Books For Sale Online – SEO Site Ranking

SEO Site Ranking is necessary for anyone to claim they have Books for sale online. SEO Ranking IS online business. Online business is selling books. Online business has recently expanded inasmuch as there are Four Billion people shopping online now.

SEO is “Search Engine Optimization” which is necessary for your people to find you here on the internet. If you found a Billion of them you’d be rich beyond your wildest expectations. But you have to start with finding one. Then 10, then 100, then 1,000 and so on.

So how do we help you find one? What is it you enjoy in life? Think about it. Do you like that cube they have for you down at “making someone else happy NOT com” or the “nice workbench with ear plugs in?” They won’t miss you if you outgrow them.

Passion And A Plan

If your passion is the color blue that might work for a niche. blue might be your site. So you get with and put up a site called blue Out of Four Billion people surely there are a million looking for blue things. Think about it. But they don’t know your website is there.

Keywords are words and phrases typed into browsers on Four Billion computers worldwide. Google, Bing, Baidu and the other search engines keep track of these keywords and there are ways to get reports on which ones are the best for you. JAXXY is a keyword search tool that seems to be working very well for me.

I had a website with almost 300 posts on it in three years. When I came here to wealthy affiliate I started using JAXXY on the websites I am building here. and are the sites I am building here. But since I have JAXXY here with unlimited searches I applied keyword searches for that site as well.

Growing Traffic

Guess what? No not chicken __. I am having a huge season of growth there with the targeted keyword content. You add

the keyword phrases (a couple) to your posts and guess what? People type them into their browser and abracadabra they find you on the internet.

The sites here are much younger than that one but they are growing too. Knowledge is power as they say. If I find 1,000 followers by writing posts that target keywords and offer information of value to readers they will return to my sites again.

I am promoting my own books and writing another one to promote. It is why I have not posted here for a few extra days (actually a couple of weeks) I’m almost done writing the book. So I am back.

Now if we have 1,000 followers (a thousand word essay) and we write and post a couple times per week and readers find our content helpful we are doing our basic job.

Keywords, Writing and SEO

People who come back to your site regularly are developing a relationship with you through your content. There are other places to buy blue things on the internet. When they like you and have a maturing relationship developed by providing content and authority in your niche, that gives them benefit and they come to you when they want to buy their blue stuff.

I have told you the place to get keywords to attract visitors through what they type into their browsers JAXXY. But SEO is an entirely different subject. SEO has to do with how the search engines read your site. Therefore, SEO has to do with the technology side of attracting readers to you website.

How the search engines read your site with an eye on whether your site is valuable to readers and how you structure things beyond your content, writing and keywords to optimize the effectiveness of you efforts to attract the maximum number of readers.

Play Hardball

This is not a hit-and-miss business. You learn these things ultimately from the search results and from the search engines themselves. The search engines also learn and we are in an environment that is evolving over time and the parameters change.

Like in life itself as they say the only thing constant is change. I regularly hear things, out on the web, from people who’ve been on the internet for years that they learned long ago that are not the best practice today and they might once have been optimized but not any longer.

This is hardball. This is business. Business guarantees you a pitch and the opportunity to hit the ball as it goes by you. The competition is out there trying to strike you out with a few pitches you can’t hit.

Effective Coaching

So where do we get the coaching we need knowing what the pitch will likely be and how to get around and put the bat on the ball? We need expert coaching that can explain to us in simple English how we are doing with the umpire i.e. the search engines.

We need someone with understanding, how teach us how to speak the lingo, who keeps up to speed on the parameters and has a proven track record of keeping us in the big leagues as they say. That solution is here where I live on the internet at a magnificent layout called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has the Online Certification training program that gets you all the basic information and understanding you need in steps while building of your first website applying the training as you go along at your pace. Also, as you go emphasizing both the SEO and the human application of keyword targeted content to create value for readers.


Knowing Where and How

The numbers tell the story with Wealthy Affiliate having been in business since the early days of the internet, now about 20 years. Yes this too is a business that was forged in the days when it was sink or swim, trial and error, hit-and-miss.

This very well organized and laid out program has trained about one and half million people in the last twenty years to succeed at business on the internet. Passive income? Not a chance I’d ever say that in an ad. I’m not trying to recruit people whose desire is lazing their way through.

Active income and anything worth doing is worth doing right. Nothing worth doing is easy. But, with the guidance of Kyle and the technical skill of Carson and his team in the Enterprise Hosting package the single window navigation also coupled with the live chat forum including many with decades of experience you will always know where you are going.

Hit The Ball Out Of The Park

You will always know where you are going and you’ll get there if you just follow along step by step through the training. It’s not hard. There may be a knuckle ball a grease ball or a really good curve, however, you will learn in short period how to put the bat on the ball.

The cost? JAXXY by itself costs a little under 50 per month. But here for the same money you get the Online Certification program essentially a master’s degree in online marketing and online site construction, site optimization, site maintenance for SEO and traffic generation. You get enterprise level WordPress Hosting which is way beyond what I started with. The security and speed are incredible.


On top of that you get JAXXY premium and the experience and training knowing how to most effectively use it. You will get traffic and learn to create traffic drawing websites in any niche interest you care to name. And you get to try it all for free to verify what I am telling you for yourself.

So go up top or down below the comments section here and click on the red white and blue banner. Or go HERE and read more. When you click the banner you’ll be able to scroll down and read a lot more about this great place in the internet. Then go to the blank for an e-mail address, enter one and hit sign up (Blue Button Up Top) NO CREDIT CARD OR PAYMENT INFO REQUIRED. Try it today. Get started on changing your life now. I will greet you inside and show you the ropes.

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my posts and I hope this helps you. Please leave your valued comments here below. Please ask any questions you have there also and I will answer you. Many thanks again Chris.

