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Since we are selling books, we should look before we leap, carefully, at Book Publishing Companies. This is an online book publishing review. This is a labor of love for me in this instance. It is likely going to be longer than my usual post. I want the story adequately told.

I met a couple of friends a few years back. One of them wrote a highly acclaimed book on self publishing. That book was among three books my dad bought me in around 2005, trying to encourage me to finish writing my first book. The title of Mark Levine’s book, “The Fine Print of Self-Publishing” by Mark Levine. The book, as far I am concerned is a must read for anyone who wants to self-publish a book or publish a book period.

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The “Fine Print” Revealed

In that book, Mark spells out the good and the bad of the self publishers in an industry that has many good people. But there are the “characteristically challenged” (my creation) among them as well. Mark, has published the sixth edition, now of this most beneficial volume. Mark, is the former owner of Mill Street Press, a successful self-publishing company. He has moved on now, to be President of “Hillcrest Media Group.”

In the book, Mark, disclosed his high regard for and the owners Angela and Richard Hoy. Two people I have come to regard very highly myself, through personal experience. Mark relays the facts, of reasonably priced self publishing packages offered by booklocker. Further that there is no attempt to sell you ball caps, koozies, napkins with your picture on it, to enrich your publisher, when you become a member of the “family of booklocker authors.”

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Angela and Richard are in this for more than money, enjoying higher ideals. The cost was less than half of what the other “slick” publishers wanted, with the publicists, expensive template (not custom) assembly line, inferior cover designs, beach umbrellas (exaggeration) but I did hear about koosies and ball caps. Not at booklocker.  Just what I need another closet full of junk, from some publisher, that no one wants. Every author receives Angela and Richard’s free PDF book:

Free Copy of 90 DAYS OF PROMOTING YOUR BOOK ONLINE: Your Book’s Daily Marketing Plan by Angela and Richard Hoy (PDF). (can’t share this link, family only, by the contract)  But it IS for sale here.

More From Mark in “The Fine Print …”

Further Mr. Levine reveals that while others will take people’s money, publish and print books no one will ever read, at, not every manuscript that arrives with a check attached is chosen for publishing. The publishing experience I enjoy still, was foretold to me by Mark Levine.

The big attraction was the quote, after speaking highly of the cost issues, the lower price of the high quality printing and industry standard 9 x 11 paperbacks, he said this about the packages and royalties paid by

“As close to perfection as you’re going to find in the world of e book and POD publishing. The e book royalties are the highest I’ve ever seen, and the print royalties are better than average. BookLocker understands what new authors experience, and has put together a package that is the best in the business. You can’t go wrong here.”  Mark Levine.  


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The Phone Conversations

I called Mill Street Press, after I read The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, to investigate his claims. It was very apparent, I was not talking to a carnival barker, offering me a 30 cent stuffed seal. I explained my position and what I wanted to publish. A book called :  “The Winner’s Corner” about predicting, to a thousand people, and subsequently, winning twice in federal court, without an attorney (2003). True story. My life IS an open book.

I was looking at a $ 2400.00 package he offered with a publicist, and all the bells and whistles available, in the fight to promote a book. No koozies or umbrellas. He spoke to me that day of “wisdom being the better part of valor.”  He suggested an approach more in line with my entire situation. I was refreshed and surprised he had not gone for the big bucks trying to reel me in like the as yet uneducated upstart author with a strong story to tell.


I mentioned booklocker, to him, and my hesitance to be tested in rejection so early in my attempts to write. He said the quality had to be there in my writing or it was not going to fly, in essence. Ten years later after studying the Bible and the mathematics precisely falling on the timeline of history, I wrote a book laying it all out. I picked up the phone and called

I was blown away, in that first conversation with Angela, realizing I was speaking to the boss. Angela was very nice to me when I explained my maniuscipt, “Misquoting Logic.” I told her, “I’m Tough as nails, Fast on my Feet, And at home in the jungle.” She encouraged me to submit the manuscript. I told her it isn’t quite finished. She said, send it and we will read it and then we’ll go from there.


The Submitted Manuscript

I could tell Angela liked me. I like her too. We hit it off, famously. I sent my near completed manuscript over the secure internet connection. An hour or so later, I was accepted for publication. She explained to me when I called her back, they did not have time to read every submission completely, but if they started reading and wanted to keep reading it’s a winner.

