Get 1,000,000 To Read Your Blog – To Get People To Read Your Book

It’s easy to sell your book. Get 1,000,000 people to read your book. As an engineer, I know the numbers don’t lie when handled with integrity. To get people to read your book you’ need to show it to around 100 people per sale. So show your book to 100,000,00 and you’ll have a million seller.

Certainly that would put you on the New York Times Best Sellers List and you’d be set to do it again and again. Good dream huh? More realistically, per the numbers, as they say, first you have to get 100 people to read your book.

These days most books are not purchased in bookstores. They are E books, Paperbacks and Hard Cover books and most are purchased online.

Attracting Readers

Most books being sold online means if you want to succeed as an author you’ll need to know the road in regard to online business. That means its easier than ever to promote your book.

Nothing has changed with the need to promote your own book. Book promotion has always been the other job of writers. The big book companies have their stable of successful authors like Tom Clancy, J.K. Rowling and James Michener.

How did they get where they are at? They wrote and promoted their way there. Once they reach the celebrity status they enjoy, the publisher just has to do some press release activity and the sales start to roll in.

Established Authors

Authors have agents and promotional staff like press secretaries etc. The publishing industry knows go getters will find a way to promote themselves. The successful promoters will achieve success as writers.

In the end the celebrity takes care of most of the promotion and the publisher, just announces a new book by a Steven King for instance. He is established as a household name. He has authority as an author because he has a history and writes books people are interested in reading.

Therefore, he has many New York Times Best Sellers and has another one almost instantly when he is announced with another book. People have trust in the quality of his writing and millions pre-order his books. Same holds true with J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter stories. Of course Michener is not with us any longer but he sold a lot of books in his day.

New Authors

New authors have to take responsibility for promoting their own books. Since most books are sold online an author who wants to be successful must promote their book or books online. Stands to reason doesn’t it.

A website and probably a YouTube channel are in order. Video it is said is the number one way to promote anything online here in 2020 and most likely moving forward. I bought a camera and I am learning to use it and edit video.

Having a website gives readers a chance to sample your writing skills and style by reading your posts and pages and you may direct your readers to wherever your book is offered for sale. My book Misquoting Calculus is HERE Video Trailer has code for 20% off.

Ghostbusters Can’t Help You Here

So who you gonna call? I know one place in all the world where you can adequately learn all you’re going to need to know. It is featured by two guys who started online while in college over fifteen years ago. It is featured by these men who have figured out their system to teach over a million people how to effectively operate online business.

So stop kidding yourself right now. You can do what I did in 2017 and self-publish a book. It’s not that hard, nor is it the hard part of success as an author. Then you can go to or or any number of providers (like Wix) and hosts and slap a website together.

Then post blind shots in the dark hoping traffic will arrive as though by magic to look at your book cover image and or read your excerpts. And per the numbers you manage to sell a few books. Or go to Wealthy Affiliate and promote your book successfully.

Start Today

Many authors don’t know what a keyword is much less how to harness keyword targeted content to bring readers to their site. I know I did not. I spun my wheels, as they say for almost Two full years.

Then finally admitting I was not succeeding I started looking for the keys. The keys are, as it turns out a website optimized for Search Engines and use of words and phrases pertinent to your offer/offers which people are actually typing into their browsers to find you.

Translation: Keywords and keyword phrases people type into Google, Bing and Yahoo to find what they are interested in on the internet. You need to start right now to meet them head on with the right keywords.

How To Get 1,000 Readers While Learning To Get 10,000

True Story, here. I have a website on to my other site. Get 20% off my books there, code in the book trailer videos on the right. Or go from here. There, on genuinearticlex7 you will find two books I have written. Misquoting Logic (self-published) and Misquoting Calculus (traditionally published) so I am a traditionally published author. Not everyone can say that. Alert Go To The Video Trailer For 20% Off Code for my books!!!!!!!!!

The website there is three years old. I worked very hard writing posts and was gaining readers, yet not aware. I did not know what I was doing because I took the advice of providers and just started blindly posting.

Unbeknownst to me I had managed in the first few months 762 views of my site which should have been at least twice that, had I known then what I know now. I became discouraged working alone without any positive feedback.


We are our own worst enemy sometimes. Discouraged I gave up posting a thousand words a couple times per week. Now, with WordPress business plan which I pay $ 300.00 for I can see the numbers. I stopped and the number of readers fell.

We ran into financial troubles last year and since it had become lower priority due to discouragement, I let the Premium Plan in WordPress lapse into the Personal Plan (free) and found out you get what you pay for. My readers and views fell into the double digits.

When I look at the chart now I am mad at myself. If I had only kept going, I would have 10,000 followers by now and be selling lots of books and other things. But who knew?

The Wealthy Affiliates Knew

Wealthy Affiliate, thank God, is where I ended up, after trying RRR247 Rory Ricord. I call it RRR247NOTcom. Now, I am in the know because of the fifty segment Online Certification course at Wealthy Affiliate armed with a forum of people hundreds of thousands to encourage I avoid discouragement.

Armed with advanced Search Engine Optimization SEO know how and others to teach and encourage, some of them millionaires thanks to the training and Enterprise hosting along with JAXXY keyword tools and training I am now meeting readers head on with keyword targeted content that brings people to my websites.

I still have the first website and upgraded to business because I could not move the content, contacts and stats without upgrading it. I am keeping it for a year to compare the superior hosting here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Value

Third month I will surpass my visitors and views on my previously owned website. I have opportunity here to host up to 10 websites and it is less money that Further I have taken advantage of the included Online Certification training and know 1,000 times more than a few months ago. Encouraged.

