. I’m a mechanical engineer, not a theologian. Mark was an asset to the Lord, the book and myself, in bringing recognized authority to the table toward refuting Dr. Ehrman. He also has my admiration and thanks.

Serving Writers and Creators online book publisher review

The “how to” aspect and intelligent counseling demands that I promote booklocker.com, and Angela’s professionalism.  You do not want to deal with an unscrupulous publisher whether self published or traditionally published.  She is very definition of integrity in all she approaches.

When she found out our daughter was pregnant and dreading another C-Section, Angela sent her a copy of her book, HERE: Don’t Cut Me Again Doc” by Angela Hoy. Heather did not have anymore C-Sections.

Point of this is to encourage you to enjoy the same great self-publishing experience, I have had. Also, if you have written and published with “booktrampNOTcom” (I made it up) Angela offers you help to escape through the flames, and she will show you how it is supposed to be done. You will be refreshed.

writer's weekly

Angela publishes a trade EZine Writer’sWeekly.com that issues warnings about publishers on the run (Tate Publishing … federal charges)” “publishers on the ropes” and those publishers who are best avoided. There in WritersWeekly .  There are myriad freelance writing opportunities aimed at all levels, desiring to be freelancers, or for seasoned pros.

Angela has little tolerance for lousy query letters because she loves us and wants us to be successful. You will not get a writing job with a poorly executed query. Her E books, are provided (your choice of one) free for subscribing to her free EZine. Angela knows:  “You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Her books, One “Query Letters That Worked! Real Queries That Landed $2K Writing Assignments, SECOND EDITION”; Or TwoBook Proposals That Worked Real Book Proposals That Landed $10 – $100k Publishing Contracts – SECOND EDITION” are provided (your choice) free for subscribing to her free Writer’sWeekly EZine.

No she does not sell your information to her authors, I’d bet there are publishers who do. She’s way above that sort of thing.  Your privacy will never be compromised.

What I Really Think

Here is what I really think of Mark Levine, his book, Angela Hoy and booklocker.com About Page at booklocker spontaneously written in a book review on Goodreads.com:


“Quoted from Goodreads with permission from Chris Queen: “I did, however, take (Mark Levine’s) advice ten years later inasmuch as he highly recommends Angela and Richard Hoy, and BookLocker.com, a Print on Demand (POD) publisher. Levine’s advice was excellent and he says if you can find a POD publisher paying a higher royalty than BookLocker then go with it. Angela Hoy has already proven to be a good friend, as her husband also, and she writes a weekly e-zine called WritersWeekly that I highly recommend. Angela has recently written articles about the defunct Tate Publishing (Federal Charges Pending for Tate Officers). Mark Levine has written an excellent book, and provides needed information for Indie Writers. Tell Angela Hoy I sent you.- Chris Queen, author – Misquoting Logic: What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It – http://booklocker.com/books/9247.html”   End of my quote!

My Best Educated Advice, Take Their Advice

Chris Queen

My hope is that I have communicated effectively, concerning the integrity of Mark, Angela and booklocker.com. The best advice of Mark led me to Angela and booklocker.com. Angela then gave me advice to examine Wealthy Affiliate to learn the online business side of promoting my books.

I am expanding my view a bit to include creators of other arts and media, as well.

My Opinion: You will never go wrong taking the advice of Mark Levine now CEO of Hillside Multimedia, and also the advice of Angela Hoy of booklocker.com.

If you are looking for REAL in your life’s experience, then come and join us. This review is true. The story is true. The story is mine. Chris Queen. 04/21/2020.



Music and Videos on Youtube



The posts to date, here on this site, have dealt with selling our books, if we write them.  My actual start online was releasing a CD and song downloads.  That area of creativity, with respect to format has changed tremendously in the last two decades and Youtube Music and Videos is dramtically transforming again.

Decades ago, I picked up the guitar and persevered to learn the physical and psychological muscle/brain memory skills to change from one chord to the other.  The dream was books and music publishing.

