Let Patrick Mahomes Help To Actively Promote Your Book Online In Wealthy Affiliate University.

No, I am not associated with Patrick Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes is a great blessing to us in Kansas City. Aside from finally bringing home the Lombardi Trophy and helping Andy Reid finally win a Superbowl Ring, Patrick is here in Kansas City helping to build houses for those in need and his wife is doing philanthropy also.

Here, I am actually experimenting with new neuroscience headline writing to engage readers. The folds of time have stretched into fifty years between Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl wins. Patrick is staying and we rejoice in his settling here in KC. He is a welcome figure here in Kansas City as George Brett still today.

Hopefully he can continue the streak with such a great coach and the rest of the awesome team he leads on the field on Sundays. How cool would it be if he bested the Patriots streak?

Now, let’s get down to business like this great quarterback and his dedicated team members and completely involved coach.

Our subject:

Let Patrick Mahomes help to actively promote your book online in Wealthy Affiliate University, sellingyourbookonline.com.

How Do We Promote Our Book Or Other Creative Pursuit Online?

It is not as hard as winning the Superbowl. By next Superbowl, though you can have an ongoing job replacing income here. Like Andy Reid and the rest of the Kansas City Coaching Staff we must perceive and layout our game plan. And execute that game plan one play at a time. As with the game of football we must know the strategies and skills and execute.

You too will need a team and be humble enough to become a part of the team leaving all showboating behind. Our coach here at Wealthy Affiliate is Kyle, the Andy Reid of online business. Also the other players in the game are endowed with talent and wisdom from experience. We should listen learn and execute, play by play.

Knowledge in a succinct place and time span. Wealthy Affiliate has an Online Certification Program. We, members, call it Wealthy Affiliate University. Kyle and Carson began about 20 years ago while in college and learned the ropes. For a pittance, they show us the ropes.

Success Hundreds Of Thousands Of Times

No one except the Lord above knows how many thousand passes Patrick Mahomes has thrown over the course of his life and career to arrive at record setting performances. Kyle and Carson have shown 1.4 Million people the ropes in about 20 years. Obviously they know more now than at the beginning.

It is called a University because we learn to easily build the framework of our website, then the strategy of keyword targeted content. We follow through fifty easy to follow and execute training videos averaging about fifteen minutes each. For this we are awarded badges, as the Chiefs, win games for proper learning, humility and execution of each play.

The training always starts at exactly the place you left off. This means if your mother calls and you accidentally hit the X you are taken immediately back to your continuing lesson. You can replay the lesson as many times as you like to get the complete feel of the play. Perfect execution is there for you on every snap. Its easy and anyone can excel here.

Keywords Define The Plays

Here in the Huddle we learn to call the right plays being informed by the great keyword tool, Kyle teaches us to effectively use. JAXXY is a tool that tells you how a keyword phrase rates from what people type into their browsers to search for. As an example typing in Patrick Mahomes yields:

237987                     40458                         117                                      Normal                        79

Average/wk              Traffic         Pages/Competition           Rating the keyword      SEO Rating

Left to right:

Avg/ Week = Average # of searches key word receives Per week.

237, 987

Traffic = Number of searches you can expect on the keyword if you are ranked number one on that page


QSR = Number of competing pages ranked for this keyword.

117   (that’s about the sixth page … not going to showup)

Quality Indicator: Red is poor, yellow is normal, green is great. This one is only Normal.

SEO = A score based on traffic and competition the higher the score the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale 1-100 higher = better)


Now let’s look a little deeper:

Patrick Mahomes Jr (full name): 120          21            100         Great         94

This is a better keyword. Kyle tells us under 100 is best for QSR.

Now look at this one:

Patrick Mahomes married              857      146             45          Great         92

So a niche about Patrick Mahomes’ marriage, perhaps their philanthropy, might draw more women, would be a better niche for competition (45) SEO (92) and traffic (857), than the first because there are only 45 websites ranked on the keyword and you are 92 percent likely to be ranked on page one with this keyword.

Kyle, like Andy Reid teaches us here how to call and execute the plays as Andy does for the Chiefs, because Kyle knows the internet like Andy Reid knows football.

So this University at Wealthy Affiliate is Major League caliber.

The Sacrifice Required

No we do not have to go to training camp and struggle the rigors of Two-A-Days as the twin practices to get football players in shape and hardened up for the contact and injury avoidance. Nor get hit by Justin Houston.  The cost here for the University is less than the cost of JAXXY (premium) by itself and includes unlimited use of JAXXY plus Kyle’s instruction on how to use it effectively is included.

Best of all you get to turnout for this team FREE to decide the value for yourself. Then WHEN, not if, you decide to stay for the entire fifty lessons in the University and beyond, you will have had a world-class tour of the entire site and know exactly what you are getting before you spend a dime.

Requires no payment information at all to try it out for FREE. Just enter an E mail address and hit the Blue Sign Up at the top of the page.

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If you are convinced you should

look this over For FREE.

But wait there’s much more:

Old Pros and Beginners Alike

The knowledge is put to shame by the hosting value here. My own experience to start was WordPress.com for $ 99.00 for a year and then $ 26.00 for my domain name. Pretty cheap. They do have sight support help there. They have helped greatly.

