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Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification training is almost finished for me. Later this week I will finish it up. Graduation from here will be like graduation from engineering school when my dad a mechanical engineer himself explained to me earning the degree gives you the foundation to learn for the rest of your life.

In short, he explained the learning does not end with the sheep skin. Business Analysis Training Online will never end. Ask yourself, how much has computer technology and the internet changed in the last 10 years?

Will it change more in the next 10 years? Rhetorically: YES. So business analysis training for your online business must continue empirically and by paying attention to search engine practice and any modification that comes down the pipe, as they say.

Continuing Your Education

You will need validated or not, continuing education as required by any department of any agency etc. and for good reason. The value of the forum in Wealthy Affiliate is indispensable. I have learned innumerable details and paradigm shifts from many with years experience and new bright ones.

The plan ahead from the founders at Wealthy Affiliate is an upgrade of their entire training program by this fall. This has been in the works for a couple of years and is being readied for launch.

The continuing effort to stay up to date and on top of traffic and conversion means will remain at our fingertips as the world wide web changes and grows into the future.

They’re Trying To Hire Me

To date in the Online Certification program I leaned first to build a website, then what WP plugins to use and how to use them such as All in one SEO. There are legacy paradigm ideas still out on the web that are obsolete, yet those without continuation in a network and moving forward in pertinent knowledge are falling behind.

Optimization across media including images and video are handled here with education, plugins and how to use them. Setting up google ad sense, anayltics and webmaster tools receives attention here in the training. I’m set up!

Head hunters and others are propositioning me through contacts online because companies need people with knowledge I now possess. Fifty to Seventy dollars per hour is better than 12, yes? You have to come and learn for a couple of months. It’s really not that hard.

Learning In Your Own Niche

Once we have learned the basics we must be on to learning the metrics of our individual niche. I started to do a niche on ice cream and popcorn when I came back here. With Covid and distancing the huge family holidays and reunions stopped. I canned that niche and site.

Back to the things I love, books (I’ve written two) and selling them and music and recording. Thus, I have three websites, one prior to Wealthy Affiliate, I owned, before I owned this one and

Traffic to your website will be the key to any online success. I have learned from Kyle in the Online Certification Training here how to draw traffic. Indexing and Ranking in the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo on many keywords are the means to a thousand upon thousands of visitors and views.

Knowledge Not Nonsense

You will learn these things here. The first guy I learned from thought doing a Google Trends search and finding huge numbers of people trending there was the way to then assume what would be a great keyword. WRONG!

Kyle teaches us to use the keyword tool to fine tune for traffic with keywords that have less popularity but with low competition called “Low Hanging Fruit.” So the game is more subtle than it seems.

You’ll need to learn the game from the right people unless dumb luck appeals to you as a strategy. I have that T-Shirt because I did not know any better. I know better now and so I am here telling you this is the correct way to begin and the correct way forward.

Change Your Course

Here I have written another post doing a review of web hosting from my prior experience. You’d might as well learn from those with real experience and the know how to harness the horses to correctly plow the field and plant to bring forth abundant fruit.

We will still be here when you come back but you’ll have lost precious time which could be used to set you free. Or do you like life in the cubicle with the other boys and girls, their novel ideas and all of that?

Today is a good day to begin to further a real education that will allow you to work wherever you choose while you prosper yourself instead of the boss and his/her bosses and ultimately the owner of his company, not yours.

You can click on the Red White and Blue Banner above or below and scroll down the page there to learn more. If you decide today is emancipation day enter an e-mail and hit the blue sign up button. No credit card or other information required. The FREE, FREE did I tell you its FREE Trial begins immediately. You’ll be in your own one page navigation. Down the left side are the eight buttons you’ll use to navigate the site. You’ll be amazed at what you find. I’ll greet you inside. Thank you.

Thank you for visiting my website. Thank you for reading my posts. Please if you have any questions leave them for me here below. If you have comments please also leave those. Thank you again. Chris.



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  1. Hello dear, thank you for sharing this informative and educative review article.  This post basically is centered on business analysis  online –wealthy affiliate online certification. I just started the class and so far I haven’t regretted.  I have this strong believe that I wouldn’t regret my decision to join as I have been learning new things daily 

    • Lesley you will not regret this.  As you come to full understand the value here in the Enterprise level hosting with security and superior speed coupled with the best training available anywhere in the world and the forum of the peer help you get ongoing here you’ll appreciate this more and more.  Do the training and follow Kyle’s guidelines.  It’s what works.  Chris.   

  2. Thanks for the info! I’m familiar with the topics and entities you referred to in your post and I think you are on track. I started in the online world in the mid 90’s, but that was not as an affililiate or with an online store, but for transferring music files to other songwriters and producers. It connected my studio with theirs. In late ’99 I started into the world of online marketing, etc…. A lot has changed, but the concepts are the same, only nore refined. 

    You have laid it out clearly for anyone wishing to work from home, be their own boss, and do whatever the heck they want to whenever the heck they want o to.

    Thanks for the info!


    • Darrin thank you for your encouraging comment.  After I read what you said I went and read my post again to see if it is really that good.  It is my honest understanding of the things that were, things that are and things ahead in the future of the online business world.  And the true beauty is we can do anything through the internet we want top do.  I believe a book about gnats could be made a smashing success if a person finds the way to gather all the gnat book interested to their site.  I actually finished the Online Certification Training day before yesterday and horizons have now opened up for the further learning I discuss.  And yes the network here is driving this.  Whoever you are figure out what your interest is and come to the ocean to fish.  There are 4 Billion fish in the sea.  Get yourself a net full.  Thank you again Darrin.  Chris.   

  3. I am just starting off my own calss while you are finishing off and I see what it means to you how you relate it to graduating from a normal school of a professional course. Well, I know that someday, I will get to the point where you are now and I already know what I will get from completing the whole course as you have outlined them here. This is good for me and I’m happy about it. Thanks!

    • Hi Payton,

      Yes the value of what you are learning is way beyond what most realize.  I guess since I have the engineering degree, am a seasoned writer and now have the foundational online tech and marketing knowledge they are coming looking for people with my accomplishments.  

      You will be able to parlay this into several ways to prosper yourself also.  This took me 3 months while also writing three blogs each a few times per week and participating in the community raising myself in ranking from 340 some thousand to 1.054.  

      So commit and do the tasks in the lessons.  Learn to use the keyword tool and target your content.  Just do it.  Chris.  Thank you again Payton.   

  4. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for sharing this post of Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification. I have heard and read a lot about this platform where people can have the training and learn about affiliate marketing. What I like about your review is the that they give out trial training for free. Since I am a newbie, do you think I can have a private coach that will help me understand things if say I don’t get my questions answered by the community and I want to get a quick response? Considering how many things I have to learn, I might get overwhelmed by the amount of information I will acquire during the training.

    Thank you in advance for your response. I have bookmarked your website for future reference.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you.



    • Ferra,  yes you will have a personal coach to guide you in this.  Go Here and lets get started right away.  The time to change your life is right now.  Chris.  


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