In those days, you managed to write a few good songs, got a group together, played cover tunes in the bars and clubs.  This while prepping for a demo recording of your original material, then sending it off to Capitol, MoTown, Epic, MCA or one of the huge recording and distribution companies.

They put up thousands of dollars, in advances against future sales, actually tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, to give those they deemed promising the chance to produce and promote a record.

My First Attempt 

I recorded a song I had written, called “Don’t Let Em Tell You” in the basement hallway of Toon Shop, outside the learning studios on a cassette recorder, playing it on a borrowed Guitar (did not own an acoutic) from the music store upstairs.  This was sent off to some song contest, or the other, I’d seen in Guitar Player Magazine, with the $ 20.00 entry fee.

I got a dear John letter, later that year, with the usual encouragement to keep writing and sharing your songs.  But no record deal.  Later I had become a pretty good lead guitar player known for lots of feeling, and volume, in what I played, my knowledge of this, based on what others have since told me.

Still no record deal.  No invitation to come down to municipal auditorium and sit in with Lynerd Skynerd like Steve Gaines, that night here in KC.  I was there in the crowd.  My sister was not their background singer nor was she Ronnie Van Zant’s girlfriend.  Connections never hurt.

Vinyl, 8 Track, Casette, CD, Mp3 and Vinyl

We completed recording Look Up Now, in the CD Era but did not get the production finished until 2014, by which time we were into the downloads Mp3, or whatever that original format was, though CD’s were still popular.

Now the format is MP3 (without video) or MP4 (with video) and vinly records also making a comeback.  Gone for the most part are the huge stereo systems we had in the seventies and eighties.

Most play their music from their computer, or phone, my first computer from Dell in 1999 had Altec Lancing Speakers in the package I bought while working as an engineer at Boeing.

My Humble Record

My record, actually, a CD was release through CD Baby in 2014.  It is a sort of a humble, (though Rocking at points) Christian Project of my own compositions.  A friend, Paul Clark (Word Records Artist in the 1970s thru 1980s, still a player) produced and recorded me in his very good basement recording studio.  There is a million dollars worth of seriously vintage guitars (20s through fifties) in the soundscape.  That makes it interesting. All of the musicians on my record are listed right after Phil Keaggy (yes I do know Phil … Go HERE: Awesome Guitar Player!) in the Paul Clark store.

We had recorded the acoustic guitars and I had sung the lead vocals.  A great bass player named Don Harris happened to be at Paul’s recording bass guitar on his record.  What Phil Keaggy is on the guitar, Don is on the bass (He’s a real deal classcal muscan).  Don and I had known each other several years and had gone to the same church.  I told Paul, here’s a couple hundred dollars, ask Don to play on one or two of my songs.  That was Friday.

Monday, I arrived and Paul explained Don had been wating at his house while Paul had gone to chase down an ADAT cable, required for his project.  Paul told me on Monday, “You got blessed.”  Don played bass on every one of your songs (14 Tracks).  I was blown away.  Later Don told me he started playing one song and decided “my guitar playing was solid” he was enjoying himself and “just kept going.”  Here is a youtube video that includes Don as Bass Player.

There was a freeform Christian band around in the 90s called Waterdeep and Jay Pfeifer was their keyboard player.  He went the extra mile on my recordings, not sure he ever got paid, and his playing rivals that Ray guy, yeah the Doors guy, on Look Up Now the Album title track, he s awesome and he blows smoke throughout the rest of the songs.  Just listen, I am not exaggerating.

In the mean time, years, the click track was misplaced, not on the ADAT recordings and Rod Lincoln drummer from Shooting Star (pretty good band) and he played on many Christian projects, as well.  Rod struggled through playing drums on the tracks in 2014, with no reference clic track. Rod (did a great job).  Rod mixed and mastered it also.  The duration of the recording, Mixing and Mastering took 18 years.

