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Here we are in the grocery age. Yes. Family survival plans in our day involves a drive to Grocery Spot (made it up) and filling the basket with processed foods off the shelf along with milk, meat and paper goods. What were we thinking?

The panic mode we have witnessed over COVID-19 should be a wake up call. In 1929 we saw the run on the banks. In 2020 we see, the run on toilet paper. While it speaks different things to different people whether humor, or disgust at the selfish response to some.

This points to a bigger problem sitting there like the proverbial, “400 pound elephant in the room”. What if we experience an even longer social distancing of more serious variety and duration? The run on Chicken Noodle Soup because everything else has been depleted? We don’t want to find ourselves in that position.

How Will We Feed Our Family?

One way. Grow it ourselves. But most of us don’t have a spare acre of ground or time to farm it if we did. The present pandemic has closed the libraries and all other non-essential businesses etc. Besides it would be hard to survive if we were family survival skillsforced, without preparation, to plant and wait 60 days for a crop of vegetables.

That speaks to the need to get ready in advance. In the twenty-first century many nearly miraculous things have come to us. A hydroponic garden can he set up in a garage, a basement or a spare room. The complaint about hydroponic growing is that you have to add fertilizer to the water. For Hydroponic Growing Information:

>>>>>>>>GO HERE <<<<<<<<<<

A Better Way

Aquaponic growing is growing on auto-pilot. Robot farming, easy to D.I.Y. with a little guidance anyone can do this. Again the garage, the basement or spare room will suffice.

The improvement over hydroponic is you grow the fertilizer and the main course of your meals right along with your favorite vegetables, herbs etc. The fertilizer for the vegetables is a by product of growing the main course. The water in tank one feeds the vegetables in tank two. Like This! A Picture is worth a thousand words. A video IS thousands of pictures. For information on Aquaponinc gardening:

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>>>>> Video How To Here >>>>>

Diversity Prevents Hunger

family survival skillsThe author’s grandfather grew fruit in the Yakima Valley in Sela Washington. He grew cherries, apples, pears, peaches and apricots. Having a variety increased the likelihood one or more of his orchards would produce a good crop every year. Usually several.

Learning from his lesson there is more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes. Personally I am not big on mushrooms, however, I am even smaller on the idea of hunger for myself and my family. Here we have a how to on growing your own mushrooms. For information on growing mushrooms:

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Garage To Greenhouse

family survival skills

You might not have a garage. In that case a basement room or an extra bed room. If not another option is a small greenhouse. Again the Aquaponics growing system is a crop robot. No weeding, just watch the vegetables grow, pick them and enjoy.

With a greenhouse you will be able to produce an abundance and share with neighbors, friends or relatives. If you are handy it is no problem to follow a few directions from someone with a bit of wisdom gained through experience.

Imagine a greenhouse about 12 x 15 feet full of homegrown organic food and a kettle of fish to boot.

Supply of Fish

family survival skills

A few days ago the cat needed food. Went to one of the famous brand name pet stores and it seems they are a necessary retailer. They remain open because the dogs, cats, birds and fish have to eat too. While goldfish might work, the state game and fisheries might be a better source.

In our state, the parks and fishing spots are open with the social distancing protocol in place. That means the bait shops are likely open also. A few buckets of minnows would work. But I suggest walleye, crappie, catfish or trout for your fertilizer fish since they are also good for eating.

The bait shop should give you good information on sources for bulk fish food which will be way more economical than pet store fish food.  Or better yet a worm farm the book will show you how Here making you more self-sustaining.

Drinking Water

In the event the power ends up going out and you need to do social distancing in place you are going to need water to drink. Get a new plastic barrel or two. Build wooden racks, get a couple of taps, and fill the barrels with tap water. Berkey makes a great gravity fed water filter to remove 99.999 percent of particles, pharmaceuticals bacteria et., giving you safe drinking water.

There are other filters available online too and they are inexpensive. I like Berkey because their filters last 4-6 years, as advertised and their housing is stainless steel. But water is a must as food also. Almost an afterthought which is why the information in the linked offers here are valuable to us.

Not Turning This Into A Survival Website

how to survival books

Life survival skills is something we should begin thinking about. Depending on governments, economies, utilities has put us in the “take it all for granted” mindset. So this is a wake up call and the libraries are not open. We provide some resources here. Our eyes should be opened now.

Our shaky systems have been submerged partially, this time, under the scare of a pandemic. But we should find ways to survive if need be independently. We are, many of us are Americans after all, inheriting a courageous pioneer spirit from our forefathers. So let’s learn to survive as need may dictate. It only makes sense for us to fend for our family. Plus we can have much better food, in the event no catastrophe appears. Organically grown food in our own place knowing what we feed our family it is not chemically infused. Chris 04/09/2020.



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  1. The current COVID-19 crisis is a good reason to consider becoming self sufficient with some of the foods we eat. I never thought of creating a hydroponic garden indoors. I suppose that LED lighting requiring much less power that the old incandescent lights, this makes it economic to do. 

    Have you created such a system in your home? Living in :LA very few homes have basements like back East. Our only options are to create a greenhouse in the backyard for those who have a large enough yard, or convert the garage into one.

    I don’t like the idea of converting a spare room inside the house as soil can contain microorganisms that can grow. And even insect larvae. 

    However, this is a good idea if the grocery stores keep running out of food we need.


    • You will find, investigating further, that soil is not used in the aquaponic or the hydroponic grow systems.  Neither setup is any different in reality than it would be to have a large fish aquarium.  This does, however, make you no longer dependent for food.  

      I have not yet set this up.  I intend to do so.  Adding a worm farm in the backyard to feed the fish.  That is the ultimate independence.  Look into it further and make your decisions based on the facts.  Not having the experience myself I can only offer conjecture.

      But it looks like an intelligent strategy to me from here.  You are correct, we here in the midwest have both basements and ample backyards.  That is where I will start.  Thank you for your comment.   

  2. Great advice in times like these. People really need to open their eyes, step back and appreciate what we have, had and could lose.

    Being able to grow your own produce is very important and worth considering.

    I used to have a Hydroponic system myself and it worked very well.

  3. Hi! In the midst of this corona virus crisis we have to be prepared for everything. I particularly love mushrooms so I’ll definitely take a look at your recommendation.

    I have also noted that in my state too parks and fishing spots are open with the social distancing protocol in place. I like fishing so I’ll visit my local bait shop.

    Thank you very much for writing this post.

  4. A great insight into how we should be planning during COVID-19 times. It’s a pity that we wait until we are in a crisis to recognise and appreciate the things around us that we regularly take for granted. These tips are very practical and useful and we do have the time on our hands to do it because we are home and can make ourselves useful.

  5. Great informtaion. This information is much needed during this period of coronavirus and more people will be able to follow your advise because it is simple and clear.

    I had never thought of this but it might be becoming a need soon.


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