CDBaby Digital Distribution – How 2 Make Lemonade

How 2 Make Lemonade

How 2 make lemonade is the question of the day, in view of the changes in the music industry.and perhaps my initial judgment was hasty. What we have here is the classic case of lemons. What to do? How 2 make lemonade.

A few days ago I posted about comparing them to, ridiculing CDBaby Digital Distribution. I made an error there. Steaming songs on YouTube is not for free. YouTube is a streaming service just like Spotify, amazon music, iTunes, Deezer and all the rest.

YouTube pays the least of them all, I’m told. But a picture is worth a thousand words, in promotions. The exposure in video is maximized if you produce and distribute interesting content. Users need to be interested.

CDBabyDigital Distribution

The following is a letter from Jay with CDBaby answering my statement about them putting my songs on YouTube and I probably agreed to it somewhere along the way for some promise of monetization. I really don’t recall, however, in fairness CDBaby always seems to ask what course you’d prefer.

Thing is, if you read his letter here below you see the choices are stream your songs or figure out how to promote and sell them yourself. Trouble is the model has changed. No longer do people buy song downloads. They have become accustomed to streaming as the method of user interface.

Lemons, that’s what we got. But maybe not. Knowing what we know about content driven traffic maybe we can make more money with our songs, through competing with ourselves, than we ever could have trying to compete with the talent and the record company resources.


CDBaby’s Letter

“CD Baby Artist Services (CD Baby)

Jun 11, 2020, 11:22:41 AM PDT

Hi Chris,

Thanks for getting in touch with us. Sorry for the late reply! With COVID causing everyone to cancel their shows we’ve had more submissions than we’ve ever had before and we’re struggling to keep pace… Clearly we still have a way to go before we get there. Thank you for your patience.

That said, there is no “free YouTube plays”. YouTube Music is a streaming service just like Apple Music and Spotify. You’re paid a small amount per spin. We understand that it’s a very small amount. You’re free to opt-out of streaming if you choose to, but CD Baby has seen time and again that artists who allow their music to be streamed make more money than artists who don’t.

I know this doesn’t make fix the small streaming amounts, but hopefully it can help you understand how things are working.



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Artist Services

Atención al Artista

The DIY Musician Conference is heading back to Austin NEXT year. It’s all happening August 27-29, 2021″


This was in reply to my message in my CDBaby account here:

Chris Queen

Apr 25, 2020, 5:07:09 PM PDT

“Just want to ask here, How are Artists supposed to earn a living with all the streaming and free YouTube plays?”

It Is What It Is, As They Say

I went into Wal Mart tonight to return something. As I was leaving the electronics department I turned a corner and saw vinyl records in a rack perhaps 20 feet long. There below the record selection of real albums on vinyl were numerous varieties of turntables to play the vinyl discs.

About fifteen years ago I read an article how, due to the superior sound some people were returning to vinyl records for their preferred medium of listening pleasure. I asked my friend Paul (a professional and fairly successful recording artist sine 1970) “Hey Paul when are you going to produce your records on vinyl again.” He laughed. Guess what? Paul is on vinyl with his latest album, Branching Roots HEREWal Mart now deems vinyl records as a worthwhile offer once again.

Wouldn’t it be wild if things ended up going full circle back to the superior sound of the vinyl records? About $ 20.00 per album at Wal Mart, to get some great music and it allows you to pick the album to set the mood. Won’t be long until they are building magnetic tape and reel to reel recorders, again for the warmer tone of analog recording. End of the crunchy tin foilesque brittle sibilant digital freeze-dried process?


All speculation aside, I apologize to CDBaby for my mistake in thinking they were streaming my songs for free when I was actually earning some fraction of a hundreth or a thousandth of a penny for each spin (?) vinyl records and CD’s spin. But hey, whose counting microscopic portions of a penny? Three or Four Million streams and you can afford a book of stamps to write home. But, Just E mail it.

Seeking the recipe, how 2 make lemonade, with the lemons, the sugar, the water. Starting here with several hundred followers I probably would not have if I had not run across CDBaby and the CDBaby digital distribution, a couple guitars a computer a little bit of know how.  I’m at, with my CD and streaming “Look Up Now.” Or Look Up Now on YouTube, also on Amazon (CD) So let’s give it whirl!  You can sign up for spotify, amazon music, iTunes or Deezer while you are there.

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my post. Thank you in advance for streaming my songs. I hope they bring you enjoyment and comfort. Please like them, if you like them. Please if you have any comments leave them below. If you have any questions leave them there too. I will reply. Thank you again. Chris.  

Look Up Now.

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  1. Hello dear, thanks so much for sharing with us such a great remarkable article finding a very good website does not come so easy so I must commend your efforts in growing such a stunning internet site and mention an article to help others with good facts Iooking to seeing more beautiful article relating to this in the future this is great thanks for sharing , wow I am glad I saw these post admin it was of great help to is all  thanks slot for the info

    • Thank you Joseph,

      I am please you liked the post and my site.  I am very happy you found value in my words as helpful to you.  That is my aim.  I appreciate you commenting positively and thank you once again.  Yes there will be more articles on music, the situation and the best ways to promote songs.  Chris.  

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with us here, it’s another form of motivation to me. Sometimes we don’t know it all that’s why it’s important to ask questions make research before drawing out conclusions. Yeah fir sure I will be looking forward to download your songs and also referring the page to my friends. 

    • Thank you for your comment and the positive response to my songs.  Please do share with your friends.  The aim is to share them with as many people as we can reach.  Thank you again.  Chris  

  3. Thanks alot for this very wonderful and informative article on how to make lemonades …..I really have not tasted lemonades before or having an idea of how it is made …but i’m glad I stumbled on this …Because I would want to try it out not just anyone but the one I made myself …all thanks to this article ….I am looking forward to seeing more of your post.

  4. well your content is informative to me i love it but come to think of it sometimes Youtube is free but in the area that it is free it is not too useful like it is useless.

    i suggest that these your wonderful content that is talking about lemonade should go round the world meaning you should put more effort in promoting because it will help the society especially to those  who into entertainment,.

    i appreciate you once more for your informative content kudos,i wish you success in your journey to promote your content.

    • Thank you for your comment.  Fact is, I am getting ready to do some more recording.  Thinking of doing an independent comparison to see if I can get more streams than CDBaby/Streaming services on my own from organic traffic.  

      There is a lot of reasons to make music these days but making money is not one of the reasons to do recordings.  Thank you for your comment.  Chris.

  5. Well, the world of music has certainly changed over the years. It might not be such a ludicrous idea to go back to vinyl albums! My parents used to have 33 and 78 RPM vinyl records, and I loved listening to those.

    I went to your site, and I listened to your CD: Look It Up, great stuff. I have bookmarked the site and will share the link with my friends.

    • Thank you Sonia, 

      I appreciate the support and yes the music buz has changed drastically.  I used to like to play the 33rpm records on 78 and the 78’s on 33.  Thank you for listening and favorable mentioning my record.  Er CD er whatever you call them now.  Chris.   


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