I have a sight over there on which, with no clue, I have managed more than 500 faithful followers who receive my posts in their E mail. Over 300 posts I have written since 2017 and I get 200 or so views per week. Ranked on the page where it appears. genuinearticlex7.com is my domain there.

Here I have 25 free website addresses I can build at no additional cost. Plus I can have another 25 websites with my own domain names. This one is sellingyoubookonline.com. I own that real estate on the internet. Were I to decide to go to WordPress.org (5.00/mo for hosting) where there is no involved help, only documents, I could take the domain name with me and export all the content, contacts, stats etc.

But I’m Not Going Anywhere.

Two days ago, I goofed trying to insert a copied HTML code from Google Adsense into the text (HTML portion) of the back office of my site. I missed and destructoed the front page of this website. No banner image, or nice appearance, just text of the menus, comments, posts etc. It was ugly.

I was in a tizzifying quandary as to what to do. I went to the Live Chat section in the same page on a menu at the left. I asked What do I do? One of the more experienced people there, told me to get a free plugin called WP Clone. Then he said, create a backup of your site. I did it, very easily with two clicks. Anywhere else besides Wealthy Affiliate, I would have been on my own, and lost.  This is so intelligenty set up for us.

Then he said, delete your theme. Two clicks. Theme gone. Site safely backed up in WP Clone. Then he said, now reinstall your theme. The reinstall restored the site code and restored my front page to normal, when I repopulated the saved content of my site. Truthfully we all help each other like this. You’ll find we are waiting to help you too. I am three fifths of the way through the training for Online Certification i.e. Wealthy Affiliate University and help the new people along too. Reap what you sow.

The University Is Inexpensive

Free to give it a look and turn the knobs, push and pull all the levers and blow the whistle. See if you can find any weakness. The value is unmatched anywhere in web learning and hosting value. I have not been able too to find any weakness. Bring a skeptical attitude and you’ll be pleasantly amazed as your skepticism evaporates.

Bring a positive attitude and you will win the big game here like Andy Reid and the Chiefs. If you want to be a success beyond your wildest dreams, I tell you truthfully, it is here waiting for you to accomplish. That with a coach, Kyle, every bit as accomplished as Andy Reid.  Andy is the winning est coach in all of Professional Football and now with a great team, the Chiefs, who have set the bar.

You are welcomed to become a player on our team, and you and I, will become and remain friends for life, because I tell you the truth. You’ll thank me you were convinced. Then you will know there is one place on the earth where you can depend on the truth. All the incredible world of Wealthy Affiliate University and the best hosting value on the internet, anywhere, after the free trial is yours for less than two lunches per week and I promise you no huckster will appear with a video demanding a thousand or even hundreds of dollars to continue to pursue your dreams here. This is not a scam.

If You Are Ready For This Great Adventure

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Enter an E Mail Address Hit Sign Up And I Will Greet You Inside!

Please if you have questions or comments leave them below. I will answer you as soon as I can. I will be writing more soon. Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading. You will become a champion!  If you have questions Please Leave them below. Chris. 5/10/2020.

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  1. Hello Christopher, thank you so much for this very detailed and  informative article, you really sure have a way of getting your reader glued to your post I really admire the you related football to Wealthy affiliate, it’s really nice, good writing skills i must commend, I just signed up for wealthy affiliate some months back and the live training classes have been amazing, I’d ve following you on WA I know I have alot to learn from you 

    • Kyle and the training in here is where I have gotten my inspiration.  I am pleased to find my visitors and readers are engaging with the content.  Keywords drive traffic in quality content.  We all have a lot to learn and I am glad people are learning from me.  Thank you for your coments and please leave more comments ad any questions and I will get to them as soon as I can.  Chris.  

  2. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post online, I believe these article has helped me a lot on how to promote your books, these post has really been of help to me, I’ve already started using your methods, and I am yielding results as at now, thanks for the info

    • Happy you are finding results with the strategies Wealthy Affiliate has inspired for me.  The art of selling books has to do with organic traffic based on keywords and engaging the people who want to read what you;ve written.  As I have said a person with 4 Billion potential traffic could write a book about gnats and retire.  The key is to isolate the several million who want or would read gnat books.  I believe this.  Thank you for your comment and again I am glad you are inspired.  Chris.

  3. Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts are indeed invaluable, interesting and motivational. This is the type of article a friend of mine who has been wanting to build a website to promote his business will be pleased to have. I will definitely bookmark this page and make some recommendations to him. Keep the good works. Regards.

    • I am doubly happy my content has not only inspired you but it is traveling from there to your friend for his inspiration.  The business of selling your book is online business empowered through keyword driven content.  The content must also engage your readers at the empathy and identification level to be of maximum effect.  Thank you for your comment.  Tell your friend if he, or you have any questions or further comments please leave them in the comments on my pages and posts.  I will answer as soon as I can.  Chris.  

