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SEO Site Ranking is necessary for anyone to claim they have Books for sale online. SEO Ranking IS online business. Online business is selling books. Online business has recently expanded inasmuch as there are Four Billion people shopping online now.

SEO is “Search Engine Optimization” which is necessary for your people to find you here on the internet. If you found a Billion of them you’d be rich beyond your wildest expectations. But you have to start with finding one. Then 10, then 100, then 1,000 and so on.

So how do we help you find one? What is it you enjoy in life? Think about it. Do you like that cube they have for you down at “making someone else happy NOT com” or the “nice workbench with ear plugs in?” They won’t miss you if you outgrow them.

Passion And A Plan

If your passion is the color blue that might work for a niche. blue might be your site. So you get with and put up a site called blue Out of Four Billion people surely there are a million looking for blue things. Think about it. But they don’t know your website is there.

Keywords are words and phrases typed into browsers on Four Billion computers worldwide. Google, Bing, Baidu and the other search engines keep track of these keywords and there are ways to get reports on which ones are the best for you. JAXXY is a keyword search tool that seems to be working very well for me.

I had a website with almost 300 posts on it in three years. When I came here to wealthy affiliate I started using JAXXY on the websites I am building here. and are the sites I am building here. But since I have JAXXY here with unlimited searches I applied keyword searches for that site as well.

Growing Traffic

Guess what? No not chicken __. I am having a huge season of growth there with the targeted keyword content. You add

the keyword phrases (a couple) to your posts and guess what? People type them into their browser and abracadabra they find you on the internet.

The sites here are much younger than that one but they are growing too. Knowledge is power as they say. If I find 1,000 followers by writing posts that target keywords and offer information of value to readers they will return to my sites again.

I am promoting my own books and writing another one to promote. It is why I have not posted here for a few extra days (actually a couple of weeks) I’m almost done writing the book. So I am back.

Now if we have 1,000 followers (a thousand word essay) and we write and post a couple times per week and readers find our content helpful we are doing our basic job.

Keywords, Writing and SEO

People who come back to your site regularly are developing a relationship with you through your content. There are other places to buy blue things on the internet. When they like you and have a maturing relationship developed by providing content and authority in your niche, that gives them benefit and they come to you when they want to buy their blue stuff.

I have told you the place to get keywords to attract visitors through what they type into their browsers JAXXY. But SEO is an entirely different subject. SEO has to do with how the search engines read your site. Therefore, SEO has to do with the technology side of attracting readers to you website.

How the search engines read your site with an eye on whether your site is valuable to readers and how you structure things beyond your content, writing and keywords to optimize the effectiveness of you efforts to attract the maximum number of readers.

Play Hardball

This is not a hit-and-miss business. You learn these things ultimately from the search results and from the search engines themselves. The search engines also learn and we are in an environment that is evolving over time and the parameters change.

Like in life itself as they say the only thing constant is change. I regularly hear things, out on the web, from people who’ve been on the internet for years that they learned long ago that are not the best practice today and they might once have been optimized but not any longer.

This is hardball. This is business. Business guarantees you a pitch and the opportunity to hit the ball as it goes by you. The competition is out there trying to strike you out with a few pitches you can’t hit.

Effective Coaching

So where do we get the coaching we need knowing what the pitch will likely be and how to get around and put the bat on the ball? We need expert coaching that can explain to us in simple English how we are doing with the umpire i.e. the search engines.

We need someone with understanding, how teach us how to speak the lingo, who keeps up to speed on the parameters and has a proven track record of keeping us in the big leagues as they say. That solution is here where I live on the internet at a magnificent layout called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has the Online Certification training program that gets you all the basic information and understanding you need in steps while building of your first website applying the training as you go along at your pace. Also, as you go emphasizing both the SEO and the human application of keyword targeted content to create value for readers.


Knowing Where and How

The numbers tell the story with Wealthy Affiliate having been in business since the early days of the internet, now about 20 years. Yes this too is a business that was forged in the days when it was sink or swim, trial and error, hit-and-miss.