Wake Up Call 2020

Shortly after “Look Up Now” was finally finished, though, it is without electric guitar or any backing vocals as originally conceived, I took someone’s advice, threw it up on CD Baby and waited for sales.  I did make a fan page on Facebook and  have about 500 followers and likes.  Massive sales never materialized.

The wake up call was when CD Baby retired their CD store, recently.  The current format is downloads for individual tracks and streaming on the numerous services.  Forbes Magazine has an article “Its Time To Say Goodbye To CD Players In New American Cars.”   My Facebook fan page was linked to the CD Baby sample player with download and buy.  It went away. Now, I have discovered CD Baby offers a one page website, for artists and I went ahead and placed my order.  Cheap.  Less than lunch for annual license.

The site offers sample listening.  It links listeners to Spotify, Apple Music, I Tunes and Deezer.   My website  is HERE

Go to Amazon and buy them HERE  Scroll down the page and the samples are there too.  

We will be doing some sharing of information for creators in the music genre on this site as well, more for writers, and videographers pod casters etc.  I have four years of experience and know the way to the most efficient and inexspensive solutions, here on my genuinearticlex7.com site.  Please leave your comments or questions below.  Than you for reading.  Chris 4/17/2020.


Define Low Hanging Fruit-Your Book Must Be Seen

Define low hanging fruit

Definition of Low Hanging Fruit

The topic for this post is to define low hanging fruit. While it might seem obvious on its face, we are now speaking about books. Books are sold through online business, and your keywords need to target low hanging fruit. If you can reach up while walking through the orchard and pick an apple, of course that is the definition of low hanging fruit.

Growing up around my grandfather’s fruit growing operation in Washington, I know a little about fruit. The low fruit if it is all picked requires someone to climb up and pick the high hanging fruit. These days, with oranges, they shake it all down and pick it up. Unsure if they still pick apples from a ladder. But the images from my childhood are used here.

When we speak of low hanging fruit here, we are concerned with competition. Again we think toward keyword targeted content which brings traffic to our website. Well written content with information interesting to as well as valuable to your readers will hold their interest and bring them back to your website again.

Low Hanging, Regards Keyword Competition

define low hanging fruit

Search Engines record the number of average hits per month for a given keyword or phrase, if rated on the first page in the search engine. For instance a keyword that get 5,000 hits per month might sound good. However, such a word might have 250 pages in competition for the first spot.

Your book will only be seen by those who navigate 25 pages deep while browsing. Never happen. Keywords must be searched in a keyword search tool for efficiency’s sake. The target here is getting your book in the worlds’ view. We are not trying to grow mushrooms in the dark. We want to sell books. The world must see the book.

Targeting keywords with under 100 competing pages is picking the low hanging fruit. Once you have targeted the low hanging fruit, bringing traffic to your site, the books will sell. You get ranked in your own right, by building quality content and your keywords will reflect in the hundreds or thousands, when word is out.


I published my book, Misquoting Logic, by Chris Queen, in early 2017. Without a clue I paid $100.00 (annual) for a website.define low hanging fruit

“They” (rarely know what they are talking about) told me to post a lot of blog posts. Without targeting keywords and writing targeted content I posted 300 blog posts in the three years.

Not a total failure, I did manage to gain 1600 followers at my peak. I still have 600 plus followers on that website, however, I did not sell many books. So by my reckoning I placed a bet, against all odds, and lost more than I won. Sort of a hip shot rather than taking careful aim.

A more intelligent approach is to listen to the gambler’s wisdom. If you go push the button for Wix or worpress.com or wordpress.org etc, you’ll be taking that same hip shot and rolling the dice for dumb luck.

your book must be seen

My Recommendation

First, I want you to know I have taken this recommendation myself. This, recommendation which reached me, after spinning my wheels fruitlessly for almost three years. I took the advice of my Publisher, Angela Hoy, who directed me to Weathy Affiliate. Angela publishes Writer’s Weekly a weekly published, E zine, with thousands of readers.