    • Hello Edah,
      Thank you for commenting on the post. I am very happy indeed, that you found the writing valuable, interesting and motivational. I thank you for considering the need of your friend and please tell him I invite him to read my posts and leave any comments or questions below. I will get back to him as soon as I can. I thank you for bookmarking my page as well. Please come back often and if I can answer any questions levae them below. Thank you again. Chris

  4. Helo , it will be out of place If I don’t thank you enough for sharing this amazing piece in Helo to promote a book online. This is exactly what my friend needs, he’s a writer and has so many amazing and interesting books and he really would like to promote them. I will forward this article to him right away. Thanks

    • Multiple titles is also an autograbber.  The content must be built around effective keywords and there is no better place to define and effectively use them strategically than here at Wealthy Affiliate where Kyle, our coach teaches that effectiveness.  Thank you for your comments and if you or your friend have further comments or question please leave them below and I will do my best to answer them swiftly.  Chris.  

  5. It’s great that lessons learned in one realm can be applied to all kinds of different scenarios and environments. Training and access to quality products are important parts of success in almost all fields. 

    An ongoing education to stay current is especially vital in industries that can change quickly (like internet rank, search engine preferences, etc), so it’s great to have a “university” level training in place to help sort through to more easily find success.

    • Yes Aly,

      I just did the neuroscience training put up by ChristopherJ and decided to try it for myself.  This spilled out very naturally and I like this post as well as any I’ve ever written.  I seems to be touching engagement and striking a chord with people from the comments I am gathering.  

      Next sailing I think with some focus on SEO.  I don’t know for sure, but I’m felling this and have all Christopherj links saved in a word document for reference on how to rate headlines.  

      Main thing is keyword content and having a little fun.  Love to write.  I should have started blogging twenty years ago.  Thank you for your comment.  My advice is give the neuroscience healine engagement words a shot.  Had a lot of fun writing this.  Thanks again, Chris. 

  6. i have read a lot of reviews about wealthy affiliate in the forums. some good, some, so, so. None have said it is a scam though. 

    Many have said Wealthy Affiliate provides no data on the number of successful affiliates, compared to those who drop out and give up.I like the way you have related it to a football game and I am sure the training is as thorough as a coach’s plan.

    It would be nice to know the win loss ratio though. 

    • Well everyone who perseveres in the longrun will tend strongly to win in my opinion.  Targeting low haging fruit keywords like Kyle teaches and paying special attention to SEO and QSR is a winning formula.  To start out I have tried to simplify the writing toward plain talk.  

      Next, I am with a basic grasp on keywords trying to make my posts engaging to draw people with simple empathy between us.  That is my aim.  Honestly anyone who perseveres in the training and execution will come out on top.  

      Not sure of the success rate, but I know who is definitely going to be successful.  This is a five year program for me.  I have learned much from giving and receiving these site comments.  I’m out of credits until I make some comments on others’ posts.  That’s where I have learned the most outside Kyle’s training.  

      I think the ,main thing is trying to enjoy the journey.  Thank you for your comment, Michael.  Chris.  

  7. Hi, Christopher,

    I loved your analogy between football and WA. Although WA is not a university in the traditional sense, it provides many useful resources for those interested in starting affiliate marketing.

    Keywords are very important, as you mentioned. They’re one of the foundations for our websites.

    I can totally relate to your anecdote about breaking your site. I remembered when I was starting out, I messed up the home page. I’d never used HTML code in my life! I freaked out when I saw what I’d done, but thanks to my peers, I was able to fix it.

    Thanks for sharing this review. Have an excellent day.

    • Yes the peer support along with Kyle’s training opens eyes very quickly.  Remaing humble to take what is offered to you by each individual as GOLD is of paramount importance.  This thing will work as I see.  Thank you for your comment.  Chris.  

  8. Hello,  Thank you so very much for this amazing article.  Personally, I have learned so much here on how to promote my book that I just wrote.  This has bee a big obstacle that I didn’t know how to remove fro the way but my encounter with your website has given me the solution I have been looking for. , especially with the SEO thing.  Thanks,

    • Happy my post enriched your experience and strategy.  Engaging the visitors is a big way to gain their interest in buying your book.  Multiple titles also helps.  You can publish a PDF and offer it as a bonus for getting you readers to take action.  My publisher swears by E zines published weekly or so with article important to writers and readers.  Go see her at writersweekly.com  Make sure you tell Angela Chris Queen sent you.  Please come back again.  CQ.   

  9. Hi! This is a great informative review of WA. I love how you related it to football and broke down how WA works. This will help some of your readers understand how WA works. If you didn’t relate it, for those that don’t understand affiliate marketing will not understand how WA works.

    • Thank you Tia,

      I am thrilled to hear you notice the relating part.  I have seen high power blow the roof off posts about Wealthy Affiliate and I am trying to do exactly what you say.  Moore toward hos we can learn to do this with the human element to engage my visitors and leave them with a comfortable invitation to kick the tires.  

      I truly appreciate you commenting on my post.  Yes, I tried to be creative and get the point across this is the NFL of internet affiliate marketing.  

      The Oxford University of online success.  We are truly blessed to find ourselves here.  Than you again.  Chris


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