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Where Are The Bookstores?

Sell your books online is a goal, once achieved leading to freedom. Rhetorically, do you like the cubicle your company has provided for you? Success in Online Business is the only way through. There are Four Billion people on the Internet.

How many Barnes & Noble Stores or Border’s Books or B. Dalton Bookseller Stores do you remember? I recall the B. Dalton Booksller Store in Prairie Village Shopping Center where we lived when I was in high school. It’s gone now.

In the PV Shopping Center there were perhaps a quarter million people per week passing the book store on foot or by car. Thousands of titles inside, the competition had to be fierce for any writer outside the Tom Clancy, Steven King, James Michener(s).

I See Barnes & Noble, Not Borders?

In the nineties the big box bookstores appeared in higher trafficked malls and retail spots. Barnes & Noble, Borders and so on. While my books are sold at Barnes & Noble they are no longer sold at Borders. Here’s why from an article on NPR by Yuki Noguchi entitled Why Borders Failed While Barnes & Noble Survived.

Ms. Noguchi:

“The vast tracts of retail space that Borders will soon vacate speak to a gargantuan business that essentially killed itself. At one time, size was it’s advantage. Borders built a reputation on offering a huge variety of books — tens of thousands of titles in a single store — at a time when most bookstores could afford to stock a fraction of that.”

Further Ms. Noguchi notes:

“Borders also had an early technical advantage: a superior inventory system that could optimize, and even predict, what consumers across the nation would buy.

But in the mid-1990s, Borders lost it’s edge.

“It made a pretty big bet in merchandising. [Borders] went heavy into CD music sales and DVD, just as the industry was going digital. And at that same time, Barnes & Noble was pulling back,” says Peter Wahlstrom, who tracks Barnes & Noble for the investment research firm Morningstar.

He says Barnes & Noble also invested in beefing up it’s online sales. Eventually, it also developed it’s own e-reader, the Nook.

Borders did not. Instead, it expanded it’s physical plant, refurbished it’s stores and outsourced it’s online sales operation to Amazon.”

“In our view, that was more like handing the keys over to a direct competitor,” Wahlstrom says.” by Yuki Noguchi

My Books Are Everywhere Books Are Actually Purchased

While my books are potentially available at physical bookstores it is unlikely. The big publishing firms work with the powers that be in the industry to make available and promote books that have proven as books people bought in test markets with promotional displays etc.

My books are available at, Barnes &,, and pretty much everywhere E Books and paperbacks are sold. There is no warehouse with a pallet full of my books wrapped in plastic to keep them from gathering dust.

And it’s a good thing. No matter how big the warehouse, sooner or later in the event they need room for three pallets of Goosebumps or Harry Potter three of the other pallets have to go. Creativity is involved in selling these slow (by their expectations) or non-sellers at cut rate prices.

More To Books Bus Than Books

My books are published by and Abuzz Press as Print On Demand (POD) published books meaning when a physical book is ordered the printer prints the book and ships it. Since the books are actually virtually available we, you and I need to be successful in the virtual world of online business.

It does not matter how great your book is because what matters is getting before enough of the Four Billion people searching the web for books everyday. We need to succeed in online business. Then if we have a great book we are in business as they say.

High quality writing in your book is a necessity do not misunderstand. You still have to get it seen by enough people interested in the subject of your book to sell enough of them to pay the rent. Great news. Very low overhead and no need to maintain any inventory.

More To It All

Just knowing the computer “ropes” is not going to be enough. I published my first book and then put up a website and got it looking good with help from the “happiness engineers” started blogging and waited for the book sales to materialize.

All of this without the slightest clue how to go about it effectively. I’m a writer, so I wrote and wrote and wrote. Then I wrote some more. I was selling a few books but not enough to free me from the grind of working for others and I’m thinking my personality is just as messed up as theirs so I should be my own boss.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate. I broke a rib and decided I needed to get book sales on track. I tried an outfit that promised the moon. In reality it was a sales funnel with MLM schemes behind it all. Like Amway on the web. Live and learn. I did manage to earn most of my money back. Inexpensive lessons are better than expensive ones.