She and her husband Richard own Booklocker.com a Print On Demand (POD) Self Publishing Company. She has a spotless reputation in that industry. Her company pays the highest royalties among (POD) self publishing companies.

Her E zine, Writer’s Weekly, a service to writers, where she also exposes publishing companies lacking integrity and connects freelance writers with freelance writing opportunities. Angela, has often predicted the failure of these unscrupulous characters and their inferior publishing plans based on their inferior character.

If you inquire she will speak with you directly by E mail, herself, and I am happy I found her. They do not publish every manuscript they are presented with, preferring to maintain a quality profile in the industry.

This benefits her authors because people in publishing know her and her quest for integrity and quality publishing, printing and service. I know her on a professional basis and after two books, one traditionally published, Misquoting Calculus, by Chris Queen, through Abuzz Press, their traditional publishing division, I am proud to recommend her.


This is the keyword search tool JAXXY. And invaluable aiming keyword tool. Your book will be seen.

your book must be seen

You need a keyword tool to avoid gambling on dumb luck and hip shooting for the target. You need to produce quality content targeting keywords related to your niche. JAXXY keyword search tool is a comprehensive advantage toward these ends.

Wealthy Affiliate provides JAXXY both in their trial version and unlimited searches in the Premium Program. Further enterprise level private hosting with incredible security, superior speed and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Along with Industry Standard Plugins and fabulous training in website creation and all knowledge necessary for operation.

You will learn to create you own keyword rich content aimed at benefiting your readers and to draw new searchers and seekers to your sites.

Additionally, you will learn the marketing skills required to convert your offers benefiting your customers, readers and searchers, and rewarding yourself in many ways to include well-earned prosperity. All while offering your visitors the same opportunity, Win, Win for all.

define low hanging fruit

Better Start For You Here

The entryway is easy. Enter your Email and then at the top hit the blue sign up. Your test drive has begun. Kyle will show you in the Training for Online Certification program. I learned more in the first series of training sessions than in the prior three years of wildly hip shooting and closing my eyes and throwing the dice. Read more about it let’s save you the runaround. Then hit the link in that page read the wealthy affiliate information on their page, then type in your Email and go to Sign Up and I’ll greet you on the other side and so will Kyle and Carson. They are not your usual Billionaires. Come and join us. I’ll see you inside.


Family Survival Plans – How To Survive Books

How to survival books

how to survival skills



Here we are in the grocery age. Yes. Family survival plans in our day involves a drive to Grocery Spot (made it up) and filling the basket with processed foods off the shelf along with milk, meat and paper goods. What were we thinking?

The panic mode we have witnessed over COVID-19 should be a wake up call. In 1929 we saw the run on the banks. In 2020 we see, the run on toilet paper. While it speaks different things to different people whether humor, or disgust at the selfish response to some.

This points to a bigger problem sitting there like the proverbial, “400 pound elephant in the room”. What if we experience an even longer social distancing of more serious variety and duration? The run on Chicken Noodle Soup because everything else has been depleted? We don’t want to find ourselves in that position.

How Will We Feed Our Family?

One way. Grow it ourselves. But most of us don’t have a spare acre of ground or time to farm it if we did. The present pandemic has closed the libraries and all other non-essential businesses etc. Besides it would be hard to survive if we were family survival skillsforced, without preparation, to plant and wait 60 days for a crop of vegetables.

That speaks to the need to get ready in advance. In the twenty-first century many nearly miraculous things have come to us. A hydroponic garden can he set up in a garage, a basement or a spare room. The complaint about hydroponic growing is that you have to add fertilizer to the water. For Hydroponic Growing Information:

>>>>>>>>GO HERE <<<<<<<<<<

A Better Way

Aquaponic growing is growing on auto-pilot. Robot farming, easy to D.I.Y. with a little guidance anyone can do this. Again the garage, the basement or spare room will suffice.