This includes google ad sense and google webmaster tools with google analytic and a full array of analysis tools and the training making use of it all. You will not find hosting and training value comparable to this anywhere.

FREE TRIAL to find out for yourself if what I am telling you is true. No credit card information required. Just Type in an E mail address and hit Sign Up. That’s all there is to it. You will immediately be taken to the one-page navigation where there are Tabs for Dashboard, Training (start right away) Websites (You’ll be taught in the training how to build yours, very easy) JAXXY, Live Chat, Help Center and few other additional training links for classrooms and (advanced) live event training.

Hit the Red White and Blue Banner above top right Go Now. Or Hit The Banner Below But Get Started Today!

Scroll and Read about Wealthy Affiliate. Enter your E mail. Hit Sign Up. I will know when you are in. I will greet you along with a bunch of people including Kyle and Carson the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my posts. Please come back often. I will be writing more soon. Please leave any questions you may have below and I will answer them. Please leave me your valued comments. Thank You again. Chris.

11 thoughts on “Get 1,000,000 To Read Your Blog – To Get People To Read Your Book”

  1. Hello awesome review you have here These days most books are not purchased in bookstores. They are E books, Paperbacks and Hard Cover books and most are purchased online. And I really think this is an awesome platform to purchase books and really hope more people find out about this thanks for sharing this with us

    • Joy, thank you for your valued comment.  Yes especially with distancing books sales have soared.  I have also set Books-A-Million on my site to sell all of the books, not just my own.  I bought a few books too.  Ticket was 80.00 plus which is about average.  This can become lucrative with the necessary traffic.  

      So I also encourage and invite people to Wealthy Affiliate.  Thank you very much for commenting.  Chris.   

    • Thank you for your comments here Nichole. I am glad to hear you are a reader. That will help you here at Wealthy Affiliate. I am so pleased to make your acquaintance and thanks you once again for your comments. Chris.

  2. As a writer, one of the good things that can come out of owning a blog is the fact that it can really help ammass the right audience that can have interest in your book and be willing enough to spare a couple of bucks just to get their hand son it. I actually like the way you have presented leveraging here. I really value it and thank you so much for sharing it out here

    • Yes it is a taster for your readers on your writing skills and style.  It also brings subject interested readers, as you notice.  Soon I plan to go forward with E mail Marketing.  I heard from a little bird here that Magistudios has a very good training on E mail marketing.  Yes I am after readers and business people for sure.  Thank you very much for your pertinent comments here Abel.  Chris.  

  3. Hello and thanks for your encouraging post.  As a result of my online searching for ways to make money, my email has been inundated with countless offers for various e-books.  I have read some of them and I have also done some research into writing them.  I have never been a writer outside of writing papers and reports for school course or work, but my interest certainly has increased recently.  I wholeheartedly agree with how much of a positive environment that Wealthy Affiliate provides for both encouragement and education.

    • Thank you David,

      Get it written and then submit it to my friend Angela Hoy at  Her production cost is the lowest and her royalties the highest.  Then put in the promotion work the way Kyle teaches you and bring the world to your book.  I have said a book about gnats could make you a millionaire.  Type Gnats into JaXXY and you’ll be stunned.  Whatever your interest is I am sure among 4 Billion you can find enough interested.  So do be encouraged and take action now rather than later.  Chris.   

  4. Chris, you don’t know how thrilled I am to read your blog. I was thinking along those lines two days ago.
    You see, I have self-published almost eight books since 2012. Actually, I have written twelve, but four still need editing, and then I make them into eBooks with Scrivener, and printed books using the InDesign tool.
    I like to write about supernatural occurrences, and my last book, “What About Barnum,” deals with Aliens, good ones. Most of my books are what I would call Urban Fantasy genre as they deal with today’s world, and a few of the protagonists are either extraterrestrials, or a human or two with certain powers, and of course. There is always mystery in subtext, which I believe makes the page turn faster.
    Some of them have won awards. And the reviews are all about 4.5 stars.
    Distribution and marketing are actual problems. I recognized this a while ago. Furthermore, I get calls from people who want me to go on the radio (for a price) or solicit agreement to bring my books to the fairs. I have a publicist calling me also, a well-known one. Who can spare that kind of money?
    I just became a business member of Wealthy Affiliates. I was debating about which niche to select. I thought of my books, as I love writing, but I still had some reservations on how to process all of this.
    Thank you for your clear and excellent insight. I now know what will be my first niche.
    By the way, when you began, how many books did you have to offer. Would you say that eight books would be enough to start? Or did you offer other authors the chance to be on your website?

  5. Awesome! I love reading and writing article it is nice, reading a great article is inspiring and you get to learn new things, writing and selling a book is kinda difficult this days that is why i find this article very interesting, i will say this article is for me, i wrote some books some times ago and am still writing but couldnt sell it but thanks to this great review i will definitely start selling it.Thanks again

    • Thank you Kingsking.  There probably are easier things to sell, but my books are what I want to sell.  I am writing on three blogs, writing a PDF Book, building a vintage Fender Amplifier clone, getting ready to record a new record and going to make Fender replacement bodies and necks.  Wealthy Affiliate has inspired me to do all of this while the Current world situation has caused a bump in book sales.  Looking ahead our world may become more virtual with more work and marketing accomplished online.  Get your books back online and let set the world on fire brother.  Chris.  


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