Sell Your Books Online – Success In Online Business

Where Are The Bookstores?

Sell your books online is a goal, once achieved leading to freedom. Rhetorically, do you like the cubicle your company has provided for you? Success in Online Business is the only way through. There are Four Billion people on the Internet.

How many Barnes & Noble Stores or Border’s Books or B. Dalton Bookseller Stores do you remember? I recall the B. Dalton Booksller Store in Prairie Village Shopping Center where we lived when I was in high school. It’s gone now.

In the PV Shopping Center there were perhaps a quarter million people per week passing the book store on foot or by car. Thousands of titles inside, the competition had to be fierce for any writer outside the Tom Clancy, Steven King, James Michener(s).

I See Barnes & Noble, Not Borders?

In the nineties the big box bookstores appeared in higher trafficked malls and retail spots. Barnes & Noble, Borders and so on. While my books are sold at Barnes & Noble they are no longer sold at Borders. Here’s why from an article on NPR by Yuki Noguchi entitled Why Borders Failed While Barnes & Noble Survived.

Ms. Noguchi:

“The vast tracts of retail space that Borders will soon vacate speak to a gargantuan business that essentially killed itself. At one time, size was it’s advantage. Borders built a reputation on offering a huge variety of books — tens of thousands of titles in a single store — at a time when most bookstores could afford to stock a fraction of that.”

Further Ms. Noguchi notes:

“Borders also had an early technical advantage: a superior inventory system that could optimize, and even predict, what consumers across the nation would buy.

But in the mid-1990s, Borders lost it’s edge.

“It made a pretty big bet in merchandising. [Borders] went heavy into CD music sales and DVD, just as the industry was going digital. And at that same time, Barnes & Noble was pulling back,” says Peter Wahlstrom, who tracks Barnes & Noble for the investment research firm Morningstar.

He says Barnes & Noble also invested in beefing up it’s online sales. Eventually, it also developed it’s own e-reader, the Nook.

Borders did not. Instead, it expanded it’s physical plant, refurbished it’s stores and outsourced it’s online sales operation to Amazon.”

“In our view, that was more like handing the keys over to a direct competitor,” Wahlstrom says.” by Yuki Noguchi

My Books Are Everywhere Books Are Actually Purchased

While my books are potentially available at physical bookstores it is unlikely. The big publishing firms work with the powers that be in the industry to make available and promote books that have proven as books people bought in test markets with promotional displays etc.

My books are available at, Barnes &,, and pretty much everywhere E Books and paperbacks are sold. There is no warehouse with a pallet full of my books wrapped in plastic to keep them from gathering dust.

And it’s a good thing. No matter how big the warehouse, sooner or later in the event they need room for three pallets of Goosebumps or Harry Potter three of the other pallets have to go. Creativity is involved in selling these slow (by their expectations) or non-sellers at cut rate prices.

More To Books Bus Than Books

My books are published by and Abuzz Press as Print On Demand (POD) published books meaning when a physical book is ordered the printer prints the book and ships it. Since the books are actually virtually available we, you and I need to be successful in the virtual world of online business.

It does not matter how great your book is because what matters is getting before enough of the Four Billion people searching the web for books everyday. We need to succeed in online business. Then if we have a great book we are in business as they say.

High quality writing in your book is a necessity do not misunderstand. You still have to get it seen by enough people interested in the subject of your book to sell enough of them to pay the rent. Great news. Very low overhead and no need to maintain any inventory.

More To It All

Just knowing the computer “ropes” is not going to be enough. I published my first book and then put up a website and got it looking good with help from the “happiness engineers” started blogging and waited for the book sales to materialize.

All of this without the slightest clue how to go about it effectively. I’m a writer, so I wrote and wrote and wrote. Then I wrote some more. I was selling a few books but not enough to free me from the grind of working for others and I’m thinking my personality is just as messed up as theirs so I should be my own boss.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate. I broke a rib and decided I needed to get book sales on track. I tried an outfit that promised the moon. In reality it was a sales funnel with MLM schemes behind it all. Like Amway on the web. Live and learn. I did manage to earn most of my money back. Inexpensive lessons are better than expensive ones.

Drive The Train

I asked around and my publisher suggested Wealthy Affiliate. So I jumped into their FREE TRIAL and kicked the tires, drove the train, blew the whistle and clanged the bells. I kept it. Ending the Online Certification Training with two websites built, appropriate plugins, indexed and ranked, and with a thorough basic education and understanding gained in the Fifty Lessons, I now am working on my sites in advanced realms.

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Bing is next also handling search for Yahoo. Optimizing your site(s) for search engines is technical and you’ll likely need learning and help and suggestions to accomplish it. All of that is here for you at Wealthy Affiliate all in a one window navigation at your fingertips.

Or you can wander around on the internet asking “Are You My Mother?” There are myths and misinformation and things they tell which once were true but no longer the truth at all. With 1.8 million trained to date Wealthy Affiliate are pioneers and remain in the loop about all things pertinent and current concerning this online world and business.

You can set up one of the “instasite” websites on the internet and go at it mindlessly or you can get training that will make you a knowledgeable webmaster in a couple of months. After learning “keyword targeted content” you will write your pages and posts in “Site Content” where there are over one million royalty free images to easily crop and download to your pages and posts.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

You will learn to set up your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization plugin and learn image optimization plugin use so your pictures don’t slow your load times giving your readers a user-friendly experience. It’s all about your readers and their pleasure.

You will learn to set up Google Analytics to gain insight from the search giant how your site is doing. Plus you will learn to set up Google Webmaster tools for the full battery of metrics required to analyze things, like site load speed, number of impressions vs. number of clicks etc.