When I got off the phone, I told my wife and my brother, hey, I can write. The contract was very good and easily met what Mark Levine told me to look for, so I signed it and do not regret it. All the files and the work, including the cover is mine, without giving up the rights to my work. All the electronic files for the E book as well.

Once it was approved, the E book was published, a couple weeks later after formatting. Then the paperback was published. I went and saw it on booklocker’s website. Then amazon. Right there with Bart Ehrman’s book, Misquoting Jesus.

I had gotten permission from Dr. Mark D. Roberts (Harvard Educated, Fuller Seminary Professor) to quote him from his book, “Can We Trust The Gospels?” (GO HERE TO GET HIS BOOK) to refute the textual critic, Dr. Ehrman. I’m a mechanical engineer, not a theologian. Mark was an asset to the Lord, the book and myself, in bringing recognized authority to the table toward refuting Dr. Ehrman. He also has my admiration and thanks.

Serving Writers and Creators online book publisher review

The “how to” aspect and intelligent counseling demands that I promote, and Angela’s professionalism.  You do not want to deal with an unscrupulous publisher whether self published or traditionally published.  She is very definition of integrity in all she approaches.

When she found out our daughter was pregnant and dreading another C-Section, Angela sent her a copy of her book, HERE: Don’t Cut Me Again Doc” by Angela Hoy. Heather did not have anymore C-Sections.

Point of this is to encourage you to enjoy the same great self-publishing experience, I have had. Also, if you have written and published with “booktrampNOTcom” (I made it up) Angela offers you help to escape through the flames, and she will show you how it is supposed to be done. You will be refreshed.

writer's weekly

Angela publishes a trade EZine Writer’ that issues warnings about publishers on the run (Tate Publishing … federal charges)” “publishers on the ropes” and those publishers who are best avoided. There in WritersWeekly .  There are myriad freelance writing opportunities aimed at all levels, desiring to be freelancers, or for seasoned pros.

Angela has little tolerance for lousy query letters because she loves us and wants us to be successful. You will not get a writing job with a poorly executed query. Her E books, are provided (your choice of one) free for subscribing to her free EZine. Angela knows:  “You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Her books, One “Query Letters That Worked! Real Queries That Landed $2K Writing Assignments, SECOND EDITION”; Or TwoBook Proposals That Worked Real Book Proposals That Landed $10 – $100k Publishing Contracts – SECOND EDITION” are provided (your choice) free for subscribing to her free Writer’sWeekly EZine.

No she does not sell your information to her authors, I’d bet there are publishers who do. She’s way above that sort of thing.  Your privacy will never be compromised.

What I Really Think

Here is what I really think of Mark Levine, his book, Angela Hoy and About Page at booklocker spontaneously written in a book review on


“Quoted from Goodreads with permission from Chris Queen: “I did, however, take (Mark Levine’s) advice ten years later inasmuch as he highly recommends Angela and Richard Hoy, and, a Print on Demand (POD) publisher. Levine’s advice was excellent and he says if you can find a POD publisher paying a higher royalty than BookLocker then go with it. Angela Hoy has already proven to be a good friend, as her husband also, and she writes a weekly e-zine called WritersWeekly that I highly recommend. Angela has recently written articles about the defunct Tate Publishing (Federal Charges Pending for Tate Officers). Mark Levine has written an excellent book, and provides needed information for Indie Writers. Tell Angela Hoy I sent you.- Chris Queen, author – Misquoting Logic: What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It –”   End of my quote!

My Best Educated Advice, Take Their Advice

Chris Queen

My hope is that I have communicated effectively, concerning the integrity of Mark, Angela and The best advice of Mark led me to Angela and Angela then gave me advice to examine Wealthy Affiliate to learn the online business side of promoting my books.

I am expanding my view a bit to include creators of other arts and media, as well.

My Opinion: You will never go wrong taking the advice of Mark Levine now CEO of Hillside Multimedia, and also the advice of Angela Hoy of

If you are looking for REAL in your life’s experience, then come and join us. This review is true. The story is true. The story is mine. Chris Queen. 04/21/2020.



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  1. about publishing books online, i learnt that for print-on-demand, the only thing you need is a manuscript and a few ideas. From textbooks to graphic novels to children’s books, any genre can be published with print-on-demand technology. thank you very much for this awesome post. it is really helpful to me

    • Kirkman,  Thank you for your comment.  Yes any type of book can be submitted and published.  The quality of the writing and the keyword targeted website content brings the traffic.  I am glad that my post brought you more knowledge about book publishing.  Thank you again.  CQ 4/22/2020

  2. Hello, thank you for this awesome article. you have shed so much light on the nature of publishers bothe offline and online. this is something i knew very little of. from a young age i have always loved to write and publish my own books. the is rea guide in theses books of mark levine. thank you

    • Smoochii.

