Define Low Hanging Fruit-Your Book Must Be Seen

Define low hanging fruit

Definition of Low Hanging Fruit

The topic for this post is to define low hanging fruit. While it might seem obvious on its face, we are now speaking about books. Books are sold through online business, and your keywords need to target low hanging fruit. If you can reach up while walking through the orchard and pick an apple, of course that is the definition of low hanging fruit.

Growing up around my grandfather’s fruit growing operation in Washington, I know a little about fruit. The low fruit if it is all picked requires someone to climb up and pick the high hanging fruit. These days, with oranges, they shake it all down and pick it up. Unsure if they still pick apples from a ladder. But the images from my childhood are used here.

When we speak of low hanging fruit here, we are concerned with competition. Again we think toward keyword targeted content which brings traffic to our website. Well written content with information interesting to as well as valuable to your readers will hold their interest and bring them back to your website again.

Low Hanging, Regards Keyword Competition

define low hanging fruit

Search Engines record the number of average hits per month for a given keyword or phrase, if rated on the first page in the search engine. For instance a keyword that get 5,000 hits per month might sound good. However, such a word might have 250 pages in competition for the first spot.

Your book will only be seen by those who navigate 25 pages deep while browsing. Never happen. Keywords must be searched in a keyword search tool for efficiency’s sake. The target here is getting your book in the worlds’ view. We are not trying to grow mushrooms in the dark. We want to sell books. The world must see the book.

Targeting keywords with under 100 competing pages is picking the low hanging fruit. Once you have targeted the low hanging fruit, bringing traffic to your site, the books will sell. You get ranked in your own right, by building quality content and your keywords will reflect in the hundreds or thousands, when word is out.


I published my book, Misquoting Logic, by Chris Queen, in early 2017. Without a clue I paid $100.00 (annual) for a website.define low hanging fruit

“They” (rarely know what they are talking about) told me to post a lot of blog posts. Without targeting keywords and writing targeted content I posted 300 blog posts in the three years.

Not a total failure, I did manage to gain 1600 followers at my peak. I still have 600 plus followers on that website, however, I did not sell many books. So by my reckoning I placed a bet, against all odds, and lost more than I won. Sort of a hip shot rather than taking careful aim.

A more intelligent approach is to listen to the gambler’s wisdom. If you go push the button for Wix or or etc, you’ll be taking that same hip shot and rolling the dice for dumb luck.

your book must be seen

My Recommendation

First, I want you to know I have taken this recommendation myself. This, recommendation which reached me, after spinning my wheels fruitlessly for almost three years. I took the advice of my Publisher, Angela Hoy, who directed me to Weathy Affiliate. Angela publishes Writer’s Weekly a weekly published, E zine, with thousands of readers.

She and her husband Richard own a Print On Demand (POD) Self Publishing Company. She has a spotless reputation in that industry. Her company pays the highest royalties among (POD) self publishing companies.

Her E zine, Writer’s Weekly, a service to writers, where she also exposes publishing companies lacking integrity and connects freelance writers with freelance writing opportunities. Angela, has often predicted the failure of these unscrupulous characters and their inferior publishing plans based on their inferior character.

If you inquire she will speak with you directly by E mail, herself, and I am happy I found her. They do not publish every manuscript they are presented with, preferring to maintain a quality profile in the industry.

This benefits her authors because people in publishing know her and her quest for integrity and quality publishing, printing and service. I know her on a professional basis and after two books, one traditionally published, Misquoting Calculus, by Chris Queen, through Abuzz Press, their traditional publishing division, I am proud to recommend her.


This is the keyword search tool JAXXY. And invaluable aiming keyword tool. Your book will be seen.

your book must be seen

You need a keyword tool to avoid gambling on dumb luck and hip shooting for the target. You need to produce quality content targeting keywords related to your niche. JAXXY keyword search tool is a comprehensive advantage toward these ends.

Wealthy Affiliate provides JAXXY both in their trial version and unlimited searches in the Premium Program. Further enterprise level private hosting with incredible security, superior speed and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Along with Industry Standard Plugins and fabulous training in website creation and all knowledge necessary for operation.

You will learn to create you own keyword rich content aimed at benefiting your readers and to draw new searchers and seekers to your sites.

Additionally, you will learn the marketing skills required to convert your offers benefiting your customers, readers and searchers, and rewarding yourself in many ways to include well-earned prosperity. All while offering your visitors the same opportunity, Win, Win for all.

define low hanging fruit

Better Start For You Here

The entryway is easy. Enter your Email and then at the top hit the blue sign up. Your test drive has begun. Kyle will show you in the Training for Online Certification program. I learned more in the first series of training sessions than in the prior three years of wildly hip shooting and closing my eyes and throwing the dice. Read more about it let’s save you the runaround. Then hit the link in that page read the wealthy affiliate information on their page, then type in your Email and go to Sign Up and I’ll greet you on the other side and so will Kyle and Carson. They are not your usual Billionaires. Come and join us. I’ll see you inside.


4 thoughts on “Define Low Hanging Fruit-Your Book Must Be Seen”

  1. I like the visual representation and personal experiences you shared about low hanging fruit. It does help a lot to picture walking by the tree and being able to reach up and grab that fruit. That’s the one we want to be!
    I am about 6 months in to my own online journey and I can attest that Jaaxy has been an extraordinary tool to use. It is definitely a straighter shot going through there! You are correct, we often get sucked in by the high volume of hits to a certain keyword but we fail to remember that a bunch of others have their aim on the same thing! It’s a much wiser course to take careful aim at the ‘low hanging fruit.’ Thanks for sharing great thoughts!

  2. Hi Christopher. I didn’t understand this low hanging fruit concept and I had heard it quite a few times. I see how important keywords are and targeting the right ones is a key to success. We could start trying to hit big shots and we would never archive them. It’s better to start slow, targeting achievable keywords and build up from there.

    Thank you very much for explaining this in plain English. 

    • Yes ma’am Kyle has said this to me enough times it finally got through the Rhino Hyde and the bone to the brain.  Than you for your comment and I hope this helps my peers and my readers.  CQ.  


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