The improvement over hydroponic is you grow the fertilizer and the main course of your meals right along with your favorite vegetables, herbs etc. The fertilizer for the vegetables is a by product of growing the main course. The water in tank one feeds the vegetables in tank two. Like This! A Picture is worth a thousand words. A video IS thousands of pictures. For information on Aquaponinc gardening:

>>>>>>>> GO HERE <<<<<<<<<<

>>>>> Video How To Here >>>>>

Diversity Prevents Hunger

family survival skillsThe author’s grandfather grew fruit in the Yakima Valley in Sela Washington. He grew cherries, apples, pears, peaches and apricots. Having a variety increased the likelihood one or more of his orchards would produce a good crop every year. Usually several.

Learning from his lesson there is more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes. Personally I am not big on mushrooms, however, I am even smaller on the idea of hunger for myself and my family. Here we have a how to on growing your own mushrooms. For information on growing mushrooms:

>>>>>>>> GO HERE >>>>>>>>

Garage To Greenhouse

family survival skills

You might not have a garage. In that case a basement room or an extra bed room. If not another option is a small greenhouse. Again the Aquaponics growing system is a crop robot. No weeding, just watch the vegetables grow, pick them and enjoy.

With a greenhouse you will be able to produce an abundance and share with neighbors, friends or relatives. If you are handy it is no problem to follow a few directions from someone with a bit of wisdom gained through experience.

Imagine a greenhouse about 12 x 15 feet full of homegrown organic food and a kettle of fish to boot.

Supply of Fish

family survival skills

A few days ago the cat needed food. Went to one of the famous brand name pet stores and it seems they are a necessary retailer. They remain open because the dogs, cats, birds and fish have to eat too. While goldfish might work, the state game and fisheries might be a better source.

In our state, the parks and fishing spots are open with the social distancing protocol in place. That means the bait shops are likely open also. A few buckets of minnows would work. But I suggest walleye, crappie, catfish or trout for your fertilizer fish since they are also good for eating.

The bait shop should give you good information on sources for bulk fish food which will be way more economical than pet store fish food.  Or better yet a worm farm the book will show you how Here making you more self-sustaining.

Drinking Water

In the event the power ends up going out and you need to do social distancing in place you are going to need water to drink. Get a new plastic barrel or two. Build wooden racks, get a couple of taps, and fill the barrels with tap water. Berkey makes a great gravity fed water filter to remove 99.999 percent of particles, pharmaceuticals bacteria et., giving you safe drinking water.

There are other filters available online too and they are inexpensive. I like Berkey because their filters last 4-6 years, as advertised and their housing is stainless steel. But water is a must as food also. Almost an afterthought which is why the information in the linked offers here are valuable to us.

Not Turning This Into A Survival Website

how to survival books

Life survival skills is something we should begin thinking about. Depending on governments, economies, utilities has put us in the “take it all for granted” mindset. So this is a wake up call and the libraries are not open. We provide some resources here. Our eyes should be opened now.

Our shaky systems have been submerged partially, this time, under the scare of a pandemic. But we should find ways to survive if need be independently. We are, many of us are Americans after all, inheriting a courageous pioneer spirit from our forefathers. So let’s learn to survive as need may dictate. It only makes sense for us to fend for our family. Plus we can have much better food, in the event no catastrophe appears. Organically grown food in our own place knowing what we feed our family it is not chemically infused. Chris 04/09/2020.




website hosting comparisons


I own a WordPress.com site and URL. I took someone’s advice and set that up in 2017 when I self-published my first book, through booklocker.com.  Publisher review here. I knew absolutely nothing about websites, owning a URL, or hosting. I knew even less about building a website. Website Hosting Comparisons need to account for cost/value allowing for an intelligent decision. So let’s save you the runaround.

