Become A Wealthy Writer – Become A Wealthy Affiliate

Become a wealthy writer.  Or a wealthy merchant.  It is a matter of enough of the four billion persons on the internet viewing your promotion of your book on your website.  I’ve told the world I could retire on a book about “gnats.”  I shocked myself when I entered gnats in my keyword tool.

There are thousands of people searching the word “gnats” on the worldwide web.  As I have explained also just because a word gets a big search number does not make it a good keyword.  That is where the learning you receive at Wealthy Affiliate comes in, as they say.

Listen up, people go and spend a hundred thousand dollars or more getting a college degree, then a masters degree and a Ph.d.  They get a great job in most cases compared to others’ jobs.  But, they have to punch the time clock in essence helping someone else in their quest for prosperity.

More To Success Than Money

Money is not success.  Money is a tool that allows you to do certain things as a wrench turns a bolt.  Question to ask yourself is do you want to be someone else’s tool to turn their nut?  Would you rather seek a different path to your own prosperity in a business you run yourself, from your home or anywhere you’d prefer to sit?

Or do you like the virtual prison cell of the cubicle provided for you to make some else prosperous.  After all they give you two or three weeks vacation per year.  You could take a one week light speed tour of Europe, maybe?  How about a month in Africa or South America instead?

Hey a tour of the western United States is way beautiful and would be well worth it. Six months?  Most people who work for someone else have to be back in their cubicle by such and such a date.  Or would you rather be a wealthy writer or merchant?  There’s millions of things to sell and billions of people to sell them too.

Write That Book

Write a book.  Maybe you already have one written, collecting dust in the bottom desk drawer or closet shelf.  Go get it.  Dust it off and re-read it.  Spruce it up while you type it into MS Word.  When its all neat and clean with a Table of Contents and Title Page headings, you’re ready.

Send it to my friend Angela at and do tell her I put you up to it.  She has the least expensive program for self-publishing a book.  Yes and she has the best quality printing available and she formats your book and sets you up on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Books-A-Million, and the rest also gets you set up with your UPC code and lists you everywhere books are sold.

She pays the best royalties of any Print on Demand Publisher (POD) going, or do you want a closet full of books you have to sell.  She will also place your book for sale in her own online bookstore, here’s one of mine Misquoting Calculus at  Learn more about her great company at

Books Are Sold Online Today

Next you’re going to need to have a website.  Traffic to your website is the key to making a small fortune with your book … think books.  The more titles you have here, there and everywhere the better your chances to sell books.  Start with one.

Wealthy Affiliate has made all the difference for me.  I started with one website and no idea what to do with one.  Since I found Wealthy Affiliate I am beginning to expand and explode in my quest for huge traffic on my website.  My name and my book titles are becoming known.

Knowledge is power and Wisdom is wealth.  Like I said, money is not success, you have to have a bigger goal than that.  Helping other people learn the ropes and offering valuable content on your website is closer to success than mere money.

Traffic Brings Wealth

I know many successful people here at Wealthy Affiliate who live like millionaires and many other who are millionaires as result of Kyle and Carson reaching their goal in helping others learn the ropes.  So how tough is it to learn?  A couple months and you’ll be well on your way.

The Online Certification training within Wealthy Affiliate is worth more than the college degrees of many.  Does Insect Anthropology truly float your boat or are there other passionate interests you have?  What ever your interest is become authoritative in your favorite subject, leaning more about what makes you happy.

Then share your interests in a few posts on your website and help others learn the ropes.  I’m telling you this is fun to do.  It is an adventure in the earth worthy of your continued existence.  Enjoy your interests and share them with others who are as interested as you are.

Retirement Party Refuge?

Or sit in the cubicle and wait until the final bell rings and you get a party and a gold watch.  Gold plated, let’s be real here.  Then you might too tired to do anything when you finally get to Europe, Africa or South America.

