Can You Make Money Self-Publishing A Book?

Let’s Consider

Can you make money self-publishing a book? If your name is Steven King, Yes. Patrick Mahomes should self-publish a book right now. I’ be happy to ghost-write it for him. I know where to get him the highest royalties available for a POD publishing deal. For the rest of us there is only one answer. Website Visitors.

This week I was turned down by a snobby (lots of snobby people in books … English degrees and all that. (Yes, NO RESPECT for it) book affiliate program by Noseintheairbooks. (I made that up.) They know who they are.

Then another situation in which I wrote a query letter to try to get some freelance work writing for a pretty well-known publication. I had forgotten how troublesome it is to try to communicate with people in a power situation. I won’t be doing any freelance writing.

WordPress Dot Com

Then I read last night on my back office dashboard where WordPress has decided the classic editor app[appointed like a word processor needs to become the Block Editor i.e. Gutenberg. This is switching over June 1, 2020, when they retire the Classic Editor.

I wish I could take a hairbrush to them. We need as online business people another idiotic menu-driven conundrum along with Google making my life easy by remembering all my passwords and then forgetting to remember them for me, then having a security cow because they think in internet not normal human being pathways. Cookie head as I call him blew up my G mail Emails which are attached to my affiliate programs and it took me a month to straighten all that out.

Now I call them GOOFBALL and they can deal with it.

Should Be Amazon

Then a couple weeks ago I asked hey do you have an affiliate link? No. You see with an affiliate link authors could sell all the books in the bookstore and earn a living and that business would be 100 times the size it is.

Books are all about website attraction in our day. Mediocre books are flying off the shelves like hotcakes as they say. Many great books are not successful because the author of them does not know how to promote him or herself on the worldwide web.

But the machine cogs have books on the brain. Even trying to get people to write sex stuff because sex sells. Do not think that will sell with the one who truly matters. Not my problem.

Straight Shooter As Usual

If you want to promote a book, you need a website, PERIOD. You need to own your own domain. I own 2: and I actually own a couple more, but I’m not pursuing those sites any longer.

I am soon beginning publication of an E zine and a YouTube channel to provide information in the information age for those who have writing goals and want to sell books, also musicians who want to sell records, also video makers who want to sell or share videos, also artists who want to sell their art and pod casters and anyone else with something to promote.

So let’s get on with it.


At the end of the free trial after driving the train for a while you’re going to want desperately to continue and get the full access to all the training in Wealthy Affiliate University and unlimited use of the JAXXY keyword tool.

Listen there are many myths out here in the world about SEO and keywords and site speed and all the other things associated with owning a website and promoting yourself. But Kyle and Carson have owned this business for 18 years coming up from 2,002 onward.

Kyle teaches you in his Online Certification training everything about websites, social media and promoting business online. Carson runs the tech side with Enterprise Level Hosting at unbelievable low cost for the best there is anywhere.

Benefits are fully described here: Wealthy Affiliate Comparison of Free vs. Premium.

Do This And Win

Take my advice this is the best way to start and accomplish an effective basic training for the online world. Conquer poverty and ignorance ending up with superior knowledge head and shoulders above many who are regarded as knowledgeable. Learn to bring many people to your sites. People are what this is all about. Many have forgotten that. Let’s get on with this. You will never regret it. I will greet you on the other side.

Thank you for visiting my website. Than you for reading. Please come back again. I will be writing more soon. Give yourself a chance and visit us inside. HERE!

12 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Self-Publishing A Book?”

  1. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. Well Self-publishing your book as an e-book is generally free. Most self-published authors use Amazon to do this. The cheapest way is self publishing an ebook written by you and asking friends to design a nice catchy cover and help with the formatting. This could generate a lot of funds when sold on Amazon.

    • Yes I know about Amazon’s book publishing.  They have changed a lot of that though.  Recently they have changed their commission schedule also as you might know from 3 to 6% down to 1 to 3%.  I get the largest royalties available for POD publishing.  

      My books are also available everywhere, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, I’m listed on Bowkers and everywhere books are sold.  

      I am very happy you found the review helpful because that is what I am selling is engagement with readers toward helping those who sell books to land here at wealthy affiliate and build the business necessary to sell the books they write.  Thank you again for your comment Philbur.  Chris.   

  2. Hi, I’m Gomer, one of those satisfied members of Wealthy Affiliate. Like you, I also operate my own website which I use to get clients for my home business coaching. Having experienced hosting my site with Wealthy Affiliate, I can say that what you said here about Wealthy Affiliate is true.

