Selling Your Own Book – Online Home Based Business

Selling Your Own Book – Online Home Based Business

The oxygen of selling your own book is getting enough people to look at your book. And not just any people, you’ll need people who are interested in your subject or subjects of interest contained in those books. Your readers are attracted to your offer, whatever your niche through what they type into their browser.

Your job in this online home based business is to offer pertinent keywords discovered through researching them. You need to have some idea what people are typing into their browser and roll out the red carpet to bring them to you. Competition comes from other website owners in your niche.

All of this research and rolling out the carpet needs to be intelligently planned and executed for success. This works for books, recordings, podcasts, pills and lotions and potions, apparel, electronics and on and on.

Brain Storming A Niche

You can retire in the gnat niche with 4 Billion people typing things into their browsers. Gnats might be a keyword. But I’m guessing it is not a very popular keyword, meaning not many simply type gnats into their browser. Surprise! I just typed gnats into the JAXXY keyword search tool here in my Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. Average searches per week 6,084 searches per month.

JAXXY tells me 1035 searches is what I could expect if I were number one on “gnats” in Google. Pretty surprising to me. Next we see the QSR number for gnats and it is not a good red carpet for us. There are 242 websites in competition for spot number one on the page for gnats. Let’s see at an average of 20 competitors per page that puts us on page 12.

I don’t think I have ever searched that deep. So our problem is way too much competition for “gnats” as a keyword.

Longer Tail Keyword, Less Competition

So what can we do? Create and search a long tail keyword and see if we can get one with decent traffic (average searches per month) but a happier result with the QSR (number of competing websites in our gnat niche. JAXXY gives a list of twenty related keywords with longer tails on the page with gnats.

So let’s see if we can narrow it down to something more useful to us in the gnat niche? I found: home remedy kill gnats, but this makes no grammatical sense. Its called google, and people don’t search goofy phrases normally.

I did a little more research and found a rich field of low competition keywords typing in “sticky traps for gnats.” Twenty keywords on that list the majority having QSR considerably under 100. JAXXY lets you save keyword lists so we could go back to our list as many times as we’d like.

Another issue is a domain name. We can search domains in the convenient single window browser setup in Wealthy Affiliate in websites and we can buy a dot com domain name if we’d like, for half what I paid for my first one at WordPress Dot Com. The search for a domain here in Wealthy Affiliate is done in the shade so cruisers can’t buy your keyword and then try to sell it to you. So we have a way to determine domain name availability and competition also. Wealthy Affiliate is well-thought-out and easy but effective to use.

The domain “” is available. You want a .com domain name in almost all cases. I also noted under the single keyword “gnats” the number one ranking title was Exterminating gnats. So we are probably on the right track here if we were going for a gnat niche. JAXXY will line you up on your niche and domain etc.

New List Of Low Hanging Fruit

Now that we have a rich list of “low hanging fruit keywords” we can harness up the horses, as I say. What we need to look at next since we now know where we can draw readers with gnat trap interest we need to target our content with keywords from our list.

“Sticky traps for gnats” has 56 for average traffic per month and 25 QSR competing websites so a few indexed pages and you are on page one. Engaging your readers through quality keyword driven content in your posts will bring traffic to your site in this niche.

I suggest to you that you can type in Google, “gnats” and then “sticky traps for gnats” to get a better idea about what I am doing here.


If you are already in Wealthy Affiliate with access to JAXXY you can do the actual search I have done here and get a very good idea. Kyle, within Wealthy Affiliate Online Certification teaches the use of JAXXY to research keywords, domains and goes into more detail in deeper searches and recommends aiming for low competition keywords (100 QSR or less) which we call “low hanging fruit”

Being indexed, by Google in “sticky traps for gnats” also rolls out into trapping and exterminating other annoying insect pests. I hope this little expose’ benefits you in speeding your increase in knowledge base here. Thank you. Chris. Please leave me any questions of comments here below and I will answer them as quickly as I can.



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