There is no better training anywhere on the internet. This is an incredible value and it’s inexpensive. Whether you want to sell books or Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie, or Athletic Shoes, or your own artwork or whatever, this is the place to learn to bring traffic to your site and through great user experience, quality content, of value to readers and quality offers create customers who enjoy your provided experience.




Or Click the Red White And Blue Wealthy Affiliate Banner Up Top or Here Below.

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my posts. Please come back as often as you like and join us. If you have any questions leave them below and I will answer them for you. Leave any comments below also. Thank you again, Chris. 7/27/2020





Piano Sheet Music Books – What Is A Specialized Market

What Is A Specialized Market

What is a specialized market? In short it is a market designed for those with a special type of interest. The auto dealership does not sell Piano Sheet Music Books. The auto dealer opened to offer automobiles to people interested in his brand.

The Piano sheet music books merchant does not offer automobiles in his shop. Nor does your local grocer offer sporting goods or athletic shoes. These are examples of specialized markets and why it works.

Misquoting Calculus by Chris Queen

===>>>GET MY BOOK HERE<<<===

The website you are on is specialized to sell books. My own books I have written, however, it is also designed to sell other books. It only makes sense doesn’t it? If I write content targeting keywords to sell other types of books I draw more people interested in a wider variety of books and increase the chances I sell some books.

Looking For Piano Book Shoppers Today

For instance my title on this post indicates marketing piano books. The next question is what kind of Piano books are most beneficial for my visitors, for me to promote? Should I go with the 100 most popular songs of the 1890s or The Beatles Complete?

Let’s think it through, the Beatles have 21 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 which is the most for any artists in history. Their total album sales for their career tops 600 million Albums sold. That’s a lot of records. And a lot of people who might want to learn Hey Jude.

===>>>Go To BAM Above On The Right<<<===

Type “Beatles Complete Easy Guitar” in the Books-A-Million Search Bar

The Piano books in our day also have guitar chord charts so we have all braided together the most popular songs in history, in a single collection (two volumes) and it is produced for piano players as well as guitar players.

How This Works

Looks from here like it will have some potential for some sales for my advertisers and a small commission for me every time someone from my website goes to the advertiser’s website and buys Beatles Complete Volume One or Volume Two.

And when you type in Music Books at Books-A-Million pages and pages of books are there for piano players and guitar players and others to browse through. With Four Billion People on the internet you can see the marketing potential.

That’s why I’m here. The overhead is minimal, and no inventory is required because the advertisers have warehouses full of books of all kinds, and they ship it. CD and Vinyl Records, games of all sorts both online and for your table and you family or guests to enjoy. Movies”? You name the DVD and Book-A-Million probably has it.

Additional Marketing

You may notice the zZounds Music Logo and text info at the top of this page at the right. I put it there because I have another website where I am doing the same thing I do here only over there with Recording equipment, musical instruments etc.

Today’s post there provided much-needed information, for some of my visitors on less expensive guitars for those who want to learn to play the guitar. Or have children, grandchildren who want to learn to play. Here is the link to so you can go there and look around.

Check out the guitars and who knows maybe that site benefits you also if you are wanting to play the guitar or other instrument like keyboard, drums or Piano. zZounds and Book-A-Million are two brands I like, and promote. Both companies have excellent inventory and outstanding customer service.

Your Own Online Business

Maybe in addition to your interests in Books, Games, Records, Guitars, Keyboards or drums maybe you also have an interest in having your own online business. There is a Wealthy Affiliate banner up there too.

I am becoming successful beyond my wildest dreams and you can too. The training in Online Certification is top-notch. You cannot find better and more comprehensive training anywhere on this globe. We are in 195 plus countries the world over.

The website hosting is the best value anywhere with superior speed and security. In addition there are thousands of us in the online network within wealthy affiliate and many, many people there and wanting to provide help as they also received lots of support while they were learning the basics and then how to move into advanced knowledge on all required aspects to run a successful online business in the 21st Century.

I have completed the Online Certification training and now know more than most people on the earth about the internet and running an online business. I am very confident and gaining competence every day.

Try It For Free

Bet of all it’s FREE. The trial I mean, to examine all aspects of the network while building your first website with expert assistance and trying out the training proving what I’m saying to yourself. You will be a part of the network of thousands of friends (no inventory it’s not an MLM) and helpers as long as you choose.

No credit card or personal information for you to enter, you just go up, hit the banner, there you’ll find information you should read. Scroll down the page and read. Then scroll up enter an e-mail and click on sign up. Then you’ll see your own space in this incredible learning and business building space.

So go to the top or below and hit the banner. A lot more information there for you to learn more. Just scroll down that page.

Thank you for your visit to my site. And that you for reading. Please leave your valued comments and questions here below. Come back soon I will be writing more. Chris.



Video Trailer For Book – Grow Your Own Books

Yesterday was plan laying day for my planned entry into video promotion.  Revealing that video is the number one method of successful promotion online here in 2020.  Video Trailer For Book?  Mine, produced for me by booklocker is on the right in the sidebar.

Value Always

The bottom line in whatever we do is to provide information valuable to those who visit our sites. Helping people to find their way in whatever we are mutually interested to know or accomplish. Grow your own book. Video marketing spot like the one I have placed at the right is for motivating your reader to buy your book.

Angela over at booklocker has been selling all kinds of books and jelping authors promote them for twenty plus years.  She’s expert at doing this. So my theory is let the expert do that part of the promoting.

My job is to provide you the know how to grow your own books.  Video being the number one promotion method does not replace our website and the necessity for it effective use.  We still need the foundation of rolling out the red carpet through effective writing on our website.

This is especially true for an author.  People want to know if we can write and communicate valuable content.  So while we have other means (video) at out fingertips also we still need to keep our fingertips on the keyboard utilizing keyword targeted content to help people find us here.