This very well organized and laid out program has trained about one and half million people in the last twenty years to succeed at business on the internet. Passive income? Not a chance I’d ever say that in an ad. I’m not trying to recruit people whose desire is lazing their way through.

Active income and anything worth doing is worth doing right. Nothing worth doing is easy. But, with the guidance of Kyle and the technical skill of Carson and his team in the Enterprise Hosting package the single window navigation also coupled with the live chat forum including many with decades of experience you will always know where you are going.

Hit The Ball Out Of The Park

You will always know where you are going and you’ll get there if you just follow along step by step through the training. It’s not hard. There may be a knuckle ball a grease ball or a really good curve, however, you will learn in short period how to put the bat on the ball.

The cost? JAXXY by itself costs a little under 50 per month. But here for the same money you get the Online Certification program essentially a master’s degree in online marketing and online site construction, site optimization, site maintenance for SEO and traffic generation. You get enterprise level WordPress Hosting which is way beyond what I started with. The security and speed are incredible.


On top of that you get JAXXY premium and the experience and training knowing how to most effectively use it. You will get traffic and learn to create traffic drawing websites in any niche interest you care to name. And you get to try it all for free to verify what I am telling you for yourself.

So go up top or down below the comments section here and click on the red white and blue banner. Or go HERE and read more. When you click the banner you’ll be able to scroll down and read a lot more about this great place in the internet. Then go to the blank for an e-mail address, enter one and hit sign up (Blue Button Up Top) NO CREDIT CARD OR PAYMENT INFO REQUIRED. Try it today. Get started on changing your life now. I will greet you inside and show you the ropes.

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my posts and I hope this helps you. Please leave your valued comments here below. Please ask any questions you have there also and I will answer you. Many thanks again Chris.

8 thoughts on “Books For Sale Online – SEO Site Ranking”

  1. Thank you for sharing the significance of jaaxy which to me is the beat and most powerful tool for seo marketing and all. The fact that it helps to narrow down the search and words in general actually amekw me like it better than most others. I also see it as an indispensable tool for anyone irrespective of what you wan to do in the online space. thanks

    • Kimberly thank you for you comment.  The SEO training in the Online Certification with the JAXXY keyword tool and properly targeted low hanging fruit keywords is the way forward here.  In the later training we get Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools and this gives us a good view of where we get traffic and what readers want in our niche.  Keep on with it and this works.  Chris.  

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this great review article with everyone. All the information needed to rank an SEO site is mentioned in your article so that newcomers can easily store the information they need. Also, the analogies you have used about Jaxxy are really admirable and this tool is definitely effective in any keyword research starting from site ranking.

    • Thank you Md. Asraful Islam.  Glad to see you are still reading my posts.  Thank you for your insight.  Someone just starting out here can learn everything needed for being indexed and ranked in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and any other search engines there are.  The training gets to Google Analytics and Wordmaster Tools to give you real insight into traffic and what your readers want.  The keyword tool, JAXXY, and the training to use it coupled with the Site Content Templates and optimized images all in one window is a fabulous layout to make business achievement straightforward and easy to accomplish step by step.  Thank you again, Chris.  

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure the quality information in this post will be beneficial to anyone who come across it. thank you very much for sharing this with me, I will prefer the “Knowing Where and How” as it may reveal similar solutions to the problems I have with Wealthy affiliate.

    • Thank you for your comment.  The training here at Wealthy Affiliate provides all the answers we need.  The answers come through the lessons as we perform the training activities.  We build one stone on another until we have a building that will accomplish our goal.  Traffic is success on the internet.  Remember your readers and the benefit you provide is the primary purpose.  The rest follows.  Chris.  

  4. You know what they say about building value before anything else. You, my friend, have done an excellent job with this. The info provided here will be of great benefit to me and I’ll be looking more into this. I wasn’t aware about how much influence SEO had on several things I do online even outside of books! I appreciate this article and the info you’ve provided. Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you Misael H for you encouragement that is exactly what I intend to reveal the value we have gotten ahold of here.  I tried internet hip shooting in the dark and its was slow drudge down a dark path.  The training here turns on the light.  Chris.


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