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Hello to my readers who are also writers and readers who create entertainment and art.  Hello to all the rest of my readers and visitors too. Today, I am having a bit of fun with my recent discovery.  I have new keyword opportunities.  Chris Queen Look Up Now is a phrase people are typing into their browsers.

Chris Queen on YouTube, also is an opportunity keyword.  I invite you to type those phrases into your browser.  When you do you will find me there on YouTube.  In 2014, I released the record titled, Look Up Now, through CD Baby.  This I thought, in error, would get me in front of millions and some of them would buy my records.

The internet doesn’t work that way.  There are close to 4 Billion people out there searching the web.  That is a huge opportunity in potential financial reward if you can harness up to many people.

My First Book

Then in 2017, I wrote my first book.  “Misquoting Logic, What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It.”  My publisher, provided me a promotions manual which I read and tried to use to promote my book.

Need a Website

In it I was told I needed a website that I own, meaning the domain name which is in essense the deed to an exclusive space in the internet.  My domain here, belongs to me.  No one may use that address except me.  So I went to and paid $99 for a site and purchased the domain,

While I read the manual, not all of it made sense to me.  Even keywords were a mystery to me.  So I had a manual but did not adequately understand it.  The publisher is not in the internet and website teaching business.  They are book publishers.  They have a website full of books they sell.

Broken Ribs

After a couple years of mostly unsuccessful book and CD promotion on Facebook, pretty much exclusively, I gave up, until I could find more knowledge.  I broke some ribs in 2018.  Decided to try to get some income from someplace while I healed up. was what my search yielded.

Rory has changed his business name to  Rory has a “virtual shopping mall” online and for a couple hundred you can have one too.  Just exactly like his.  So, since Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other search engine frowns on identical content, Rory and a select group of insiders put you to work modifying that content to “make it your own.”

As a former insider, there, for a period of months, I worked the phones 20-30 hours per week to retain people who called in with questions or angry they were not getting any help from their mentors.  I was very good at it and soon had a full plate with 20-25 students.

Multi-Level Online Shopping Mall

His scheme is poorly executed in that I, basically a beginner though a fast learner, was following his teaching and regurgitating it to newer people.  Working 60-80 hours per week setting Skype Appointments with those students and bringing them along to Rory’s real aim aside from SEO which is multi-level marketing programs.

DC Cellars was a wine program which yielded very good rewards and by spending time with my students I managed a very high success rate in converting those people to the wine program.  The DC Cellars opportunity has since evaporated in bankruptcy.

So I am unsure of what the new replacement program is with  But it is not, websites built on organic traffic from search engines.  Rory’s right hand man, when I retained a woman who had a huge E mail list moved in pushing me aside and stole her business out from under me.  Conflict ensued, and not owning my own domain, just like my publisher told me, I was out of the club.

Thank God.  The forty computer apps all with different windows and passwords etc, was a nightmare to navigate.  Thousands of identical websites, “virtual malls” in his network with individualized verbiage is NOT a winning formula for Search Engine Optimization or a long term business strategy.

I did learn a lot about the basics of setting up a website, and made my money back, however, I cannot recommend rrr247.  In the end you have no business there that cannot be taken from you at the whim of Rory and his sidekick.

Knowing a whole lot more after that experience I reached out to my publisher and asked her where is a reputable online business learning system, so I can learn to promote these books.  She sent me an ad from the internet from Wealthy Affiliate.

I discovered the definition of magnificence.  No only do I no longer work 60 to 80 hours per week, but I own my own domains which can be moved anywhere I like.  The training here is not my responsibility to accomplish; rather Kyle the co-founder of the now near 20 year old business, teaches all affiliates through his Online Certification Training.

You have one password retained by the site. And you can change it but you’d be crazy too do so.  I hit login and I’m into my Dashboard, the single window navigation along the left of the page gives you access to your entire business in that One Window.  Eight menu items is what you use.

Training takes you to his Online Certification video university.  Videos are average of 15 minutes and you can start and stop, rewind, fast forward and replay at your will.  When I get interrupted, I press training and go right beck to where I was in the lesson.  I can replay it, go to the internet and google the subject to learn more and come right back.

You will be able to hit the website key along the left, go to your site back office and perform the task Kyle is teaching and then resume the training right where you left off.  Kyle teaches at a speed anyone can follow.

This training is an incredible value and Carson and Kyle the co-founders are able to provide it very reasonably due to the intelligence of their program and the sheer volume of their successful platform.  I bought my domain names for half the price of my first one at (

Whoever you are if you have books, records, videos, podcast to promote you will exponentially increase your knowledge of how to attract people on the web to your information and promotions.  You will learn all the ways to monetize your site and offers releasing you in a year, give or take from outside annoyances like jobs etc.

Whoever you are you cannot find better hosting value anywhere in the world.  Enterprise level hosting.  Lightning fast, secure beyond compare, and 25 free sites at and 25 more as .com, .net  The cost is NOTHING to try this out.

That is the truth.  My name is all over my site and posts.  I am sure when you get here we and the rest of the thousands on the Live Chat interacting at all hours because it is a global company, access to many mentors in the top learners and teachers also.

I talk with Kyle often.  Carson too.  And all you have to do is enter an E mail address and press Sign Up and the system generates your encrypted password on the spot and remembers you and logs you in every time you hit login.  Check it out for yourself.  You will thank me.  We will be friends for life.

Yes I Want To See For Myself

Or, get more from the other Posts Chris has provided on this site, before I am ready to try this out.





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6 thoughts on “Chris Queen Look Up Now – Chris Queen YouTube”

  1. Awesome Chris! affiliate marketing is running in my blood now. It has become my hobby and I spend most of my hours online lol. Nice Article you have put out here. Thank you for the wonderful expression of your feeling and discoveries. It really cheered me up. Great job and keep it up.

    • Thank you for your comment Juma John.  I am also running my hobby as a serious business.  This rocks.  If you have further questions of comments please leave them and I will answer as soon as I can.  Chris.  

  2. Hi Chris
    I’ve just checked your site and content.  Once I came to the end of the article, it made a bit more sense.  For most of the beginning part, I found it very confusing and disjointed.  I wasn’t really sure of the point you were trying to get across.
    I also noted that the words Google and Bing started with lower case letters.
    Also thought you might like to add a few more headings to break up the content in the second half.

    I hope this helps you in some way and I do hope you have success after some bad luck.

    Lady Q

    • Engaging, confused and disjointed is fine.  You probably grew up in one place your entire childhood, I did not.  Thank you for your comment and I am glad you caught on.  After a while you become a sort of celebrity small at first and then Oh man you are out there and people are noticing.  google and bing oh well they register when capltalized or not.  Try them out in JAXXY.  Once again thatnk you.  If you have any more comments or questions I will answer them as soon as I can.  Chris.   

  3. This is a great story that I can relate too! A lot of people are taken in by promises of making money online and rarely get the chance to see their dreams become a reality, it’s happened to me too, plenty of times. I’ll definitely check out your recommendation for WA, thanks for taking the time to share you experiences in this field. 

    • Justin please do look into Wealthy Affiliate for your own sake.  This is head and shoulder above what I experienced before.  Than you for your comment and please if you have further comments or questions leave them here and I will answer back as soon as I can.  Thank you again Justin.  Chris.  


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