      Thank you for your comments.  I am glad you found the post of value.  The idea was to begin to reveal the truth about the self-publishing industry and to guide those who want to write in the right direction.  My Levine’s book is great for this purpose.  Angela Hoy at booklocker is a cut above the rest.  Her desire is to have authors enjoy the fruit of her own reputation in the publishing inductry. Giver her a try and if you do, please tell her Chris Queen sent you.  Thank you again for you comments.  CQ 

    • Smoochi, Not sure how but your comment must have slipped by me. I sincerely apologize that it has taken me so long to reply. I thank you for commenting and am very happy you found the writing useful and yes I want to encourage you to pursue your dream to publish your own books. Yes Mark Levine is a great source for knowledge in self-publishing as Angela and Richard Hoy are also. You can take these words to the bank. Thank you again. Chris

  3. Hi

    The review is between offline and online book publishing,addressing challenges pros and cons.Thanks for highlighting the difference in benefits because I do have spiritual manuscripts that I’m still busy polishing to be made ebook.

    I really appreciate your recommendation for a publisher based on good qualities every writer deserves.Your concern shows how much passionate you are about preserving integrity and professionalism.



    • Antonia,

      Hi, the review is simply my recommendations for anyone wanting to write and publish a book.  Self Publishing is the most accessible.  The large publishers tend to stay with their established authors.  Especially since most readers buy books online these days.  

      Mark Levine’s book is probably among the very best places to start the investigation process.  He highly recommends booklocker. I took his recommendation and I agree with him 100%.  So I spoke about that as the best place to publish a book or relocate if disatisfied.  

      Thank you very much for your comment.  CQ. 

  4. Thank you for this Online Book Publishing Review. Mark and Angela seem like very solid people.  I am always in search of legitimate online book publishing companies to suggest to my group.You were one of the lucky ones. There are many out there lost and alone trying to find their way. I have a Facebook group with over 1500 members who are either writers or aspiring writers.  I think would love to hear this.

    Would it be okay if I share this in the group? Also, would you care to explain a little more about Wealthy Affiliates? 

    Hopefully, your words will help some.


  5. Thank you for your post and sharing your personal experience with us. It is certainly useful to anyone who would like to publish a book.

    I particularly like your description on The “Fine Print” Revealed. You are so luck to have such an experienced book publishers helping to publish your book.

    I tried to publish my book or ebook. Though it is “published”, there are few readers. It is important to have experienced published to have quality control and create high quality book.

    It is good idea to promote the book using Wealthy Affiliate service, since it is almost free to have a dedicated website for one book.

    • The learning available from Mark Levine and Angela with the publishing services of booklocker is a gift from heaven to me.  The WA training Kyle provides is the icing on the cake and I am looking forward to further success as result.  

      You can do it too.  Keep learning WA because the best book on the planet can’t be sold without traffic on our sites.  Anthony I just want to encourage you to reach for your dream.  Than you for your comments.  CQ 04/21-2020.  

  6. Hey and thanks for the read, I have had a couple of friends publish books but I have no idea where they have gone to do it so I must ask. 

    Your website is nice and your overall layout is easy to follow and read. I also study with Wealthy Affiliate and it makes me happy to know thousands of other people are using this system to help promote themselves, their products or services and make a living online doing it. I never thought I would blog for a living but I do now. Maybe one day I shall write my own book. Thanks for the read.

    • Thank you Luke.  I am interested in all sorts of creators.  Those who create intellectual property, such as books, music, videography of all kinds, cumputer softeware.  Also those who make art and products.  Trying to network sort of a creators maker space.  Glad you have taken note and appreciate your comments.  Thank you again Luke.  Sooner rather than later, I hope.  CQ.   