HTML is the language used by computers, to construct a site. A relative of mine, set up a classic car website early on in the 1990s for his Chevelle, car club. He has thousands of followers on that site, He did not put it up as a business; rather, a hobby. He built that site in HTML learning it as he went. He has thousands of friends from the shows, articles, how too’s etc.

Since inception, for HTML, required in those early days, editors have been developed. These allow you to build a site by speaking regular English or French, German, Spanish, Greek or Russian. The internet has come a long way since those days. When they say, no coding required in their website building adds they are talking about HTML. HTML is optional for the masses these days.



website hosting comparisons

We find, naturally, the marketing invariably attempts to put the best foot forward as they say. WordPress.com for instance advertises perpetual access to their “happiness engineers.” My experience has been that some of these are top-notch, while others among them are clearly unconcerned about your happiness in the least.

It was a struggle to get my single website into any acceptable form. Hours and hours were spent talking by chat with various helpers. Finally after nearly two years, I started getting compliments on the appearance and content of that website.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is taken care of by WordPress and in the premium plan no plugins are available. I asked them about keywords many times and never really got any satisfactory answer out of them. Their pat answer was upgrade to business. They have no means to gather keywords there, of which, I am aware.

Last year my wife and I experienced a financial setback and when my annual $100.00 (cost of my hosting) we were unable to meet the deadline. My website, thankfully merely was re-indexed as a personal site which may be had for free with WordPress.com. A couple of months back I upgraded it again to premium.

In the mean time WordPress had retired the theme I’d chosen in 2017 and built my site around. I still struggle to try to find a theme there that makes me happy. I wanted to move the site to Wealthy Affiliate, however, the premium plan, with WordPress, does not allow plugins, and therefore, the site cannot be moved unless I upgrade to business for $300.00 per year. That plan allows plugins to back up my content, stats, contacts and followers, required for the move. For now, I am their prisoner.


Another great sounding deal on the internet is WIX. Their add/entry point tells you that you can build a website for free, right now. Click here to get started, they say. A large website full of marketing etc., aimed at new to the internetters. Once you are inside their site you can wander around for hours.

BOTTOM LINE: You get one single site, trainers available if you go with VIP Business Upgrade. Minimal Assistance at the lower level plans.


Wix Pricing Plans:Combo – (Month to month will be $17 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $13 monthly)…Unlimited – (Month to month will be $22 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $17 Monthly)…Pro – (Month to month will be $27 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $22 Monthly)…VIP – (Month to month will be $47 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out… Let’s remember we are talking about one website with them, as with Worpress.com.

website hosting comparisons

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is, a jet, and beyond compare with these two offers. As with either, you can give it a test for free. You can remain in WP.com with a private plan for free. Unsure if Wix has a perpetual free plan. Wealthy Affiliate does have a free plan and yes you main remain for free with limited availability to training and services.

During your initial trial at Wealthy Affiliate you get to put your hands on the controls and try everything out. This includes Wealthy Affiliate Training, the first ten lessons in the Online Certification Program. You also get JAXXY keyword search tool, trial version, with Kyle’s training to maximize its value.

Most people upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium for the best web hosting available on this Planet, for you and I. You get access to the Wealthy Affiliate University level training. This includes 50 lessons in the Online Certification Program and another 70 in the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

These lessons have proven valuable removing years from the learning curve. Most people who do the training get indexed with google (meaning: your site can be searched for, in Google) within two weeks. The lessons are presented in video within the single page navigation. The videos average fifteen minutes with interactive start/stop, rewind, fast-forward, pause etc.

You can watch, then pause perform the step on your site. Then return to the training and perform your next step, gaining good understanding from Kyle’s excellent teaching. It’s easy to learn here. No spending hours with support in chat to try to take notes, then sitting and reading explanations like at WP.com. I have no experience with Wix, but have been told it is very similar to WP.com.

website hosting comparisons


Web hosting comes in many varieties. The hosting here has served 1.8 million affiliates over 18 years. When I worked as an engineer at Boeing we had 200,000 employees worldwide. This is bigger than that. The speed here of the various apps. is lightning fast.

