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The best book cover designer is a professional book cover designer. It is like the high competition world of hard ball. When you are a manager and faced with one out, two men on base and the winning run at the plate, and the guy holding the bat is a crushing home run hitter you don’t want a minor league on the mound.

I have told you numerous times, I have one recommendation for self-published authors for a publisher, based on great recommendation of Mark Levine and then my own great experience with

Today we are talking about selling books and what does convert. First shot at a book sale is your cover. Book sales pages on the internet usually twenty or more cover images on a page. Your cover must attract attention and visually engage your reader. One of the covers on the page will.

Be A Writer Not A Book Designer

I am a mechanical engineer and could pick up and learn the numerical formulas for page count and therefor, binding thickness and all of those technical aspects. Could I design a book cover? Yes, I could.

Did I design any book covers? I did not. I did provide the image for my book and told the publisher and the designer to design the cover with the image upside down. My book cover image is a picture my dad took several years ago in Alaska.

It is upside down to attract attention and fits the theme “Misquoting Logic” my self-published book and the publisher chose to use the same imagery for the second book, “Misquoting Calculus.” But their professional book designer took it from there.

Who Is The Cover Designer?

He or she, is a graphic artist and has looked at thousands of book covers from the standpoint of design for attraction of reader impulse in interest. Your book cover is a business card, so to speak. Readers size your book up based on the immediate emotional impression.

The next step in the reader’s conversion to customer is the jacket text. You’ll need to do that yourself so carefully consider your reader and your first impression with them. Book excerpts on the internet provide selected portions of the book for the reader to get a feeling for it.

If your reader is attracted to your cover, likes what you write on the jacket, and is interested in the excerpts you stand a chance to sell your book. It took me nine months to attract 750 plus readers on my first website and that, new to online marketing, and without a clue what I was doing.

My Mistakes In Ignorance

Since I did not know what I was doing I got discouraged and stopped writing much at month ten and my readership dropped off. Now with the Business plan on that website I can see all the data on visitors etc. for the entire history of my site.

Now thanks to the training within Wealthy Affiliate and the JAXXY keyword tool, I use it for keywords there too and my readership is growing very quickly. When, I had 750 readers per month I was beginning to sell books. But I could not yet see that.

Now I see exactly what is going on and when I get to 7,000 readers per month I will be earning and I will be earning a living. When I get to 70,000, and I will! Now knowing the process I will be able to do whatever I decide to do within reason. When I gather 700,000 readers per month I will be prosperous beyond my dreams to begin with.


Cover Your Bases

So your cover has to be all the things we have talked about here, but also appropriate to your book’s subject. Look at the number one selling book in the world. The Holy Bible. The cover traditionally was plain leather or vinyl or smooth cardboard. Black or Brown, no pictures of Aspen or the Indy 500 finish line. But that has changed.

Go to Books A Million via the blue banner button up top right on this page. You’ll be taken to Books-A-Million bookstore online. Type in Holy Bible and look at the decorated covers. Since you arrive there via my banner link I get a small commission if you buy something.

That’s why I like affiliate marketing. They have books, movies, CD etc. and many other related products, like reading lights. They have great reading lights there too.


Maximize Your Effort

So not only can we sell our own book, given enough visitors we can sell many books by other authors also and when someone buys my book, or your book we get paid the advertising commission and the royalty from the publisher.

Book sales start with your cover and having it designed by a professional designer. Booklocker Publishing has a DIY program and its only 78.00 to get your book going with a 250.00 add on for a professional cover design, not some templates knock off.

Add it up and you’d be better off spending 875.00 for a more carefree experience Go HERE, Check It Out, (Be sure to tell Angela Hoy that Chris Queen sent you) and meantime get on board with your free trial at Wealthy Affiliate (Click banner above or below at comments) and begin working on gathering visitors to your website.

This is a process that you can easily learn to do. So if you have a book written and want to get it published, get started now.


Thank you for visiting my site and I hope the information here has benefited you. Please leave any comments below and any questions and I will answer them as soon as I can. Thank you again for visiting my site. Chris.


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