BookBaby vs Booklocker – Publisher Comparison

Book Baby? CDBaby? Yes they are the same outfit. So I want to make sure you know who you’re dealing with and expose their past indiscretions. Closest I can come is the Bernie Maddoff, of modern digital music. More and more musicians, singer songwriters and bands were convinced to join with their amazing marketing.

That was about the end of it. I watched a video where a record company guy said CDBaby and other companies, were lucky to have 100 guys sell 2 CDs. I recollect the great sales pitch to get you to sign on. Ever see any advertising to get you buy CDs? Me neither. Record promotion, like book promotion requires online savvy. More about that here tomorrow, please stop back in.

Required online business acumen to sell your record, unless you are CDBaby who closed their CD store. I went to my Facebook fan page and discovered the CD sample player and sales platform with buy buttons was gone. I started looking into it the next day. I went to login to my CD Baby account and discovered the closed explanation.

Then I discovered my songs streaming on YouTube, for anyone who clicked them free. Now, in my case, thanks to Paul Clark and mutual friends I have a pretty rocking Christian record and it cost me about $ 1200.00 or so, to make.

Some people have 20K or 30K in their production costs. So pretty much the same thing happened to all their artists. So then I found their offer of a YouTube Channel, thinking I would have my samples and buy buttons back, I went for it.

My options were: 1) Stream them at (my YouTube station) minus any way to sell them. No buy buttons; 2) Stream them on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Deezer or take them down from the special website.

Millions were actually made, we suspect on CDBaby’s sale of the lot of us, as the Brits would say to these streaming pirates. Oh I read a nice story about a Nashville Singer Songwriter who was placed on the Spotify Special list of some name and he made $ 56,000. 13,000,000 streams @ .0043 = 56,000 and of course his other songs benefited one of them earning him 39,000.

Enter BookBaby. My advice is to read the E book and print contract very carefully. Then go over to and save $ 768.00 for a superior self-published book and awesome customer service and retention of all your rights to your book. You won’t find yours on BookTube for free with Booklocker. Tell Angela I sent you. These BookBaby people have already proven themselves as scandalous, the way I see it. I wanted to let everyone know who they are dealing with over at BookBaby. Sue me.

BookBaby Pricing is double what I and anyone else who publishes with, paid/pay. BookBaby publishing $ 1643. WOW! In all fairness they are nowhere near the most expensive. Booklocker is the cheapest coming in at $ 875.00 Outskirts Press is outrageously expensive at $ 3, 695.00 and you probably get a Styrofoam cooler and beach umbrella with that. You don’t need any book junk. You don’t need some smoke in the tail promotional package like the $400.00 they charged one of their authors at BookBaby. He said it did nothing for him.  You need your self-published book, a website and training to succeed at promoting your book.

Next thing to look at is book quality. If your book is not professionally formatted, appointed, professional cover design and executed in quality printing no one will buy them except your mom, and her sister maybe.

I personally vouch for Booklocker publishing, print prep, formatting, print quality and the customer service is excellent. My book Misquoting Logic What Bart Ehrman Forgot To Tell You About The Coming Apocalypse And Your Place In It is superior in all aspects. As previously shared in this website, Mark Levine author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing, a must read on the level of oxygen for authors who are planning to self-publish or those who already have done so. Angela rescues those in quicksand who make a mistake elsewhere. Mark says “If you can find a POD publisher who pays a higher royalty than Booklocker Go With It.”

So half the price to produce your book, the best quality you can find, excellent customer service and the highest royalties paid, Booklocker is the best place to self-publish anywhere on the planet.

My E book was distributed in a very short time a few days after formatting and Misquoting Logic was up and available everywhere from Amazon to Book-A-Million and “all points in between” as Billy Gibbons sings. A few days later I got to see my paperback all over the web as well. Of course I make more nickels if I sell it HERE so please buy it here, (20% Off Code) in the video, with the code) on

And we have not even talked about BookBaby complaints and they are many. I do recommend you read the complaints in while also divulging here, the publisher of Booklocker, Angela Hoy, is the publisher of writer’ as well. She is proud of both and should be. However, her article, as you’ll see, is made up of independent reviews. The link is here below. subscribe while you’re there and learn from her, its better free plus a free E book. She’s a Pro.

I recommend reading to Gage the integrity I personally attest to with Angela and Richard Hoy and the Booklocker Team. Angela is a lot like me. She tells it like it is, as you’ll see without respect for the toes of those deserving.

TrustPilot also has a BookBaby review with some good and some bad reviews, remembering TrustPilot is also advertising BookBaby so don’t forget they are two times more expensive (875/1643 = 53%) than Plus they will try to sell you add-ons nickel and dime-ing as one of their disgruntled authors said. I am one of their disgruntled recording artists. I’m Angela Hoy’s author and wouldn’t have it any other way. Neither should you.

Thank you for visiting me here on my site. Thank you for reading my candid posts. Please come back again soon as I will be writing more soon. Please if you have any questions leave them for me here below and I will answer them. Please leave any comments as well. Thank you again very much. Chris. Eyes wide open.