The speed of your site, image downloads etc., is instant and accurate. That is part of the reason Google, Yahoo and Bing quickly recognize and index sites built here at Wealthy Affiliate. Carson, being the tech pro has a team in place who know how to provide security.

Aside from the superior training and incredible, major corporate level platform availing all plugins and service, we get the best value here. Ten, free websites can be built in the exclusive siterubix.com. And you can purchase your own URL’s under.com, .net, .org, for half the price I paid for mine at WP.com.  Ten more sites with your own .com domain can be built.

This allows experimentation and an extensive laboratory to try things and determine strategy. Further with unlimited JAXXY keyword search in Wealthy Affiliate Premium (Kyle shows you how) you are not going to be flying blind, as I did for three years at WP.com for very little gain.  It’s more like a relaxed ride in a balloon.

Take your pick! You can bump and slam down the dirt road or you can take the Freeway. In two weeks you’ll understand the basics of how this all works and how to build websites that attract readers, viewers and listeners. The time to start is NOW! Everything I tell you is the truth. My word is my bond. You will benefit. I’ll see you inside. Chris.

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The aim is to sell more books online. Tried and true strategies and techniques make this possible for us. The goal is how to get more people to read your blog. Traffic to our website comes from content in the writing aimed at targeted keywords. These reflect what we, type into our browsers when we are online searching the web.

Keyword search tools can help us find these words or phrases. JAXXY is one such tool as a standard in the industry. It is a premium brand in keyword search platforms. That platform is included for us free of charge, in the trial period, by our mentors.

Keywords, when used intelligently draw readers to your site. They stay, and view posts and pages, when your site contains easy navigation, nice imagery, layout and posts and pages containing information useful to your visitors. Kyle teaches all these things, along with all other things required for your success.


Our next issue has to do with ego. I knew a man who owned a record store. He was actually a famous actor’s brother. If you ever watched the Mary Tyler More Show you know who his brother is. Ed Asner’s brother, Ben Asner, was the record store owner.

His famous brother was an obvious success. Ben had a gold record on his wall in the store called Caper’s Corner. I got to know Ben quite well and never heard him sing a note or strum a guitar. But Ben had gold records just like the Beatles. I never forgot this.

My books attract a very narrow section of the 3.75 Billion people on the internet. Just as a book about gnats could make you a millionaire, the trick is to get the gnat book readers to your site. Or is it?

Fortunately for you and I there is a thing called affiliate marketing. If you type in misquoting logic on amazon, you’ll see my books. Then type, Bart Ehrman misquoting books, and scroll down the page you will find my books again. Bart has sold 20,000,000 plus books, but being placed there has not launched mine into the book selling cosmos.


Dr. Bart Ehrman is a skeptic as a former Christian. My books Misquoting Logic and Misquoting Calculus were written to challenge Dr. Ehrman’s claims, as a textual critic. Unfortunately this has not launched any New York Bestseller’s List Titles with my name on the jacket.

But guess what? Broadening our horizons we do not necessarily need the focused, gnat book readers, to sell more books. Once they asked Albert Einstein what’s the greatest miracle in the world? Einstein replied: “The miracle of compound interest.”

Our miracle is affiliate marketing. We learn from our mentors how to harness all the horses, through becoming affiliates. Advertisers pay us commissions for bringing readers who buy the books they offer.  These readers, we gather through keyword targeted content.

We can, with a little learning and a little thought sell gnat books, Bart Ehrman Books, How to books, biographies, history books, physics books, logic books, novels, short story collections and all the books in between. Right now people are social distancing but the affiliate advertisers, especially books and these types of stay at home, activity items are enjoying a huge boom.


They go by Kyle and Carson (their last names are published) and they are not bashful. These two men, nearly twenty years ago, founded Wealthy Affiliate to share their experience in online success. With 1.8 million plus, online affiliate marketers trained to date, they are huge players on the internet.