The writing and overall presentation including video and whatever else you provide must be high quality and of value to have visitors return to your site frequently.  The additional motivation for frequency is frequence in providing new content.  People are not going to come back and read the same content over and over again.

That will be the focus of my video programming.  To provide content that is valuable to my visitors for them to accomplish furtherance in our mutual interests. That’s how all of this works.  People will do what is in their own interest and if you can make things of mutual interest then everyone wins.

That said, I have been marketing books on the internet since 2017 and that sometimes succesffuly and sometimes not so successful.  Lately things are much better, however, I like the opportunity of assistance from someone with 20 years plus experience.

Richard Hoy has been marketing on the internet sice the early nineties when all this came to be. I want someone like that doing what he does and has done successfully for decades in regard to my interest. So my advice to myself and to you is produce content for your vistors and let the seasoned professional create video advertising for your books.  It only makes sense, right?

Later on, I might do my own ad videos.  But for now I am taking advantage of opportunity to learn from how this facet of my business is done.  The reasoning being visual input is most effective.

Here is how Angela Hoy puts it:


According to

1. 65% of people are visual learners
2. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual
3. Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text
4. 64% are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video
5. Video increases customer conversions by 80%

Animated videos:

1. Keep viewers’ attention longer than text and stand-alone graphics
2. Help the brain simplify complex topics
3. Induce nostalgia, creating a personal connection between the customer and the business
4. Get more social media shares than text and static images combined!”

Let’s test it out right now

=====>>>>>Go Here<<<<<=====

The video here is much more effective than, Yawn, my book cover it over there, click it to get the book.  Read the free excerpts.  You see we have taken a pleasant shortcut with the video and the 20% off gives and incentive along with the visual experience to investigate it further.

Now Go Buy my Book, means a lot more than it does with mere text and no visual input.  However, it is much more engaging after the video give you an idea of what it is all about.  Just makes sense doesn’t it?

So the opportunity is there for you too, because the people at Booklocker offer these videos for every author.  Their focus is publishing and selling the books they publish, however, they are also offering their expertise in producing these video book trailers.

=====>>>>>Go Here<<<<<=====

The content of my videos will be presenjtation of value, comparison and reviews and benfit for my visitors, readers and viewers.  For now I will leave the advertising videos to the marketing pros. I hope this has broadened your horizon about these book selling matters.  Please leave your comments below.

Thank you for visting my site.  Thank your for reading my post and for viewing my videos.  If you have any question don’t leave them unasked, please leave them below and I will answer you.  Thank you again.  Chris.





How To Sell Your Book Online – How To Create A Book Trailer

Today I want to talk about video as the current online leading promotional tool. How to sell your book online should include a video program too. My publisher, encouraged me to let them make book promotion trailers for me.

How to create a book trailer is an important question. The Camera is question one. Most smartphone cameras are adequate. People humming about 4 K but the video capability etc., can’t produce any improvement over 1080p, yet. But think ahead.

The advantage to 4 k is in ease of editing and editing speed I am told. I’m honestly unsure yet while I have an inexpensive 4K camera over here, I am waiting for my replacement credit card to buy a film editing software.

Learning Video Together

So we are going to learn this together. I do know I will be using a YouTube Channel to begin with. Have not made up my mind what to call it. MGM and United Artists are taken so it won’t be one of those. That’s how far along I am with this today but next week I will be much further along. I am revealing the status as beginner to show you this is not hard.


Movavi Video Editor

I will be using Movavi video editing because it is very popular. I have researched it some and there is ample support on line. I like the editor’s features and things like the ease of using snap and the filters, fade effects etc. All in one window with timelines for video and audio under the video view window.

It’s practically idiot proof and I like simple and intuitive. Not looking to rethink my life to wrap my head around some tech-no-clown’s goofy ideas that do not travel an easy to think through destination. I want to think in regular English, thanks all the.


Movavi is an internatioanl company with over 400 staff members

Staff 400 + 3,000,000 Happy User Sold in 200 Countries

Read more: © Go Here

My Book Trailer On The Right

Over here on the right of this post you can view the video trailer for my book Misquoting Calculus produced for me by my Publisher. Angela Hoy at sent me a template outline and I supplied the text (she modified it a bit) and she put the music and video together. I loved it.

It has a 20% off code there in the video. View the video and gather the code. Then go Here and buy the book at the discounted price and get yourself a life changing education, in 100 pages. GET MISQUOTING CALCULUS By Chris Queen at 20% OFF NOW!

She produced one for my first book also, Misquoting Calculus so soon I will put it up here too. I am considering an edit and second edition to that book as I write. So I am thinking all of that through.

Video is the number one promotion method currently on the internet. With YouTube as the number one channel provider. I currently have a Music Channel on YouTube, but have not yet created a channel for video. I will be doing so in the coming week.

Q2N 4K Camera From Zoom

I bought a Zoom Q2N camera a couple weeks ago. It is a 4K camera promoted to musicians for the superior sound capabilities it features. Inexpensive also, the camera is $ 219 It is true it does not have fancy lenses and all the belles and whistles of more expensive cameras but the superior sound from the zoom mics is very good for my purposes.



GoPro PaperweightMAX

A couple months back I bought a GoPro MAX and after messing around with that for three weeks decided it makes a better paperweight than camera and returned it. I had traded my dad’s old Sony Still Camera for 100 dollars off. They informed me they could not return the trade in camera.

Their sales information nor their customer service personnel bothered to mention that. So I want you to know I am very unimpressed with GoPro products, their customer service and their company. Maybe they’ll learn the customer is always right. Impossible to find any support for how to use the GoPro SUX Paperweight too.

