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You’ve made it this far, so, we (you and I) are interested selling our book(s) online. The best way to sell books online is through a prior established name. For instance Steven King writes fiction, usually in the Horror Genre. His publisher knows when they are to release his next book. They tell the world and bingo, another NY Times Best Seller.

Established celebrities in other fields write books such as politicians, businessmen or women, baseball players, football players, basketball players, movie stars. These celebrities get large advances from publishing companies when they do. Unless you are a celebrity, you’re on the skids with the rest of us, so to speak. Going to have to figure out how to get your book in front of people who will want to buy it.

I was sure before my book was released that millions would want to read it. I am certain there still are millions who want to read it. Never forget there are 3.75 Billion people, on the internet. A book about gnats should let you retire if you can get it to the millions of gnat book readers out there. Facebook is not an adequate way to promote your book.   Yes I have a website and many hundreds of followers who read my blog posts. Some of them bought my book.


In my case, I have had an interest in Bible Scripture Prophecies and their fulfillment. I wrote one book on that subject and self published it, after a lot of research, through a reputable self-publishing, Print on Demand (POD) company. I submitted a second manuscript to their traditional publishing wing and am, as a result, a traditionally published author. Not many people are, by comparison.  Go HERE to view the book, close that window to return.

This did not bring me lots of traffic and the hoped for recognition. Setting up a website on the internet is easy enough with hosting that helps you set it up. But knowing how to fill that site with keyword driven content is a science.

Here, in the information age most with knowledge, want money to share their information. Some want gobs of money up front because they don’t really have any information, useful toward bringing traffic to your website, and that is what you need to sell your book.

You are most likely uninterested in hucksters trying to extract a pound of flesh before the pigeon (you and I) figure out they (we) are merely being strung along until the victim figures out the huckster truly knows nothing about, traffic, selling books or whatever your interest happens to be?


It turned out my publisher, Angela, directed me to the place where all the answers were to be had. Her husband, Richard was one of the pioneers of marketing on the internet back in the early nineties. They are in the publishing business.

Not only that, as I discovered, the answers were easy to gather from the well organized easy to use, platform, as internet networks are called, but it was free to begin and get well into the process. Free answers, at the start, that never become expensive. You won’t find some in your face, loud rooster trying to get a huge hunk of money out of you here.

This changes lives. It gives hope and a plan that works every time it is done according to the easy to follow system set out before you. People in their seventies and eighties are doing the program and some of them are now wealthy. Independently wealthy. And it is not hard or beyond your reach.


First, are you willing to work a little? Can you do what is simply set out in the program, at your own speed? I am certain that

you can. Do you want to succeed? Will you commit to do this once? Then you’ll be able to repeat it as many times as you’d like with different ideas.

Best of all there is no cost or risk to give it a try and find you love it like one and a half million other people, once in your shoes.

Do you like the idea of being your own boss? Are you nearing retirement and need to set yourself up? Are you retired and living in need of more income? Would you like to travel and visit relatives, children or grandchildren? If your answer to these or similar questions is yes, as mine was, then come along and read further because I know where your answers are to be found.


We will learn to sell more books than we ever dreamed. The system is set up for learning at your own pace with back and forth ease so you learn each step.

Opportunity to master the technical side of internet business. You also will learn to market anything you can think of online. Success will be yours.

You will also become a part of a network of thousands of respectful, like-minded people willing to help you. There, are many who will help you here in continuously moving forward.  Access to the encouragement never allowing you to become discouraged, and soon you will be helping others too.

Seasoned pros, you will not be able to find a better hosting value anywhere. This is set up for everyone, beginner to enterprise level superstars.

So please follow along and learn more. Go Here!.


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