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Books in review fits seamlessly here, this being a website to learn not only online book selling for authors, but other creators as well. Creative content producers from any genre find that online business sells whatever it is the creator has to offer. Recording Artist, Bloggers, Podcasters must all have a successful traffic strategy to win the day.

The book review I plan to do weekly of course depending on time as allowed. It is further fresh content providing value to my visitors who wish to choose books with some insight as to what is between the covers.

The books I will review are aimed at our goal to sell more of our creative results online whether it be books, songs, movie scores, screen plays or what have you.

Staying with that theme I will begin by reviewing my own publisher’s book. Angela Hoy has accomplished much in this area of our interest. She owns self-publishing. I believe, based on firsthand experience this is simply the best place to publish your book in the Print On Demand (POD) industry.

Her book, Profitable Email Publishing, How To Publish A Profitable EMag by Angela Adair-Hoy Writer’, gives a great overview of the subject of publishing a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly online news and professional magazine. I am currently thinking about what to name mine.

Angela Says: “My E mag, Writer’s generates tens of thousands of dollars in profits every year. Yours can too. This will be the purpose of the Books in Review pages and posts in this website. Generation of traffic for our websites and quality content and services providing value to visitors to make them returning readers.

Angela and Richard are my publishers at and Abuzz Press. They genuinely care for us who are authors in their business, Yesterday, as an example, I was waiting on this book and another I had purchased at I mentioned it to her telling her in passing I was still waiting for delivery, due to the COVID-19.

Angela knew I wanted to make use of the book. She had one of her staff send the E book to me in an E mail. Customer service like this is normally not found. So I am happy to begin my reviews here with her book.

Very Useful Book

Content in a book, like content in a website post, page or EZine must be of value to your readers. The value in the book under review is stated concisely by the author, Angela Hoy, herself in her Preface where she says this:

“My E mag Writer’ generates tens of thousands of dollars in profits each year. Yours can too! Sales of my e books alone generate more than $5K in revenues.” This book is obviously a benefit to Angela, her business and you and I.

The book is concisely written to provide interviews with several other successful EZine Publishers, their stories and the success facilitated by them deciding to publish these online magazines.

These include, Chris Gore Film Threat E zine. After three years he then boasted 84,000 subscribers. Jerry Parkins, A1 Freebies Online and A1 Paychecks Online whose motto is “Try to be the person your dog thinks you are.” And the incredibly successful Ray Owens Joke A Day who then had 150,000 subscribers after beginning by sharing jokes between him and 8 buddies.
Angela at the date of her book being published in 2001 boasted 37,000 subscribers to Writer’

Amazing How To Outline

Angela explains her book is not a technical assembly instruction for providing the nuts and bolts of E zine assembly. She lays out the resources you will need and provides links to those resources along with brief explanation why you need to follow her lead.

From marketing account so you can take credit cards on your site, to where to obtain HTML software and on to boards and groups to begin promoting your E zine it is all here. A truly amazing virtual smorgasbord of everything you’ll need to begin publishing your online magazine.

All of this laid out for us by one with a proven track record beginning as a single mother a back story she shares along the way to her current life as a very successful publisher along with her husband Richard.

Publishing at Booklocker

I know and work with Richard and Angela as an author on their list. They are people I am proud to know and proud to recommend. Reading Angela’s article in her E zine Writer’ shows you what we are talking about here and confirms my testimony to her unfailing integrity at every step in the process of having my first book Misquoting Logic self-published through and then Misquoting Calculus published by their traditional publishing wing Abuzz Press.

I have read this book and plan to put her advice into action very soon. I highly recommend this book as a must read for any author wishing to intelligently follow the pattern set forth by Angela Hoy as one who has achieved great success in the publishing industry.

Final Recommendations

As an author, I recommend for publishing your works. Please tell her I sent you. Yes I benefit if you do. I recommend her because I am utterly satisfied with my experience in publishing my books with Richard and Angela Hoy. Thank you for visiting my site. Thank you for reading this post. Please come back soon as I will be writing more very soon. Chris.



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  1. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. Angela explains her book is not a technical assembly instruction for providing the nuts and bolts of E zine assembly. She lays out the resources you will need and provides links to those resources along with brief explanation why you need to follow her lead.

    • Thank you, Awinkistevie, 

      I appreciate your comment very much.  She is a leader we need to follow to get where we want to be.  Thank you for following me and for your comment.  Chris.  

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this post here and I really appreciate this post here. In all honesty, this review here is massive and I would love to appreciate what you have shared. Well! I want to say that this Angela hoy this week is simply great and considering g the opportunities that it avails writers like me is great. Thanka

    • Sharon, read her Ezine.  Do what she tells us to do in her books.  She is all about helping us achieve our goals to be independent writers.  Her Ezine is filled with opportunities for writers to get work doing what they love.  Writing.  Thank you Sharon for you comments.  Let’s just get it done.  Chris 

  3. It’s good to know that I can do my publication on that website because I have always had stories in my head to write and I have one that I have already written halfway and hoping to publish when I am done. I like this book too. It is really a good one and I have to get my hands on it and digest what is written there. Nice post.

    • Than you Henderson.  Just go to author accounts and sign up.  She will definitely read your manuscript and tell you what you need to do.  She is a seasoned pro with the experience that has provided her the answers she desires to share with other writers.  Tell her Chris Queen sent you, please.  Thank you, Chris.  

  4. Hello Dear a big thanks to you for Sharing this beautiful review of the week Angela hoy. I really had a nice time reading through this review. Nice work . Anyways I really think the Booklocker for book publishing is indeed a nice platform and exactly what my friend needs. I will definitely recommend this to her. Thanks

    • Thank you again Sheddy,

      Yes I am proud to recommend her publishing and he care for her writers.  I have learned much from her to this day and will learn much more as I am putting her strategy to work.  Tell your friend to share his manuscript with her.  I know she will be constructive and kind.  She’s a great ally to have.  Thank you again.  Tell your friend to get ahold of me here if he has any questions or comments too.  Chris.  

  5. Hello there! Thanks a lot for this wonderful review. I found it very very useful. It is informative as well as deductive. Also, the simplicity of your website made it really accessible. Thanks for the great tips on how to sell our books online..I’m going to put them in use, thanks a lot 

    • Thank you very much for your compliments and your comments.  I am happy the site helps you and will definitely be a help to others.  Thank you again, very much Philebur.   


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