Oh so sorry Oh so Sad is never the right response to a customer. 360 videos of antics on skateboards bikes or snowboards was not my desired use for a camera, anyway. Thoroughly unimpressed.


Enough advertising for Go Pro, back to you and I and our video book promotion. With helpful targeted keyword content combining this with helpful video presentation, promotion becomes more effective. I own three websites and contemplate video on all three sites.

Should have video up and running by the end of the month if not sooner. I am shooting for sooner. I will explain it to you all once I have a handle on it all. Should not take me long. I catch on quick and have lots of associates in wealthy affiliate who are happy to help.

We help one another to accomplish things we could not easily as isolated individuals. That is the foundation of knowledge here the Online Certification for the general know how and then further knowledge coming from our peers and further training. Click the Red White And Blue Banner above or down below to read more about Wealthy Affiliate

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my post. Please don’t leave with unanswered questions. Leave any questions in the form here below. Please leave your comments there as well. Thank you again. Come back soon. Chris.





Business Analysis Training Online – Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification

Online Certification

Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification training is almost finished for me. Later this week I will finish it up. Graduation from here will be like graduation from engineering school when my dad a mechanical engineer himself explained to me earning the degree gives you the foundation to learn for the rest of your life.

In short, he explained the learning does not end with the sheep skin. Business Analysis Training Online will never end. Ask yourself, how much has computer technology and the internet changed in the last 10 years?

Will it change more in the next 10 years? Rhetorically: YES. So business analysis training for your online business must continue empirically and by paying attention to search engine practice and any modification that comes down the pipe, as they say.

Continuing Your Education

You will need validated or not, continuing education as required by any department of any agency etc. and for good reason. The value of the forum in Wealthy Affiliate is indispensable. I have learned innumerable details and paradigm shifts from many with years experience and new bright ones.

The plan ahead from the founders at Wealthy Affiliate is an upgrade of their entire training program by this fall. This has been in the works for a couple of years and is being readied for launch.

The continuing effort to stay up to date and on top of traffic and conversion means will remain at our fingertips as the world wide web changes and grows into the future.

They’re Trying To Hire Me

To date in the Online Certification program I leaned first to build a website, then what WP plugins to use and how to use them such as All in one SEO. There are legacy paradigm ideas still out on the web that are obsolete, yet those without continuation in a network and moving forward in pertinent knowledge are falling behind.

Optimization across media including images and video are handled here with education, plugins and how to use them. Setting up google ad sense, anayltics and webmaster tools receives attention here in the training. I’m set up!

Head hunters and others are propositioning me through contacts online because companies need people with knowledge I now possess. Fifty to Seventy dollars per hour is better than 12, yes? You have to come and learn for a couple of months. It’s really not that hard.

Learning In Your Own Niche

Once we have learned the basics we must be on to learning the metrics of our individual niche. I started to do a niche on ice cream and popcorn when I came back here. With Covid and distancing the huge family holidays and reunions stopped. I canned that niche and site.

Back to the things I love, books (I’ve written two) and selling them and music and recording. Thus, I have three websites, one prior to Wealthy Affiliate, I owned, before I owned this one and

Traffic to your website will be the key to any online success. I have learned from Kyle in the Online Certification Training here how to draw traffic. Indexing and Ranking in the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo on many keywords are the means to a thousand upon thousands of visitors and views.

Knowledge Not Nonsense

You will learn these things here. The first guy I learned from thought doing a Google Trends search and finding huge numbers of people trending there was the way to then assume what would be a great keyword. WRONG!

Kyle teaches us to use the keyword tool to fine tune for traffic with keywords that have less popularity but with low competition called “Low Hanging Fruit.” So the game is more subtle than it seems.

You’ll need to learn the game from the right people unless dumb luck appeals to you as a strategy. I have that T-Shirt because I did not know any better. I know better now and so I am here telling you this is the correct way to begin and the correct way forward.

Change Your Course

Here I have written another post doing a review of web hosting from my prior experience. You’d might as well learn from those with real experience and the know how to harness the horses to correctly plow the field and plant to bring forth abundant fruit.

We will still be here when you come back but you’ll have lost precious time which could be used to set you free. Or do you like life in the cubicle with the other boys and girls, their novel ideas and all of that?

Today is a good day to begin to further a real education that will allow you to work wherever you choose while you prosper yourself instead of the boss and his/her bosses and ultimately the owner of his company, not yours.

You can click on the Red White and Blue Banner above or below and scroll down the page there to learn more. If you decide today is emancipation day enter an e-mail and hit the blue sign up button. No credit card or other information required. The FREE, FREE did I tell you its FREE Trial begins immediately. You’ll be in your own one page navigation. Down the left side are the eight buttons you’ll use to navigate the site. You’ll be amazed at what you find. I’ll greet you inside. Thank you.

Thank you for visiting my website. Thank you for reading my posts. Please if you have any questions leave them for me here below. If you have comments please also leave those. Thank you again. Chris.



Become A Wealthy Writer – Become A Wealthy Affiliate

Become a wealthy writer.  Or a wealthy merchant.  It is a matter of enough of the four billion persons on the internet viewing your promotion of your book on your website.  I’ve told the world I could retire on a book about “gnats.”  I shocked myself when I entered gnats in my keyword tool.

There are thousands of people searching the word “gnats” on the worldwide web.  As I have explained also just because a word gets a big search number does not make it a good keyword.  That is where the learning you receive at Wealthy Affiliate comes in, as they say.

Listen up, people go and spend a hundred thousand dollars or more getting a college degree, then a masters degree and a Ph.d.  They get a great job in most cases compared to others’ jobs.  But, they have to punch the time clock in essence helping someone else in their quest for prosperity.

