website hosting comparisons


I own a site and URL. I took someone’s advice and set that up in 2017 when I self-published my first book, through  Publisher review here. I knew absolutely nothing about websites, owning a URL, or hosting. I knew even less about building a website. Website Hosting Comparisons need to account for cost/value allowing for an intelligent decision. So let’s save you the runaround.

HTML is the language used by computers, to construct a site. A relative of mine, set up a classic car website early on in the 1990s for his Chevelle, car club. He has thousands of followers on that site, He did not put it up as a business; rather, a hobby. He built that site in HTML learning it as he went. He has thousands of friends from the shows, articles, how too’s etc.

Since inception, for HTML, required in those early days, editors have been developed. These allow you to build a site by speaking regular English or French, German, Spanish, Greek or Russian. The internet has come a long way since those days. When they say, no coding required in their website building adds they are talking about HTML. HTML is optional for the masses these days.



website hosting comparisons

We find, naturally, the marketing invariably attempts to put the best foot forward as they say. for instance advertises perpetual access to their “happiness engineers.” My experience has been that some of these are top-notch, while others among them are clearly unconcerned about your happiness in the least.

It was a struggle to get my single website into any acceptable form. Hours and hours were spent talking by chat with various helpers. Finally after nearly two years, I started getting compliments on the appearance and content of that website.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is taken care of by WordPress and in the premium plan no plugins are available. I asked them about keywords many times and never really got any satisfactory answer out of them. Their pat answer was upgrade to business. They have no means to gather keywords there, of which, I am aware.

Last year my wife and I experienced a financial setback and when my annual $100.00 (cost of my hosting) we were unable to meet the deadline. My website, thankfully merely was re-indexed as a personal site which may be had for free with A couple of months back I upgraded it again to premium.

In the mean time WordPress had retired the theme I’d chosen in 2017 and built my site around. I still struggle to try to find a theme there that makes me happy. I wanted to move the site to Wealthy Affiliate, however, the premium plan, with WordPress, does not allow plugins, and therefore, the site cannot be moved unless I upgrade to business for $300.00 per year. That plan allows plugins to back up my content, stats, contacts and followers, required for the move. For now, I am their prisoner.


Another great sounding deal on the internet is WIX. Their add/entry point tells you that you can build a website for free, right now. Click here to get started, they say. A large website full of marketing etc., aimed at new to the internetters. Once you are inside their site you can wander around for hours.

BOTTOM LINE: You get one single site, trainers available if you go with VIP Business Upgrade. Minimal Assistance at the lower level plans.


Wix Pricing Plans:Combo – (Month to month will be $17 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $13 monthly)…Unlimited – (Month to month will be $22 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $17 Monthly)…Pro – (Month to month will be $27 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $22 Monthly)…VIP – (Month to month will be $47 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out… Let’s remember we are talking about one website with them, as with

website hosting comparisons

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is, a jet, and beyond compare with these two offers. As with either, you can give it a test for free. You can remain in with a private plan for free. Unsure if Wix has a perpetual free plan. Wealthy Affiliate does have a free plan and yes you main remain for free with limited availability to training and services.

During your initial trial at Wealthy Affiliate you get to put your hands on the controls and try everything out. This includes Wealthy Affiliate Training, the first ten lessons in the Online Certification Program. You also get JAXXY keyword search tool, trial version, with Kyle’s training to maximize its value.

Most people upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium for the best web hosting available on this Planet, for you and I. You get access to the Wealthy Affiliate University level training. This includes 50 lessons in the Online Certification Program and another 70 in the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.

These lessons have proven valuable removing years from the learning curve. Most people who do the training get indexed with google (meaning: your site can be searched for, in Google) within two weeks. The lessons are presented in video within the single page navigation. The videos average fifteen minutes with interactive start/stop, rewind, fast-forward, pause etc.

You can watch, then pause perform the step on your site. Then return to the training and perform your next step, gaining good understanding from Kyle’s excellent teaching. It’s easy to learn here. No spending hours with support in chat to try to take notes, then sitting and reading explanations like at I have no experience with Wix, but have been told it is very similar to

website hosting comparisons


Web hosting comes in many varieties. The hosting here has served 1.8 million affiliates over 18 years. When I worked as an engineer at Boeing we had 200,000 employees worldwide. This is bigger than that. The speed here of the various apps. is lightning fast.

The speed of your site, image downloads etc., is instant and accurate. That is part of the reason Google, Yahoo and Bing quickly recognize and index sites built here at Wealthy Affiliate. Carson, being the tech pro has a team in place who know how to provide security.

Aside from the superior training and incredible, major corporate level platform availing all plugins and service, we get the best value here. Ten, free websites can be built in the exclusive And you can purchase your own URL’s, .net, .org, for half the price I paid for mine at  Ten more sites with your own .com domain can be built.

This allows experimentation and an extensive laboratory to try things and determine strategy. Further with unlimited JAXXY keyword search in Wealthy Affiliate Premium (Kyle shows you how) you are not going to be flying blind, as I did for three years at for very little gain.  It’s more like a relaxed ride in a balloon.

Take your pick! You can bump and slam down the dirt road or you can take the Freeway. In two weeks you’ll understand the basics of how this all works and how to build websites that attract readers, viewers and listeners. The time to start is NOW! Everything I tell you is the truth. My word is my bond. You will benefit. I’ll see you inside. Chris.

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