The aim is to sell more books online. Tried and true strategies and techniques make this possible for us. The goal is how to get more people to read your blog. Traffic to our website comes from content in the writing aimed at targeted keywords. These reflect what we, type into our browsers when we are online searching the web.

Keyword search tools can help us find these words or phrases. JAXXY is one such tool as a standard in the industry. It is a premium brand in keyword search platforms. That platform is included for us free of charge, in the trial period, by our mentors.

Keywords, when used intelligently draw readers to your site. They stay, and view posts and pages, when your site contains easy navigation, nice imagery, layout and posts and pages containing information useful to your visitors. Kyle teaches all these things, along with all other things required for your success.


Our next issue has to do with ego. I knew a man who owned a record store. He was actually a famous actor’s brother. If you ever watched the Mary Tyler More Show you know who his brother is. Ed Asner’s brother, Ben Asner, was the record store owner.

His famous brother was an obvious success. Ben had a gold record on his wall in the store called Caper’s Corner. I got to know Ben quite well and never heard him sing a note or strum a guitar. But Ben had gold records just like the Beatles. I never forgot this.

My books attract a very narrow section of the 3.75 Billion people on the internet. Just as a book about gnats could make you a millionaire, the trick is to get the gnat book readers to your site. Or is it?

Fortunately for you and I there is a thing called affiliate marketing. If you type in misquoting logic on amazon, you’ll see my books. Then type, Bart Ehrman misquoting books, and scroll down the page you will find my books again. Bart has sold 20,000,000 plus books, but being placed there has not launched mine into the book selling cosmos.


Dr. Bart Ehrman is a skeptic as a former Christian. My books Misquoting Logic and Misquoting Calculus were written to challenge Dr. Ehrman’s claims, as a textual critic. Unfortunately this has not launched any New York Bestseller’s List Titles with my name on the jacket.

But guess what? Broadening our horizons we do not necessarily need the focused, gnat book readers, to sell more books. Once they asked Albert Einstein what’s the greatest miracle in the world? Einstein replied: “The miracle of compound interest.”

Our miracle is affiliate marketing. We learn from our mentors how to harness all the horses, through becoming affiliates. Advertisers pay us commissions for bringing readers who buy the books they offer.  These readers, we gather through keyword targeted content.

We can, with a little learning and a little thought sell gnat books, Bart Ehrman Books, How to books, biographies, history books, physics books, logic books, novels, short story collections and all the books in between. Right now people are social distancing but the affiliate advertisers, especially books and these types of stay at home, activity items are enjoying a huge boom.


They go by Kyle and Carson (their last names are published) and they are not bashful. These two men, nearly twenty years ago, founded Wealthy Affiliate to share their experience in online success. With 1.8 million plus, online affiliate marketers trained to date, they are huge players on the internet.

The hosting (web hosts provide website space) is enterprise level hosting. Very fast, very secure and effective. For instance I wrote a page this week utilizing what Kyle taught me in the Wealthy Affiliate University (easy to follow video training) and the page I wrote was “indexed” by Google, the next day. (Google, the largest search engine on the planet, Yahoo and Bing the next largest).

Kyle with the fantastic, simplified and carefully designed, one page navigation, teaches his students how to produce content for Google search. This is unmatched.  This leads, with enough indexed content, to “Ranking” of your website, meaning your URL appears on the first page under search engines.

The quality of the hosting, the security behind Carson’s international enterprise level, tech savvy team is paramount.  Coupled with the palatable university level training Kyle provides it is bar none the best, learning and business value in the world.


Better yet, “no cost” to become a member, kick the tires and get completely through the first level of Kyle’s training. Also includes the JAXXY keyword search tool. Two lunches, per month, for you and your misses or that girl you have lunch with, gets you the upgrade to premium which includes everything they offer.

Learn this and you can fly her/him to New Orleans for lunch a couple times per month.  New Orleans, Paris, Rio, Tokyo, Nairobi, Jerusalem, yes this is a global network too.  By the way they boast they have never had a price increase in 18 years.  Continuously adding great features and value.

Hosting? You get 25 free websites (lab to scientifically try your ideas) in their brand ( and you can opt to build another 25 with your own .com URL. You can URL’s here at half what I paid for mine in 2017 when my first book was published.

The experience I have had with a solitary, do it yourself, hit or miss, build your own, and struggling to learn on my own to bring traffic is by comparison, a life tragedy. Every day, now I learn more in a relaxed setting and also help the brand new people with questions they have in the forum of thousands upon thousands of like-minded polite and helpful peers, some with 20 years online affiliate marketing experience.

I’m on the way to my. Come along. Go HERE, Enter your Email, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED and Then the “Blue Sign Up Button.” I’ll See You On The Other Side.  Join us now.  My personal guarantee:  You will not be sorry.  We will be friends for life.  Chris.

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