How To Sell Your Book Online – How To Create A Book Trailer

Today I want to talk about video as the current online leading promotional tool. How to sell your book online should include a video program too. My publisher, encouraged me to let them make book promotion trailers for me.

How to create a book trailer is an important question. The Camera is question one. Most smartphone cameras are adequate. People humming about 4 K but the video capability etc., can’t produce any improvement over 1080p, yet. But think ahead.

The advantage to 4 k is in ease of editing and editing speed I am told. I’m honestly unsure yet while I have an inexpensive 4K camera over here, I am waiting for my replacement credit card to buy a film editing software.

Learning Video Together

So we are going to learn this together. I do know I will be using a YouTube Channel to begin with. Have not made up my mind what to call it. MGM and United Artists are taken so it won’t be one of those. That’s how far along I am with this today but next week I will be much further along. I am revealing the status as beginner to show you this is not hard.


Movavi Video Editor

I will be using Movavi video editing because it is very popular. I have researched it some and there is ample support on line. I like the editor’s features and things like the ease of using snap and the filters, fade effects etc. All in one window with timelines for video and audio under the video view window.

It’s practically idiot proof and I like simple and intuitive. Not looking to rethink my life to wrap my head around some tech-no-clown’s goofy ideas that do not travel an easy to think through destination. I want to think in regular English, thanks all the.


Movavi is an internatioanl company with over 400 staff members

Staff 400 + 3,000,000 Happy User Sold in 200 Countries

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My Book Trailer On The Right

Over here on the right of this post you can view the video trailer for my book Misquoting Calculus produced for me by my Publisher. Angela Hoy at sent me a template outline and I supplied the text (she modified it a bit) and she put the music and video together. I loved it.

It has a 20% off code there in the video. View the video and gather the code. Then go Here and buy the book at the discounted price and get yourself a life changing education, in 100 pages. GET MISQUOTING CALCULUS By Chris Queen at 20% OFF NOW!

She produced one for my first book also, Misquoting Calculus so soon I will put it up here too. I am considering an edit and second edition to that book as I write. So I am thinking all of that through.

Video is the number one promotion method currently on the internet. With YouTube as the number one channel provider. I currently have a Music Channel on YouTube, but have not yet created a channel for video. I will be doing so in the coming week.

Q2N 4K Camera From Zoom

I bought a Zoom Q2N camera a couple weeks ago. It is a 4K camera promoted to musicians for the superior sound capabilities it features. Inexpensive also, the camera is $ 219 It is true it does not have fancy lenses and all the belles and whistles of more expensive cameras but the superior sound from the zoom mics is very good for my purposes.



GoPro PaperweightMAX

A couple months back I bought a GoPro MAX and after messing around with that for three weeks decided it makes a better paperweight than camera and returned it. I had traded my dad’s old Sony Still Camera for 100 dollars off. They informed me they could not return the trade in camera.

Their sales information nor their customer service personnel bothered to mention that. So I want you to know I am very unimpressed with GoPro products, their customer service and their company. Maybe they’ll learn the customer is always right. Impossible to find any support for how to use the GoPro SUX Paperweight too.

Oh so sorry Oh so Sad is never the right response to a customer. 360 videos of antics on skateboards bikes or snowboards was not my desired use for a camera, anyway. Thoroughly unimpressed.


Enough advertising for Go Pro, back to you and I and our video book promotion. With helpful targeted keyword content combining this with helpful video presentation, promotion becomes more effective. I own three websites and contemplate video on all three sites.

Should have video up and running by the end of the month if not sooner. I am shooting for sooner. I will explain it to you all once I have a handle on it all. Should not take me long. I catch on quick and have lots of associates in wealthy affiliate who are happy to help.

We help one another to accomplish things we could not easily as isolated individuals. That is the foundation of knowledge here the Online Certification for the general know how and then further knowledge coming from our peers and further training. Click the Red White And Blue Banner above or down below to read more about Wealthy Affiliate

Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading my post. Please don’t leave with unanswered questions. Leave any questions in the form here below. Please leave your comments there as well. Thank you again. Come back soon. Chris.





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