This site is a site for those who want to have an online business in afffiliate marketing.  The definition is keyword targeted content.  My focus here is on those who create.  Though Affiliate Maketing is not merely for writers, bloggers, recording artists, video producers, or podcasters, that is my world.

Though I am just getting into video and plan to podcast, I am experienced in recording music, and I have written two books.  I am a published author with one self-published book, Misquoting Logic, through booklocker.com and a traditionally published book Misquoting Calculus published by Abuzz Press,

I welcome you and invite you to read and view the site at your leisure.  I will be adding new articles and blog posts so there will be a supply of new content for your reading enjoyment and edification.  Thank you for visiting the site.  Thank you for reading.  Please come back soon.  Chris.  5/1/2020.






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