More To Success Than Money

Money is not success.  Money is a tool that allows you to do certain things as a wrench turns a bolt.  Question to ask yourself is do you want to be someone else’s tool to turn their nut?  Would you rather seek a different path to your own prosperity in a business you run yourself, from your home or anywhere you’d prefer to sit?

Or do you like the virtual prison cell of the cubicle provided for you to make some else prosperous.  After all they give you two or three weeks vacation per year.  You could take a one week light speed tour of Europe, maybe?  How about a month in Africa or South America instead?

Hey a tour of the western United States is way beautiful and would be well worth it. Six months?  Most people who work for someone else have to be back in their cubicle by such and such a date.  Or would you rather be a wealthy writer or merchant?  There’s millions of things to sell and billions of people to sell them too.

Write That Book

Write a book.  Maybe you already have one written, collecting dust in the bottom desk drawer or closet shelf.  Go get it.  Dust it off and re-read it.  Spruce it up while you type it into MS Word.  When its all neat and clean with a Table of Contents and Title Page headings, you’re ready.

Send it to my friend Angela at and do tell her I put you up to it.  She has the least expensive program for self-publishing a book.  Yes and she has the best quality printing available and she formats your book and sets you up on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Books-A-Million, and the rest also gets you set up with your UPC code and lists you everywhere books are sold.

She pays the best royalties of any Print on Demand Publisher (POD) going, or do you want a closet full of books you have to sell.  She will also place your book for sale in her own online bookstore, here’s one of mine Misquoting Calculus at  Learn more about her great company at

Books Are Sold Online Today

Next you’re going to need to have a website.  Traffic to your website is the key to making a small fortune with your book … think books.  The more titles you have here, there and everywhere the better your chances to sell books.  Start with one.

Wealthy Affiliate has made all the difference for me.  I started with one website and no idea what to do with one.  Since I found Wealthy Affiliate I am beginning to expand and explode in my quest for huge traffic on my website.  My name and my book titles are becoming known.

Knowledge is power and Wisdom is wealth.  Like I said, money is not success, you have to have a bigger goal than that.  Helping other people learn the ropes and offering valuable content on your website is closer to success than mere money.

Traffic Brings Wealth

I know many successful people here at Wealthy Affiliate who live like millionaires and many other who are millionaires as result of Kyle and Carson reaching their goal in helping others learn the ropes.  So how tough is it to learn?  A couple months and you’ll be well on your way.

The Online Certification training within Wealthy Affiliate is worth more than the college degrees of many.  Does Insect Anthropology truly float your boat or are there other passionate interests you have?  What ever your interest is become authoritative in your favorite subject, leaning more about what makes you happy.

Then share your interests in a few posts on your website and help others learn the ropes.  I’m telling you this is fun to do.  It is an adventure in the earth worthy of your continued existence.  Enjoy your interests and share them with others who are as interested as you are.

Retirement Party Refuge?

Or sit in the cubicle and wait until the final bell rings and you get a party and a gold watch.  Gold plated, let’s be real here.  Then you might too tired to do anything when you finally get to Europe, Africa or South America.

Or you might finally get that Corvette and be so worn out you put around or get your granddaughter to drive you around in it.  Come on let’s get you that Porsche while you’re still able to enjoy it.  Build your dream home with your spouse while your children can still enjoy it with you.

Hey its your family.  I know you’d rather spend your time with your family than you cube partners down at the office where you are all toiling to make someone else wealthy.  Now, Do it Now.  Begin right here today to become prosperous for your family.

Zero Dollars

Yeah, I can hear the wheels turning.  You’re asking how much money does this guy want for this prosperous new life he is telling me I can have?  He’s some kind of clever sharpie with dollar signs in his eyes.

How about ZERO DOLLARS?  Nothing, Notta, If you’re penniless, come and see.  FREE rhymes with knee.  That right I said IT’S FREE.  I’m either the world’s biggest liar or I’m on the level. That simple.  Free to try this all out and less than you spend on those lousy lunches at the fast food joint with the guys or the girls per week when you decide you can do this like over 1,000,000 people have in the last fifteen plus years.  Go HERE Scroll down and read about Wealthy Affiliate.  Then scroll up and enter an E mail address, that’s it, then hit Sign Up.  You’ll be ushered right in.  The adventure begins inside.

Thank You, See You Inside

Thank you for your time, I hope I did not bore you.  Thank you very sincerely for visiting my site.  Thank you for reading my post.  I am telling you the truth.  You can change your situation for a little knowledge and a bit of work.  Are you willing to work?  Please if you have any questions leave them here below.  Please leave any comments also.  Thank you again.  Please come in and I will greet you on the other side and you will thank me.  Chris.



Best Book Cover Designers – Professional Book Cover Designer

Your Cover

The best book cover designer is a professional book cover designer. It is like the high competition world of hard ball. When you are a manager and faced with one out, two men on base and the winning run at the plate, and the guy holding the bat is a crushing home run hitter you don’t want a minor league on the mound.

I have told you numerous times, I have one recommendation for self-published authors for a publisher, based on great recommendation of Mark Levine and then my own great experience with

Today we are talking about selling books and what does convert. First shot at a book sale is your cover. Book sales pages on the internet usually twenty or more cover images on a page. Your cover must attract attention and visually engage your reader. One of the covers on the page will.

Be A Writer Not A Book Designer

I am a mechanical engineer and could pick up and learn the numerical formulas for page count and therefor, binding thickness and all of those technical aspects. Could I design a book cover? Yes, I could.

Did I design any book covers? I did not. I did provide the image for my book and told the publisher and the designer to design the cover with the image upside down. My book cover image is a picture my dad took several years ago in Alaska.

It is upside down to attract attention and fits the theme “Misquoting Logic” my self-published book and the publisher chose to use the same imagery for the second book, “Misquoting Calculus.” But their professional book designer took it from there.