The hosting (web hosts provide website space) is enterprise level hosting. Very fast, very secure and effective. For instance I wrote a page this week utilizing what Kyle taught me in the Wealthy Affiliate University (easy to follow video training) and the page I wrote was “indexed” by Google, the next day. (Google, the largest search engine on the planet, Yahoo and Bing the next largest).

Kyle with the fantastic, simplified and carefully designed, one page navigation, teaches his students how to produce content for Google search. This is unmatched.  This leads, with enough indexed content, to “Ranking” of your website, meaning your URL appears on the first page under search engines.

The quality of the hosting, the security behind Carson’s international enterprise level, tech savvy team is paramount.  Coupled with the palatable university level training Kyle provides it is bar none the best, learning and business value in the world.


Better yet, “no cost” to become a member, kick the tires and get completely through the first level of Kyle’s training. Also includes the JAXXY keyword search tool. Two lunches, per month, for you and your misses or that girl you have lunch with, gets you the upgrade to premium which includes everything they offer.

Learn this and you can fly her/him to New Orleans for lunch a couple times per month.  New Orleans, Paris, Rio, Tokyo, Nairobi, Jerusalem, yes this is a global network too.  By the way they boast they have never had a price increase in 18 years.  Continuously adding great features and value.

Hosting? You get 25 free websites (lab to scientifically try your ideas) in their brand (siterubix.com) and you can opt to build another 25 with your own .com URL. You can buy.com URL’s here at half what I paid for mine in 2017 when my first book was published.

The experience I have had with a solitary, do it yourself, hit or miss, build your own, and struggling to learn on my own to bring traffic is by comparison, a life tragedy. Every day, now I learn more in a relaxed setting and also help the brand new people with questions they have in the forum of thousands upon thousands of like-minded polite and helpful peers, some with 20 years online affiliate marketing experience.

I’m on the way to my. Come along. Go HERE, Enter your Email, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED and Then the “Blue Sign Up Button.” I’ll See You On The Other Side.  Join us now.  My personal guarantee:  You will not be sorry.  We will be friends for life.  Chris.

About You And I



I’m Chris. Not so much a trainer, as a business counselor, here we go. They ask how are you? Reply: Tough as nails, Fast on my feet and At Home in the jungle. Until I wrote a book and tried to sell it.  I have discovered an amazing source of knowedge, presented in a simple form by seasoned professionals, who truly care, to those of us who struggle in the mire of the technology. This will benefit you. I want to share success with you in selling the things you create.



I have, quite by accident, discovered a university doctoral program’s worth of knowledge in a simple form spoon-fed, by seasoned professionals, to those of us who struggle in the mire of the technology. All the knowedge of online marketing are there. It’s really that simple.



I struggled on my own for a couple years, until I found the greatest helpers on earth. Easily, we can learn more than all those tech sharpies out there who push a few buttons “whiz bang there ya go” which amounts, actually to nothing, as you will see. My favorite people, [Nancy] Grandmothers (you’ll meet many successful Grandmothers/Grandfathers, the young, beginners and seasoned pros (desiring to assist you) here) anyone can easily do this




Helping others to sell the products of their creativity or general merchandise is my goal. The internet has 3.75 plus Billion people as the potential market. So no matter your passion or niche there is ample opportunity for us all. Doilies, Soap, Bobby Pins, Inventions, Books, Records, Movies Scripts, Quilts, Embroidery or whatever you enjoy, can fulfill your needs or desires. I am here to show you the way to the caring expertise, so come along. Zero cost to jump in and test drive it all.



As a counselor, I am also a student in this simple yet magnificent system.  And like I said, this is easy to learn and the marketing and technical expertise is set up in an easy to learn speed.  All in video with start/stop, pause/continue, rewind and watch again. Grade school children could easily learn this.  So please be our guest and take a look.  My word is my bond.  Check my claims.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best, Chris