Or you might finally get that Corvette and be so worn out you put around or get your granddaughter to drive you around in it.  Come on let’s get you that Porsche while you’re still able to enjoy it.  Build your dream home with your spouse while your children can still enjoy it with you.

Hey its your family.  I know you’d rather spend your time with your family than you cube partners down at the office where you are all toiling to make someone else wealthy.  Now, Do it Now.  Begin right here today to become prosperous for your family.

Zero Dollars

Yeah, I can hear the wheels turning.  You’re asking how much money does this guy want for this prosperous new life he is telling me I can have?  He’s some kind of clever sharpie with dollar signs in his eyes.

How about ZERO DOLLARS?  Nothing, Notta, If you’re penniless, come and see.  FREE rhymes with knee.  That right I said IT’S FREE.  I’m either the world’s biggest liar or I’m on the level. That simple.  Free to try this all out and less than you spend on those lousy lunches at the fast food joint with the guys or the girls per week when you decide you can do this like over 1,000,000 people have in the last fifteen plus years.  Go HERE Scroll down and read about Wealthy Affiliate.  Then scroll up and enter an E mail address, that’s it, then hit Sign Up.  You’ll be ushered right in.  The adventure begins inside.

Thank You, See You Inside

Thank you for your time, I hope I did not bore you.  Thank you very sincerely for visiting my site.  Thank you for reading my post.  I am telling you the truth.  You can change your situation for a little knowledge and a bit of work.  Are you willing to work?  Please if you have any questions leave them here below.  Please leave any comments also.  Thank you again.  Please come in and I will greet you on the other side and you will thank me.  Chris.



6 thoughts on “Become A Wealthy Writer – Become A Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Thank you for sharing this informative article, it’s true gat writing books can be so lucrative if the right steps and leads are being taken, I’ve written a couple of books on different topics and trust me, what made me drop them was that I didn’t know how to make money off it. I’ll definitely use your advice and who knows reach out to your friend. Wealthy affiliate is a very resources platform for someone like me willing to learn a lot about online businesses.

    • Hello MaureyJay,

      Thank you for your thoughts here.  The best subject, title and cover for a book won’t sell it unless enough people see it, read the jacket and put it in their stack to buy.  As you can see I have also learned there are a few million other books we can sell too.  Kyle teaches us the ropes on everything we need to know about this internet business.  Do learn what he teaches and make you passionate interests your life’s work.  Chris.  .  

  2. Wow, nice write up on Wealthy Affiliate. I can attest after 6 years with the program and watching countless success stories develop up to the million-dollar businesses that the systems work. I have been in affiliate marketing and have worked as a ghostwriter and now with my training from WA own my own Local Search Engine Optimization company. Your training there goes beyond books and blogs and can help you do dozens of tasks online and offline that make serious money. My personal capacity if I hire no other experts in SEO is $340,000+ per year. You can not beat the $49 a month price tag for premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Hey Chris, I love your analogy of likening money to a tool. I really agree with that! Too many people are losing sight of the bigger picture and somehow making money the “end goal” and forgetting about what makes life worthwhile.

    Thanks for the heads up about Angela for publishing books! 

    I think with all the bits and pieces of writing I have strewn around in various places could eventually add up to being a book or two… or three!

    I love the idea of starting a blog and allowing that to transform more into a book idea as well, and I have seen how a few people have done that over a number of years

    Thank you

    • Thank you Jaquie,

      Glad you like my thought process on money as tool.  Cannot lose sight of that one.  And money as an end goal is a huge trouble for us all in free society.  

      Ye and I am glad I can so highly recommend booklocker and Angela and her husband and staff.  Being of assitance to others is the goal and the rest takes care of itself.  

      I am glad if I have managed to inspire to write and gather from what you have already written.  Get in this with both feet and you will indeed become a wealthy writer and a wealthy affiliate.  Remember the treasure is the people you meet, befriend and serve along the way.  

      Let your gift blossom into a free and wonderful existence.  Thank you again Jaquie.  Chris.


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