Who Is The Cover Designer?

He or she, is a graphic artist and has looked at thousands of book covers from the standpoint of design for attraction of reader impulse in interest. Your book cover is a business card, so to speak. Readers size your book up based on the immediate emotional impression.

The next step in the reader’s conversion to customer is the jacket text. You’ll need to do that yourself so carefully consider your reader and your first impression with them. Book excerpts on the internet provide selected portions of the book for the reader to get a feeling for it.

If your reader is attracted to your cover, likes what you write on the jacket, and is interested in the excerpts you stand a chance to sell your book. It took me nine months to attract 750 plus readers on my first website and that, new to online marketing, and without a clue what I was doing.

My Mistakes In Ignorance

Since I did not know what I was doing I got discouraged and stopped writing much at month ten and my readership dropped off. Now with the Business plan on that website I can see all the data on visitors etc. for the entire history of my site.

Now thanks to the training within Wealthy Affiliate and the JAXXY keyword tool, I use it for keywords there too and my readership is growing very quickly. When, I had 750 readers per month I was beginning to sell books. But I could not yet see that.

Now I see exactly what is going on and when I get to 7,000 readers per month I will be earning and I will be earning a living. When I get to 70,000, and I will! Now knowing the process I will be able to do whatever I decide to do within reason. When I gather 700,000 readers per month I will be prosperous beyond my dreams to begin with.


Cover Your Bases

So your cover has to be all the things we have talked about here, but also appropriate to your book’s subject. Look at the number one selling book in the world. The Holy Bible. The cover traditionally was plain leather or vinyl or smooth cardboard. Black or Brown, no pictures of Aspen or the Indy 500 finish line. But that has changed.

Go to Books A Million via the blue banner button up top right on this page. You’ll be taken to Books-A-Million bookstore online. Type in Holy Bible and look at the decorated covers. Since you arrive there via my banner link I get a small commission if you buy something.

That’s why I like affiliate marketing. They have books, movies, CD etc. and many other related products, like reading lights. They have great reading lights there too.


Maximize Your Effort

So not only can we sell our own book, given enough visitors we can sell many books by other authors also and when someone buys my book, or your book we get paid the advertising commission and the royalty from the publisher.

Book sales start with your cover and having it designed by a professional designer. Booklocker Publishing has a DIY program and its only 78.00 to get your book going with a 250.00 add on for a professional cover design, not some templates knock off.

Add it up and you’d be better off spending 875.00 for a more carefree experience Go HERE, Check It Out, (Be sure to tell Angela Hoy that Chris Queen sent you) and meantime get on board with your free trial at Wealthy Affiliate (Click banner above or below at comments) and begin working on gathering visitors to your website.

This is a process that you can easily learn to do. So if you have a book written and want to get it published, get started now.


Thank you for visiting my site and I hope the information here has benefited you. Please leave any comments below and any questions and I will answer them as soon as I can. Thank you again for visiting my site. Chris.


What Is Content Targeting- How To Get A Website Ranked

Let’s Get Ourselves Ranked

Frequency of posting is a necessary ingredient on How to get a website ranked.  Having your website ranked means in terms of the internet being on the first page for the keyword.  Targeting your keywords is a little more involved than going for what is popular.

As a matter of fact as I have touched on before, using something very popular means there are more pages to wade through, in a manner of speaking than the very popular keyword is worth to you.  Example here, if we get a very good keyword with lots of weekly hits, in hundreds of thousands of searches, then there are always hundreds of pages already ranked or in the line.

With fifteen to twenty sites per page on Google, Bing, Yahoo it is very unlikely you will ever see the light of day in regard to ranking on such a keyword.  My post titles here above are researched keywords.  You’ll notice also as I have learned here with Wealthy Affiliate (my hosting) from Kyle in the wealthy affiliate Online Certification Training to place my keywords in the fist or second paragraph of my posts.

How To Find Keywords And Why

Google being the number one search engine on the web it is best to do things so you find favor with them.  That only makes sense doesn’t it?  The keywords I’ve used here have some searches but not thousands or even hundreds of them per week.

I am careful to do it this way because I want two other favorable results in my keywords more than lots and lots or searches.  I look for keywords, again as taught by Kyle which have very favorable QSR number which tells me how many pages are indexed for my keyword.  JAXXY is the best keyword search tool going and is included within Wealthy Affiliate.  .


The next number I look at for a farorable result is SEO which gives me the likelihood of being ranked number one on the page for my keyword.  A score of 70 means 70% likelihood which is not what I am after.  I would not place a bet on a 70% chance when I could on 95% to 100%.  Would you?

I normally go with 95 or better.  What is content targeting (keyword) came with 48 average searches per week;  32 for QSR which tells me there are 32 pages indexed with that keyword.  That’s page two, but the SEO number is 100 meaning it is 100% likely I will be ranked number one on google.


Post Early And Often

The other ingredient necessary is frequent addition of quality content of interest and value to your readers.  You cannot just go with a 100% SEO keywords and retire to wait for the sales to roll in, because they won’t.  Readers return to your website for benefit they are gaining from the content they find on your site.

So keeping people interested through beneficial new posts on the subject of your mutual interest is what keeps getting your site posts indexed and ranked in the search engines.  The more the merrier with content, and keywords that have a high likelihood of being ranked.

Site Content Advantage

One more reason to host your websites with Wealthy Affiliate is the site content post writing area, from where I am writing to you this very moment.  It is a secure word processor environment within Wealthy Affiliate.  It operates much like MS Word, however it is optimized for website creation.

There is a button in menu up top for images that are also optimized and within the wealthy affiliate hosting platform.  I have a plugin within the WordPress Enterprise environment in the dashboard of my site also.  I can write posts there as I do in my other Business plan site, however, I have had very good experience getting posts indexed in this environment, the reason it was developed.

