What Is Content Targeting- How To Get A Website Ranked

Let’s Get Ourselves Ranked

Frequency of posting is a necessary ingredient on How to get a website ranked.  Having your website ranked means in terms of the internet being on the first page for the keyword.  Targeting your keywords is a little more involved than going for what is popular.

As a matter of fact as I have touched on before, using something very popular means there are more pages to wade through, in a manner of speaking than the very popular keyword is worth to you.  Example here, if we get a very good keyword with lots of weekly hits, in hundreds of thousands of searches, then there are always hundreds of pages already ranked or in the line.

With fifteen to twenty sites per page on Google, Bing, Yahoo it is very unlikely you will ever see the light of day in regard to ranking on such a keyword.  My post titles here above are researched keywords.  You’ll notice also as I have learned here with Wealthy Affiliate (my hosting) from Kyle in the wealthy affiliate Online Certification Training to place my keywords in the fist or second paragraph of my posts.

How To Find Keywords And Why

Google being the number one search engine on the web it is best to do things so you find favor with them.  That only makes sense doesn’t it?  The keywords I’ve used here have some searches but not thousands or even hundreds of them per week.

I am careful to do it this way because I want two other favorable results in my keywords more than lots and lots or searches.  I look for keywords, again as taught by Kyle which have very favorable QSR number which tells me how many pages are indexed for my keyword.  JAXXY is the best keyword search tool going and is included within Wealthy Affiliate.  .


The next number I look at for a farorable result is SEO which gives me the likelihood of being ranked number one on the page for my keyword.  A score of 70 means 70% likelihood which is not what I am after.  I would not place a bet on a 70% chance when I could on 95% to 100%.  Would you?

I normally go with 95 or better.  What is content targeting (keyword) came with 48 average searches per week;  32 for QSR which tells me there are 32 pages indexed with that keyword.  That’s page two, but the SEO number is 100 meaning it is 100% likely I will be ranked number one on google.


Post Early And Often

The other ingredient necessary is frequent addition of quality content of interest and value to your readers.  You cannot just go with a 100% SEO keywords and retire to wait for the sales to roll in, because they won’t.  Readers return to your website for benefit they are gaining from the content they find on your site.

So keeping people interested through beneficial new posts on the subject of your mutual interest is what keeps getting your site posts indexed and ranked in the search engines.  The more the merrier with content, and keywords that have a high likelihood of being ranked.

Site Content Advantage

One more reason to host your websites with Wealthy Affiliate is the site content post writing area, from where I am writing to you this very moment.  It is a secure word processor environment within Wealthy Affiliate.  It operates much like MS Word, however it is optimized for website creation.

There is a button in menu up top for images that are also optimized and within the wealthy affiliate hosting platform.  I have a plugin within the WordPress Enterprise environment in the dashboard of my site also.  I can write posts there as I do in my other Wrodpress.com Business plan site, however, I have had very good experience getting posts indexed in this environment, the reason it was developed.

I can gather images from anywhere I like and download them from the pictures in Windows 10, however, the images within the Site Content here are optimized and compressed and guaranteed secure.

Learn As You Go

All of this together makes for an efficient and carefree experience, planning, researching, creating and publishing posts to my site. It only makes sense doesn’t it?  Additionally while I do have a WordPress.com site I owned before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, I can anytime I choose to move that website, all content and contacts into Wealthy Affiliate.

I opened the WordPress site in 2017 when I published my first book, Misquoting Logic to refute Bart Ehrman on his views.  As I have touched on I started from scratch without any prior experience owning or running a website.  After a couple months here I have a one word caveat:  “Don’t”  Do not go clueless and wander around in the dark on the web.

Here you will have a site in no time, beginning for free and instruction from a twenty year veteran whose brilliantly conceived training has allowed him to teach over 1,000,000 people to thrive in online business.  It only makes sense doesn’t it?

Best Value And Learning

My publisher, booklocker.com gives away to every author their book ,”90 Days Of Promoting Your Book Online” and they make it clear you have to promote a book for it to be successful. I have found only one trouble listening to the publisher’s advice.

WordPress offers a free website hosting, without any frills or assistance.  Not optimal.  I upgraded to Word Press Premium Plan giving me some nicer features and assistance from their happiness engineers, as they are called.  All in all that was amiable.

The trouble came a couple months back when I decided to move that site to Wealthy Affiliate, which decision revealed the problem with WordPress.com Premium plan.  I had no access to any plugins.  There was no plugin to back up my site content, contacts and data.

In order to preserve your content and have access to plugins requires WordPress.com Business plan.  That is what I now have there and I am staying for at least a year (11 more months) to compare that with Wealthy Affiliate.  There I have One Website with their business hosting.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate I have hosting for Ten Websites With my own domain names .com or .net or .org.  I can have another Ten Websites in the siterubix.com domains.  A great test laboratory.Wealthy Affiliate is built on WordPress Enterprise hosting.

Find Your Success, Try It FREE

Added on top is the training here and this begins with a free trial to experience what I am telling you for yourself.  Still no credit card required.  Enter an E mail address and hit SIGN UP or Wealthy Affiliate Banner at the top of this page then enter and E Mail, after reading the features or there is a banner Below Comments section here.

Than you for visiting my website.  Please leave any questions below and I will be happy to answer them for you.  Please leave any comments below also.  Please take advantage of our free trial at Wealthy Affiliate.  Get Started Today.  Than you again for reading my posts.  Chris.



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  1. Hi Chris, thank you for your well written review.  I am still fairly new to Wealthy Affiliate and always appreciate any new advice or reinforcement of what I have already learned.  One of the greatest strengths of Wealthy Affiliate is the massive support community.  This community also has the same message, so whether or not we learn it from Kyle, or one of the many other leaders, or form a post such as yours there are no contradictions. 
    How many websites are you currently running and how often do you post to them?

    • Yes, the training here is the key.  Kyle teaches everything there needed for a well run business online.  The hosting value here is second to none.  Yes the support community is very good.  As to websites I am working on three.  One is the WordPress.com I have owned since 2017.  I own several domain names here but am working on only two of them.  Today I posted on two of the websites.  Yesterday I also posted on two.   I hope I have answered your questions.  Thank you very much for commenting.  Chris.


  2. Let’s get ourselves ranked is a good reminder for anything online.  SEO has become the key to everything.  So this means to get comfortable with the whole idea. When writing content for our sites, or writing a book, 

     The guidelines for reviewing a book, which sounds like something I would like to find out more about was extra information in this article.  For all the information, I thank you.  The reminders of how to find our keywords and their importance is appreciated.   The story of your friend who flew Rock and Roll is interesting as well.   Thanks for the share.

    • Than you for your comment Sami.  I am pleased to find out your response includes a note of the value in the piece.  The idea here was to lay out the keyword search protocol for the new within wealthy affiliate and anyone looking for hosting with awesome teaching.  I am of the opinion telling the whole Wealthy Affiliate Story all at once might bring the gung ho ready to pounce right on in.  I think, however, there are more who have given one thing or the other a try and without the teaching and tools perhaps not done so well.  I think from your comment I have managed my goal.  Thank you Sami for commenting on my post.  Chris.  


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