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Recording is an art form which has almost been rendered useless for the average artist.  Back in the day the record companies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on promising acts.  A friend of mine was the keyboard player for Missouri.  Missouri was a good band and had a hit in the late 70’s called Movin On.  Sound Trax reality story here briefly.

My friend told me in the aftermath that CBS Records did nothing to promote the band.  I saw them once at Arrowhead Stadium (The show I was at July 4, 1979) and the Grateful Dead, in my opinion did not outshine them.  The Dead, a cult band were never guilty of hit records except, “I will Survive.”

Missouri ended up a one hit wonder, as the label worn by so many.  Most of us are no hit wonders and thats just the facts ma’am.  The songwriter in the band I was told was unable to write under pressure.  Movin On was such a great song it was hard to top.

I heard an interview with David Gilmour who explained after their album Dark Side of the Moon, they had to regroup and figure out how to top that.  Tom Petty has lyrics that say his producer did not hear a single.  That along with his longevity speaks to the strength of his writing.

The uselessness of being a recording artist now is the streaming services that pay artists 3/1000 of a penny per stream.  More poor musicians in the world than ever before.  But the cost of doing it has been drastically reduced also with DAW Computer Recording Software.

Love of music is the motivation in our day and hey who knows.  Once upon a time the Beatles were a scruffy little Rock-Roll band from Norther England.  In the Sound Trax division of this website we will explore all of these and other issues in depth.  So stick around.  Thank you for visting my site.  Thank you for reading.  Please come back because I will be continually adding more content for your edification.  Chris 5/2/2020.