  7. I’ve been reading your article on self publishing and its very interesting.  I’ve bookmarked a link to the book by Mark Levine and hope to purchase that soon.  I totally enjoyed your personal story with using booklocker and your description of dealing with Angela there.  I checked out the booklocker website and I’m now subscribed to their weekly newsletter and received one of their free ebook downloads.    I’m sharing your blob post with a friend who has been interested in self publishing in the past and I hope it helps her.  Thank you for your article. -Shirley

    • Shirley,

      Very rewarding to read your comment.  The book by Mark Levine is a detailed expose on the industry of self-publishing.  Share these resources with your friend because I am proud to promote these people.  Angela has been like a mother to me with regard to book publishing and promotion.  Be sure to tell your friend to tell Angela that Chris Queen sent her.  Unfortunately does not have an affiiate program YET.  I’m working on it.  But she does pay a 4.75% referral fee for those who refer new authors.  Thank you.  CQ. 

  8. Hi!

    I am a writer, I have self published many books and I have also worked with vanity publishers. I haven’t heard of Booklocker, but they sound like a great company with caring people. A good relationship and communication are important, and judging by your article, the owners definitely make sure that both are upheld. I am tempted to look at their website and see their prices. You say that the cost is pretty low, which is great, because many publishers charge a lot of money … 

    I would like to check out the books about query letters. I have so far been reluctant to write query letters. I just don’t know what to write in them, and everyone seems to have their own set of rules and expectations as to what they want in query letters – I have seen some tweets by agents who specified what they wanted, and some of it was so incredibly detailed that I thought “perhaps you should write the book yourself”, lol. So, querying is definitely something I still need to learn.

    Thank you for this great review. I will check out Booklocker for sure.

    • Christine, I am excited to read your comments here.  Let’s get you over your fear, right away.  Go and subsribe to and the learning experience will enhance everthing you are here trying to do.  The query letter book and the Book Proposal explain and list the actual letters people wrote to land $ 2K frelance magazine writer jobs and also $ 10K to $ 100K book publishing deals.

      Angela is the best.  She is so responsible to her authors and her craft.  No nonsense but sweet and her and her husband have an amazing company that I am proud to endorse.  Don’t procrastinate.  By Friday you’ll know how to write quesry letters.  Glad I could be of service to you.  Thank you very much.  CQ.  04/21/2020.

  9. This is such an amazing story, thanks for sharing! I’ve been looking at selling my books online that I’ve written over the years but didn’t know the best place for them. I heard Amazon was good but I was worried about people copying my work. Or is that not a problem in today’s world as long as we copyright all our stuff? Thanks.

    • Brandon, I have my books, through booklocker on every major site including amazon.  Further authors who publish with booklocker are listed on Bowkers for the book stores etc.  No fear of losing any rights to your work and if the thieves try, Angela will help.  

      Their D.I.Y. program is $ 99 if you already have a book formatted and designed.  Also, with WA in your corner, as I have considered adding a weekly short story E zine (I like writing short stories, and sponsoring a contest for others to submit their own short stories, small entry fee, with prize being a copy of my E book (Choice of two) and maybe get Angela (booklocker) to publish the winners names with a link to direct readers to the winner’s works.  

      Let your imagination fly toward your goal.  Thank you for your comments.  CQ 04/21/2020  

  10. Very interesting one here and thanks for sharing with us. Well! To see that the advancement in the world has later cut up with book publishing too is not a news thing. Seeing it that books can now be published online is a good one and the stories you used as examples too are good. I just hope I’d be able to publish ly books too online from now henceforth

    • Ella,

      Thank you so much for your comments.  I am glad to share these great publishers and resources with people who have dreams and have taken action to realize them.  You absolutely can publish your books one day and the learning here at WA will trim years off of the learning curve.  Keep believing and persevere in forward momentum and you will be in the winner’s circle before you know it.  Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.  CQ 04/21/2020

  11. As a blogger and an affiliate marketer, I must admit that I know next to nothing about online book publishing until this post shed some much needed light on it. As much helpful as the post had been, I feel I’ll also need to read Mark Levine’s book to get a better understanding of it all. I’ll reach out to the community on Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to properly promote books published online. 

    • Yes, Mark’s book is the correct place to begin.  My dad bought me the books and I read Mark’s first.  I read Dan Poynter’s book next and then another one on selling your book on amazon.  I got lucky and ran across Mark Levine and then took his advice and called booklocker.  Levine goes into detail explaining contracts and actual royalties after publishing and production costs.  He’s a lawyer and understands contracts and he’s a publisher who understands his business.  Also a man of integrity he is not afraid to reveal trade secrets and compete.  Than you again for allowing me to serve and encourage you in your goals.  CQ 04/21/2020.  


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