Drive The Train

I asked around and my publisher suggested Wealthy Affiliate. So I jumped into their FREE TRIAL and kicked the tires, drove the train, blew the whistle and clanged the bells. I kept it. Ending the Online Certification Training with two websites built, appropriate plugins, indexed and ranked, and with a thorough basic education and understanding gained in the Fifty Lessons, I now am working on my sites in advanced realms.

Google is the number one search engine in the world. Bing is next also handling search for Yahoo. Optimizing your site(s) for search engines is technical and you’ll likely need learning and help and suggestions to accomplish it. All of that is here for you at Wealthy Affiliate all in a one window navigation at your fingertips.

Or you can wander around on the internet asking “Are You My Mother?” There are myths and misinformation and things they tell which once were true but no longer the truth at all. With 1.8 million trained to date Wealthy Affiliate are pioneers and remain in the loop about all things pertinent and current concerning this online world and business.

You can set up one of the “instasite” websites on the internet and go at it mindlessly or you can get training that will make you a knowledgeable webmaster in a couple of months. After learning “keyword targeted content” you will write your pages and posts in “Site Content” where there are over one million royalty free images to easily crop and download to your pages and posts.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

You will learn to set up your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization plugin and learn image optimization plugin use so your pictures don’t slow your load times giving your readers a user-friendly experience. It’s all about your readers and their pleasure.

You will learn to set up Google Analytics to gain insight from the search giant how your site is doing. Plus you will learn to set up Google Webmaster tools for the full battery of metrics required to analyze things, like site load speed, number of impressions vs. number of clicks etc.

There is no better training anywhere on the internet. This is an incredible value and it’s inexpensive. Whether you want to sell books or Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie, or Athletic Shoes, or your own artwork or whatever, this is the place to learn to bring traffic to your site and through great user experience, quality content, of value to readers and quality offers create customers who enjoy your provided experience.




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6 thoughts on “Sell Your Books Online – Success In Online Business”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us an informative and interesting article. This article’s main theme is a successful online business selling books online. Nowadays online business is very popular and if he can only succeed online by selling books then there is nothing more to say. The example you have shown in selling books online is really great because your identity in Book Locker has inspired me to sell books online.

    • Thank you very much for your comment.  Yes the selling of books is definitely a business.  And even the big book sellers are learning this and some huge companies have learned the hard way and are no more.  This is hard ball as we say here in the US.  Booklocker is a great publishing offer it is true.  But the biggest concern is the training needed for a large crowd of readers, shoppers and buyers no matter what a person wants to focus on in a niche.  That is where successful selling of anything on the internet is realized.  Wealthy Affiliate is the best foundation available anywhere offering value that cannot be matched.  It’s the Paramount website training network and it’s inexpensive.  Thank you Mr. Islam.  Chris,    

  2. Good to be seen here is what you have shared because honestly, being able to actually focus on what sells and delivering the right book is one thing but also having the right channel for the sales can make or mar the success of a book. The book you have written can only be published online and hopefully get the right comments and critique

    • Sherry than you for your comment.  Traffic sells books.  Traffic comes from the Online Certification training through quality keyword targeted content that is beneficial to your readers, and Optimization for SEO to bring the maximum number of those readers to your site.  Thank you again, Chris.   

  3. Hi Chris,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article – Sell Your Books Online – Success In Online Business. I do agree with the fact mentioned in your article that selling books online is a lucrative niche. I did think of this niche when I first started with Wealthy Affiliate but couldn’t go far with it as I found something more appealing on which I could make my website and grow my online business.

    However, today when I saw your website, I really am amazed by the way in which you have created your website in this amazing niche with Wealthy Affiliate.

    More power to you.

    • Thank you need for your enthusiastic response and comment.  Yes I am approaching things a little aside from orthodox, I guess.  Writers, in general need to become aware that writing books is just the first base of authoring and the home run is in the online presentation of those books.  Online business is a huge opportunity in any niche.  I have more up my sleeve as they say and am working to expand my own presentation as well, now that I have the foundation fairly well established.  Than you again Nick.  Chris.   


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