Piano Sheet Music Books – What Is A Specialized Market

What Is A Specialized Market

What is a specialized market? In short it is a market designed for those with a special type of interest. The auto dealership does not sell Piano Sheet Music Books. The auto dealer opened to offer automobiles to people interested in his brand.

The Piano sheet music books merchant does not offer automobiles in his shop. Nor does your local grocer offer sporting goods or athletic shoes. These are examples of specialized markets and why it works.

Misquoting Calculus by Chris Queen

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The website you are on is specialized to sell books. My own books I have written, however, it is also designed to sell other books. It only makes sense doesn’t it? If I write content targeting keywords to sell other types of books I draw more people interested in a wider variety of books and increase the chances I sell some books.

Looking For Piano Book Shoppers Today

For instance my title on this post indicates marketing piano books. The next question is what kind of Piano books are most beneficial for my visitors, for me to promote? Should I go with the 100 most popular songs of the 1890s or The Beatles Complete?

Let’s think it through, the Beatles have 21 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 which is the most for any artists in history. Their total album sales for their career tops 600 million Albums sold. That’s a lot of records. And a lot of people who might want to learn Hey Jude.

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The Piano books in our day also have guitar chord charts so we have all braided together the most popular songs in history, in a single collection (two volumes) and it is produced for piano players as well as guitar players.

How This Works

Looks from here like it will have some potential for some sales for my advertisers and a small commission for me every time someone from my website goes to the advertiser’s website and buys Beatles Complete Volume One or Volume Two.

And when you type in Music Books at Books-A-Million pages and pages of books are there for piano players and guitar players and others to browse through. With Four Billion People on the internet you can see the marketing potential.

That’s why I’m here. The overhead is minimal, and no inventory is required because the advertisers have warehouses full of books of all kinds, and they ship it. CD and Vinyl Records, games of all sorts both online and for your table and you family or guests to enjoy. Movies”? You name the DVD and Book-A-Million probably has it.

Additional Marketing

You may notice the zZounds Music Logo and text info at the top of this page at the right. I put it there because I have another website where I am doing the same thing I do here only over there with Recording equipment, musical instruments etc.

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Check out the guitars and who knows maybe that site benefits you also if you are wanting to play the guitar or other instrument like keyboard, drums or Piano. zZounds and Book-A-Million are two brands I like, and promote. Both companies have excellent inventory and outstanding customer service.

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Thank you for your visit to my site. And that you for reading. Please leave your valued comments and questions here below. Come back soon I will be writing more. Chris.



4 thoughts on “Piano Sheet Music Books – What Is A Specialized Market”

  1. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I believe this honest post will help other readers who come across it as it has helped me at the moment. Thank you very much for sharing the link over here, my last child has been disturbing me about learning the guitar for sometime now.

    • Thank you Joy for your valued comment.  Thank you for your compliment.  It is my hope this will assist people on the right direction for their greatest benefit in their’s or a family member’s beginning to play the instrument of their choice.  I put the book idea there because that is how so many of us started.  These days the internet and lessons there is probably the way to go.  I am looking into it and will soon do a comparison of the value in online learning.  Chris.   

  2. Not a lot of people can read a piano sheet music book, which means that it is for a specified market. Selling books online now makes it very easy for these people to have access to the type of books they have the ability to read and understand. This is very interesting to read through.

    • Yes your point is correct.  I have not researched it yet but I suspect most of these types of books are sold to guitar players traditionally.  I wanted to see if there would be a response.  I have further plans along these lines,  Thank you for your comment.  Chris.  


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