I can gather images from anywhere I like and download them from the pictures in Windows 10, however, the images within the Site Content here are optimized and compressed and guaranteed secure.

Learn As You Go

All of this together makes for an efficient and carefree experience, planning, researching, creating and publishing posts to my site. It only makes sense doesn’t it?  Additionally while I do have a site I owned before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I can anytime I choose to move that website, all content and contacts into Wealthy Affiliate.

I opened the WordPress site in 2017 when I published my first book, Misquoting Logic to refute Bart Ehrman on his views.  As I have touched on I started from scratch without any prior experience owning or running a website.  After a couple months here I have a one word caveat:  “Don’t”  Do not go clueless and wander around in the dark on the web.

Here you will have a site in no time, beginning for free and instruction from a twenty year veteran whose brilliantly conceived training has allowed him to teach over 1,000,000 people to thrive in online business.  It only makes sense doesn’t it?

Best Value And Learning

My publisher, gives away to every author their book ,”90 Days Of Promoting Your Book Online” and they make it clear you have to promote a book for it to be successful. I have found only one trouble listening to the publisher’s advice.

WordPress offers a free website hosting, without any frills or assistance.  Not optimal.  I upgraded to Word Press Premium Plan giving me some nicer features and assistance from their happiness engineers, as they are called.  All in all that was amiable.

The trouble came a couple months back when I decided to move that site to Wealthy Affiliate, which decision revealed the problem with Premium plan.  I had no access to any plugins.  There was no plugin to back up my site content, contacts and data.

In order to preserve your content and have access to plugins requires Business plan.  That is what I now have there and I am staying for at least a year (11 more months) to compare that with Wealthy Affiliate.  There I have One Website with their business hosting.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate I have hosting for Ten Websites With my own domain names .com or .net or .org.  I can have another Ten Websites in the domains.  A great test laboratory.Wealthy Affiliate is built on WordPress Enterprise hosting.

Find Your Success, Try It FREE

Added on top is the training here and this begins with a free trial to experience what I am telling you for yourself.  Still no credit card required.  Enter an E mail address and hit SIGN UP or Wealthy Affiliate Banner at the top of this page then enter and E Mail, after reading the features or there is a banner Below Comments section here.

Than you for visiting my website.  Please leave any questions below and I will be happy to answer them for you.  Please leave any comments below also.  Please take advantage of our free trial at Wealthy Affiliate.  Get Started Today.  Than you again for reading my posts.  Chris.



Aquaponics For Beginners – Chris Queen Book Review

Chris Queen Book Review. Aquaponics For Beginners by Kevin Justine, was chosen here for review because the subject is pertinent for the world situation under the pandemic protocol. More episodes like this may be repeated. The subject therefore lends itself to survival in the event something even more serious arises.

I am personally interested in the subject of aquaponic growing for myself and my family. It is my intention, therefore to review more literature on the subject toward building my own system and offering know how to help others build their own system for aquaponic growing and farming.

So let’s get to it. I ordered this book, on Books A Million and highly recommend it. The book reveals the information necessary to properly size, stock, chemically balance and maintain a healthy abundant aquaponic growing system. This would put us in good shape if, God Forbid, food availability is severely diminished. Whatever the reason.

One hundred and fifty years ago most people lived on or were still connected to farmland. In our day the percentage of farmers and those connected is minuscule by comparison. We mostly work for large companies with most new employment provided by small business, here in the United States.

Aquaponic gardening is, in basic sticking fish in a tank and using that water for a hydroponic set up. Hydroponics produces food without very much taste and less nutritional value than tradition soil farming. The maximum in tasty organic farming is produced through aquaponic growing.

The book here explains all of this in detail, including the various grow media, essentially rock. The book goes into detail about the best plants to grow, the best fish to stock, how to provide the rich oxygen and the necessary Ph of the water for the health of the fish and the plants.

As a mechanical engineer I was surprised at the detail and the explanation of the various system, setups the mechanisms required such as home made filters and waste removal systems this author recommends.


The book provides the carrying capacity for number of fish based on volume of your tank and species of fish used. Detailed information about the optimum temperature ranges for these various species.

The author, highly recommends Rainbow Trout with the caveat about temperature also for Crappie, BlueGill, Koi, Tilapia, Catfish, Pacu, Goldfish and even Guppies and Angelfish which he suggests are hard to kill and very good for indoor systems.

Carefully explaining the need to remove the waste solid from the water for the health of the entire system and exactly how to do this in the least expansive way. He explains how to design a swirl separator as a means to remove solid waste.


The system needs to be monitored for chemical levels, however, it is much less labor intensive than ordinary soil farming. The different fish and the various food bearing plants require water in ranges the author has researched and provides.

The last few chapters of the book provides design [parameters and some specific recommendations as well charts and flow diagrams showing his readers exactly how to build their own system.


I looked at websites and there the various pumps for water and air and most of the rest of the materials needed to build your own aquaponic gardening setup.  Food tanks are good for larger volume systems.

This is a very good book on the subject giving you a detailed look at every aspect of successful aquaponic growing. The information can be scaled up for commercial sized systems for those who might want to provide produce for market at supermarkets of the local farmer’s market.

It can be scaled down for a fish tank growing system in home for personal consumption.


I again heartilly recommend this book as a great place to start educating yourself on the pursuit of an aquaponic garden setup. Judging from this vantage, as an engineer it looks like this author has left nothing out in regard to the necessary ingredients and ingenuity for a great growing set up.

I thank you for visiting my Thank you for reading my posts. Please if you have any comments leave them here below and I will answer you very soon. Please if you have any questions leave them below also and I will answer them. Thank you again for coming. Chris.