    Several months ago, I encountered a website via our community forum inside Wealthy Affiliate, a website about books that look like telling stories about knights. Only after a few months I learned that those books he has featured in his blog posts, are his. He’s the author. And  you know what? In a year of using Wealthy Affiliate, he’s able to generate thousands in sales with his self-published books via his website.

    So, for authors out there? It works. Try hosting a site in WA. You will be provided with tools for building your site, and of course, excellent training in online marketing.

    • The greatest benefit is the forum of the community and the ongoing training from the rest of the community in the training they produce from their experience ongoing.  The basic training package gets you into the game with the tools, and operation and then you begin to shine. 

      I learn everyday here.  I try to teach someone here a little something everyday.  That aspect of this helps to keep you going in moving forward to achieve your business profile and goals.  Last year, I got discouraged and quit writing on a website I had going way better than I realized.  

      I see it now through understanding gained here.  Targeting keyword and writing content around those would have gotten me way further.  I did the best I could and gained readers,  JAXXY is the absolute game changer and my job, and anyone else’s going forward is to produce quality content and gain readers.  

      This is no game it’s a job and should be treated as such.  I am enjoying the process and enjoying the environs of Wealthy Affiliate.  Just don’t quit!  Chris 


  3. This is such an interesting topic, and one I am pondering over myself. 

    I have always wanted to write a book one day, and I think getting in to blogging as felt like I am doing an element of that. I definitely agree that you need a website these days, unless you are already well known.

    E-books are becoming more and more popular now (personally I don’t think you can beat the feel of a good book in your hands), but having a website is such a great way to then market your e-book.

    I have been using Wealthy Affiliate to start my blog and journey in to affiliate marketing, I must say I have been highly impressed by the resources available, the community and the training.

    • Yes E books are the most inexpensive way to become widely read.  I agree the book in the hand is the superior method.  I can lay it down and then pick it up again.  I can read it anywhere I like where comfort is possible.  In the chair and in front of the screen I usually research and write.

      The blog is now a way of life for many.  Gathering together in the big top of Wealthy Affiliate with the best learning anywhere and the greatest hosting value to be found on planet earth is great benefit in this journey.  A year ago, I did not enough, today I want to know more about successful promotion of anything I care to promote.  

      The other learners here are also instructors the ones who care giving back and in the giving is the continuing of the soul and the business acumen failing forward is always the case at the start and eventually this pays off.

      Harness up to the community and pull until there is no pull left in you and then pull some more.  I still like Churchill, “Never, Never, Never, Never, Never Give Up.”  Exactly.  Emma than you for your comment.  Chris.

  4. The article about ” Make Money By Self-Publishing A Book” looks nice. You give very nice information about that. Even I don’t have any idea about making money by publishing a book but after seeing your article it gives clear information. Even I recommend my cousin’s sister about Wealthy Affiliate University especially the JAXXY keyword tool. Great information , Keep doing a more knowledgeable article for me.

    • Thank you Yoge for your comment.  It is good to know I am reaching people with engaging content to inspire them to join in the journey.  Glad to hear you are advising your family members to join in too.

      Very happy to hear that you are benefiting from the words and thoughts I share.  Yes you can count on the fact that as I grow in this I will continue to share the achievement, goals and vision.

      Thank you again my friend for your comment.  Chris.   

  5. Very good and useful content that can help many at the beginning of their online business journey!

    “Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY REASONONABLE PLACE TO HOST A SITE AND LEARN WHAT TO DO WITH IT. FREE TRIAL. PROOF.”     This is very nicely written! And I totally agree with that. Everyone should give it a try because it is the only sure success for every man who wants to succeed online!

    • Yes, we have proof.  Inviting people to come here and drive the car before they buy is very powerful.  The community here is filled with people succeeding and sharing the dream and the means to achieve the dream.  

      I thank you for you compliment on my writing and I have been gratified knowing my thoughts have engaged people.  This business platform at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  

      The biggest keys here are to research and write around keywords added to a just don’t quit persevering demonstration of just get it done.  Thank you for your comments and I am happy you are encouraged.  Chris.   

  6. Hi, Christopher.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on making money by self-publishing a book of your interest. In the ocean of websites and billions of internet users, it is must to have a website in your name even before preparing a plan to write a book. I agree with you that many great writers and creators could not succeed because they were not knowing how to promote them on the web. WA is the best option to learn and host a website in your niche and get success.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Thank you for your comment.  I am just truly beginning to learn the total picture of internet business.  There are a lot of shady people out here.  Kyle and Carson have a truly great community for us to gather from their own experience and the experience of the thousand and thousands in the online community within Wealthy Affiliate.  Thank you for your comments.  Chris.   


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